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  1. Hello @masterchief143 The prices were sent through Zotar so make sure to check the NPC~ If the **The King's Remnant** Box is still not sent/found, please contact us in either Discord or Helpdesk! I hope that helps, Have a nice day πŸ’–
  2. Crystalline

    Guild Packages

    Hello @Cecilo , Surely you've read the requirements to apply for the guild package on this thread. Kindly use this link --> https://support.ragnarevival.com/ and put all of the required and extra information in that ticket for us to start on getting you guild package! I would highly suggest talking with your guild mates on the time and date of when you want the validation to happen, before sending the ticket~ And once you've sent the ticket, make sure to check it at least once a day ~ Feel free to ask more information in my discord Crystalline#0624 Have a nice day!
  3. That looks really good!! I hope to see more drawings from you in the future and maybe you can open up your own art shop as well~
  4. Sorry for the inconvenience of this issue, i will take this to our tracker to be fixed as soon as possible πŸ’– To be clear about this **Forge** you are talking about Metalworking correct? If not, kindly give the correct name of the NPC with your reply to this thread If you can provide me the following details, it would greatly help us find the cause of this bug: - Phone model and Android Version: - Using WiFi or Cellular network - Country of connection: - Full download or lite download: Thank you for your report and cooperation! ~ @[email protected]
  5. Good day everyone~ This thread is indeed helpful for people who doesnt know where to go for leveling...**however**... **quote has been removed to hide information about the bug** This is actually a bug... so i would heavily advise changing this to something else as using this bug to skip leveling from 1 through 10 **multiple times and spreading this information** would be considered as exploit.
  6. Good Day~ As we do understand how inconvenient the walking is for you to do every time you visit maps regarding the "Onward to New World" quests. As Nebula mentioned above, these quests were made by the staff many many years ago. However Enabling @jump, angra, ahura in today's society will greatly affect the farmers of those Mvp's, will greatly affect the prices of those cards and its item drops in a negative way, due to the fact that accessing the dungeons and farming in those custom dungeons are made easier if we apply these changes. Especially if we allow Angra Manyu and Ahura Mazda. From my own understanding of how the whole quest line works, if you do complete "The Nightmare Within" you are able to access a NPC "Orb" that lets you travel into the New World maps that you have already visited. I personally know people who use these orbs to farm in places that contains MvP's such as Skoll, Saint Trofimena, and so on. And from your very own words "see quote below" it really shouldn't be a problem having to walk a 1-2 maps (if you use the orb) if you have the proper gears to walk through it quickly. And in my own personal experience, it only takes 3-5mins~ I hope this answers your question~
  7. We will run a test on this current situation, if it's not fixed by the good old fashioned patch (which is mostly the fix for unknown apple items) then it is most likely a bug. Thank you for letting us know~ πŸ’–
  8. @rifqiaufa The cause of this problem could be the results of your firewall being on and preventing certain files to be installed completely. I have sent you a message, and if more problems occur, try to contact me in through Discord, username Crystalline #0624 πŸ’–
  9. πŸ’–Hello my precious gems πŸ’– My name is Crystalline ~ I am a newly hired GM of RevivalRO! I hope we can all get along :3 Feel free to poke me about anything at my discord ( Crystalline#0624 )~ but be careful... i bite c; I can't wait to help you my gemsπŸ’• See you all in Midgard!
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