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    I can now login

    Hi, Months ago, when I started, I tried joining the forums (pre-discord era, this was the best way to communicate outside of the game). I though the login details of the game is the same as the login details on the forum (not reading anything... jump down head first 😂). I forgot the exact details, but I remember it did not notify my that my account does not exist (i realized that later on). When I got introduced to Discord, I assumed that the forum format of communication is outdated and so I wont need to make a forum account. A few weeks ago, I tried again logging in to the forums (to make a newb guide, since discord is not really a place for 'searchable guides'). That is when I realized the forum account is different from game/website account. This time when I successfully created a forum account using the credentials (email address) I used for the game. But when I tried logging in, it said (and I'm paraphrasing) "Successfully logged in" then it got stuck there. It did not redirect me to the main forum page, so I have click the Home button of the forum. When the Home page has loaded, it shows that I am not logged in. I have repeated the process multiple times with the same results. This time (when it worked) I used a different email to create a forum account, it logged in successfully and I can now post 😀
  2. Hi, I've been around for a few months now. I've had trouble logging in to the forums until now.
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