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  1. Giveaway box are account bound (Not Tradable, not sellable to npc, not storagable in guild storage) is Giveaway box for viewer or for streamer ?
  2. Finally Fatmoo Hub ❤️
  3. Prod

    Donor Box 2020

    Triple Donor Box Deal ^^ 5 much better ❤️
  4. nice thank you for the update 😍 lets see how does this new update work on WOE 👍👍
  5. Thank you Goat bruh ❤️
  6. •screen shot error you get before i have problem, setup does't detect my video card but after i download the missing .dll it works like a charm. im using RX 480 atm. so AMD user can play ^^
  7. Woah! new GM, welcome to RevivalRO ❤️ cough~cough~coughfloatinrate ❤️❤️❤️
  8. Like it or else your next! 😜
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