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  1. Red Valk [3] - 41031 i mean its already in the cash shop but what i mean is discounted version (its a skill helm)
  2. Oooouu i really hope they will be purchasable with LPP ><
  3. no actually i only have 3k lpp (which i dont want to waste cuz im poor)
  4. May I know if those Megitech Sets and Royal Sets are purchasable with LPP? I know it is up to admins, I just want to know eheh sorry
  5. Please make most of these items (especially those sets hat) purchasable with LPP T_T.. Cuz unlike earlier you cant buy Feline sets in cash shop with LPP T_T
  6. Royal Companion - 52835 its the last pieces for Royal set which both Royal Masquerade and Royal Cape were already written on the suggestion list (sorry i forgot to mention this one)
  7. I'm begging for the Royal Cape and Royal Masquerade to be on sale hehee
  8. Royal Masqueade - 51588 (its a pair for Royal Cape (51589) which is the only written on the list)
  9. Rouge Cap - 50068 Drake Dark Coat - 50063 Royal Cape - 51589
  10. when someone with huge dmg shows up (my ign is Zuber ehehe and that black assasin is Ketan -__-)
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