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  1. @masterchef143 The Wing Scarf is working (51122) same as all of the items that has this effect.
  2. Hi, I am Leoric a newly appointed GM. I am Excited to be here. Please feel free to contact me or Leave messages in the forums or in Discord. I will be very Pleased to assist both new and old players alike In any way I can. Albeit I am new to my current position, I have already been here a few Months and I like the community of players here. Knowing and doing most of the quests and Instances of the game, I can assist players that are Doing these quests. New as I may, please do not hesitate to contact me And I will assist the best I can. Please help us in making RevivalRO a better and more Exciting community than it already is. Dutifully yours, Leoric
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