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  1. just giving some feedback to this pre-black friday limited edition sale after all the hype they were giving. it's just so anti-climatic you know. can't even comment and give feedback about this sale without people getting all defensive and jumpy. JESUS. man some people in this community gotta know how to chill.
  2. so after all the black friday sale and pre black friday sale hype, Admins are reusing the exact same amberknight idea and amberknight items from last year? this is kinda lame in my opinion. at least change some items or smth. ya'll just want our money by reusing exact same event from last year. c'mon guys i know you admins care for the community not just the money, don't kill the hype and expectation of the people. please show some effort. Last years pre-black friday sale for those who are interested:
  3. Get Drooping Amistr (but use alligator hat until you can get it) Large Red Wings Froggy Ruck sack (from monster of the day) +7 and above alligator set I would use +10 Comp bow w/ AK cards and Paper card (those should be farmable) (later move to goblin bow) two ring of flame lord and move up to recondite ring with Pokey, Hardened Anvil Card, (and later implosion card) also if you can be active, go join a guild for guild pack and get premium headgears and equipments.
  4. oh snap i thought we had to pick from the list or smth. my bad! like a popularity poll or smth
  5. Flaming Wings 50070 Fire Spirit 50082 SRT Box 51460 Diamond Heart 51215
  6. more easily people can access information, more the reason people will stick and play the game for a longer time. Since with widespread information barrier to entry will be much lower. That's what i think at least. Just curious what's the down side to opening up the wikis for people to edit? I mean people are volunteering to do these stuff that GMs/Admin are suppose to do with every new items or some weird ass items. Seriously with the access, Imma go full Steven Pruitt on the wiki, sooo much works needs to be done there.
  7. do you think GMs made this event to be fair? Just take a look at the difficulty settings and the higher drop rates for those harder instance. World isn't always fair. That's life. This event is pretty much pay to win. Don't bitch at people for having advantages, bitch at the GMs for making the event pay to win. I don't get you. If GMs made this event to be pay to win and allow richer people to have more advantages, so be it. Don't try to make people participate in this event thinking everyone will be at the same level. Kudos for those who donated and got the @jump function. No need to bitch at them and calling them cheater since they don't fall under your perfect little world where everything is fair and square. They made the effort to donate, then they get what privilege in return. It's almost as if you're trying to promote communism where everyone is same and everyone get everything equally. No matter how much or how little people contribute, you want everyone to be the same. Then who would grind or who would donate if there aren't any rewards.
  8. this is one ridiculous rant imo. One IP per house hold? I'm not gonna fight with my brother to see who gets to play the event. And for the @jump if you want it, then just donate it. People paid money to get that function. So yeah. And skill restrictions? Well some people specifically use certain classes for their maneuverability. So with your logic, should creo not be able to use emergency avoid that potentially gives them edge with speed boost? No agi up for priests? No cart boost for WS? Should all speed increasing gears be removed since it's also a privilege and someone are just too poor to afford the equips? Be mad at the GMs for planning the event like this not to players who got more edge over you. I see players just going around touching the portals before a party arrives and just run away to troll people. But hey, that's how GMs want this to be right? Your point is to level out everything but hey someone took the money and effort to donate, get classes with better moving skills, made alt accounts for their needs. If you feel like you're losing the race just make alts yourself, get @jump fuction, use a class with good maneuverability. Those unfair advantages (according to you) are not a secret right? You know how to do it but by choosing not to do it then that's your problem. GMs made an event like this then yeah it's natural for people to use whatever is necessary to help them get advantage.
  9. plus by comparing the script and the descriptions, players can help improve the wiki very dramatically.
  10. admins should give rights to players to tweak and add wiki, and just approve the change. Wiki is great but there's so many information missing. And can GMs please please add script of the custom items so people can understand how some of the items work. Sometime the description and the effects don't match and we can figure out where the problem lies by comparing the coded lines against the given effect.
  11. But we know getting those rare MVP card drops will ruin economy in the end. As the server progresses more of those cards will be flooded in the server and there will be nothing valuable or rare about those "hard to get" cards
  12. Can anyone give me an answer to what skills are cast with Seth's Pride, Seth's Wrath and the extra skills that are cast when used as a combo? Also the same question for Clip-on Fringe skills and Belly button ring skill and the combo skills? There's no answer on google, wiki or community. Also there is no script description of these equipment to know what skills are being cast. Very frustrating as a player here. So limited information.
  13. so is the second neutral resist number calculated after the first neutral resist? For example if 50% +20% resist and the damage is 100 would the formula be ((100*0.5) x (0.8)) to give 40 damage?
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