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  1. Uggghhhh I'm so inlove with the Sakkat Hat. It may not be the most stylish headgear there is but its really fitting for some themes. The thing about the costumer is that its mostly used by the "pros." People who already have end gears and are basically just farming to buy better costumes. It's indeed out of proportion as some peeps simply wants to look good too. I stand with the 3 HG tiers
  2. Can Snipers farm here too? Also can you post alternatives to some of the gears you showed us, coz I feel like some of them are a little too hard to get hahaha Great guide tho, really detailed! I especially like that you included the monster's stats, that way I know what arrow to use!
  3. I'll try this one out! Thanks for this!
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    Any idea as to what elements they are? Will Gloom work against them? What arrows should I use? Hizo or Drooping Amistr? Are they considered as boss monsters(so I'll use AK Card)
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    Does Ahura work here???
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