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  1. @Crystalline you linked the wrong item it gives out "Gift Box"
  2. Check the chat thats where we allready are WUHU
  3. So now we have to look at a map wich we don't know where the PIT is, and we don't know if the pit is even existing? wich say's for me WHY THE HECK should i look for it. atleast make map wide announcements that the pit spawns in 15 10 or 5 mins if you pulled up a sh.t like that to remove the mark
  4. Sorry to quote that one, but for real "give evryone a possibility" there are farmers who CAMP in the DAMN maps and not even give others a chance there should be a cool down on it so others have the chance too
  5. Paying attention to Wiki https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Kraken's_Lair this Guide is just a Picture/Gif Copy of the Wiki Post, with the small addition of a Small Equipment Window,wich even tells you to get MAX STAT no "real" stats given Even Shows Old Gear wich might not come back What to do without Trident? ARE WE LOST? and the weakness of the Mob Types
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