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  1. Sup? This guild still going? Still haven't joined a single guild. LOL so busy with PvM and solo instances.
  2. Question, does Seth use any strip skills? Do we need FCP?
  3. How do I get to the helpdesk? Is it something like a support ticket? Yeah, my fault so not really expecting much. Just wanted to try asking because I farmed for those cards myself. :< Anyway, thanks!
  4. Forgot to decard yesterday and I just got home from work. In any case, there were 3 abysmal knight cards and 1 TG card in it. Is it possible to get back? Thanks! I'll submit additional information to GM if possible.
  5. Farmed ingredients for 10 boxes. Opened all of them and got OCA cards. I was so annoyed I went back to farming MVP rooms. Please fix drop rate, at least give a GUARANTEED chance to get a Costume/Christmas event item after opening x amount of boxes. I hardly felt the Christmas spirit opening those boxes lol. I feel it better in MVP room when Lady Luck shines on me.
  6. Hi, there is. Go in Prontera a bit lower left from the center portion (Refining building). Once you walk inside the bldg, take the left portal. The NPC is named wise old woman, you need a star crumb, yellow gemstone abit of zeny. ~300k. Decarding doesn't have 100% success rate but you will not lose the card or item. It will only say it failed and use up your zeny and ingredients.
  7. What so they work if you add space? Man, I didn't know. I always manually alt right click my loots to storage. *facepalm* This will save a lot of time next time, thanks! I'll try it when I get home later
  8. Ok, if the max stat gets discounted next week I'll buy it. Thanks!
  9. Nice. Let's see if you can pull more members. I'd be happy to join. Sadly, I switch with different characters so can't be online with a single one for long. EDIT: this means I'm not sure which character of mine should join the guild. And also for what purpose 😛
  10. Hi, I am about 2 weeks old in the server (played RebirthRO from 2011-2015 though). I have yet to join a guild. How many members do you have now? I'm planning to join a guild to avail the guild pack (minimum of 15 players I think).
  11. I didn't experience this when I downloaded the Full Client. Did you download the full client or small client?
  12. What a simple solution. LOL HAHA. Been playing for more than a week with this blocking my screen. Thanks a lot!!!!
  13. Thanks! Messaged you bro Thank you! ❤️
  14. Anyone know how to remove this? Cover quite a bit of map. I want to remove it
  15. Hi guys, I'm from the Philippines and played RebirthRO in 2011. I was introduced to the game by my classmate. Now I'm already working (Electrical Engineer by profession) and I just missed this game. Hoping to play and make new memories in this server. Also do some WoE, my experience on PvP is limited as I was always fascinated by PvM, instances, MVPs and all sorts of solo play. Any help or advice is much appreciated. Regards, johnjrgs
  16. Great guide! Is it worth to invest in a maxed stat Assassin Cross? I'm thinking of investing in a Character for farming..
  17. Budget set would be Alligator Set at +7 minimum. Use One ring of flame lord, for upper you can use the Alligator helm or Drooping Amistr. Black Death Aura is good if you can get, if not, for lower try to get https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Balloon_Lucky_Box costs 750 premium points though and put Orc Hero card. In my experience just get an Alligator set +7 minimum and switch arrows depending on elemental weakness of MVP you are fighting. Composite Bow [4] with 4x Paper Card if you're too poor and simply left click the MVPs to death. Composite Bow [4] with 3x AK + TG if you farm a bit more. I guess the main steps are: Invest in Alligator Set +7 at least. Get Composite Bow [4] with The Paper Cards as starting weapon. (You can farm The Paper Cards by doing https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Thief_Job_Change_Guide) When you get farmed enough, Get Large Angelwing (Red) - Middle headgear (can place Orc Hero here) Invest in a Lower Headgear [1] with Orc Hero/Evil Snake Lord Get Recondite Ring [1] with Ifrit Cards on both Accesories Invest in better weapon (+10 Goblin Bow for example)
  18. wow wow wow wow wow didn't know this existed. I'll check it at premium shop after work. Thanks for sharing bro!
  19. Maybe. Just not sure if an SG with non-maxed stats can survive there.
  20. Maybe the question should be "guys, which platform do you use to donate that has no transfer fees?" What are my options?
  21. Thank you for your response. I'll read these and incorporate them in my gameplay asap.
  22. Let me add this to increase my odds at cards in MVP room. Bubblegum Box 14158 pls
  23. I am a returning player and wish to set up some of my accounts to do solo instances. Which classes would you recommend should I max out per account (for Cedi)? Any tips/build you could recommend to me please?
  24. I appreciate these posts. So helpful for a returning player like me. ❤️ I haven't finished any of the eden quests yet. Didn't know this. Thanks for the tip!
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