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  1. Hi dear community! On the server for around a month and really enjoying my time here. So after ive made few necessary characters it was a time to start a hard grind on the equipment and unlocking costume locations. Was doing Notoriety quest infamous side (tier 2) (https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Notoriety_Quests/Tier_2) did farm necessary zeny and some of the ingredients, bought available stuff from concierge, but cant find: Sticky Poison According to wiki, ratemyserver and reference in the quide, this item can be acquired by killing Muscipular Mob-ID#1780 which is located in the various Veins Field areas, and it would be OK, but the maps are customized and the monsters which should be there are absent. Maybe there is some kind of a vendor that sells this item or a quest of which i am not aware? I do realize that these quests should be hard but with the absence of the monster ist it a bit extreme Also could you please suggest where to get the rest of : Aloe Matchstick Four Leaf Clover Thank you for your attention and help in advance!
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