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    Amnesty Event

    Hello and let me just say thanks for giving everyone a chance to appeal for Amnesty whether they were found guilty or not. Account Name: Exyltrei Reasoned for Being Banned: Suspected / Inquired / Solicited / Attempted RMT Why Should I be un-Banned: Honestly, I know its a long shot but I'd like to sincerely ask an apology. I don't know what I was thinking or what were the benefits of RMT when I already had some Creds thru the legal purchase on the web. Maybe it was greed and I fell short on my decisions. If my ban were to be lifted I think I would be more helpful towards the community of RRO because I really do support the server - not just through purchase of creds but also helping fellow players in the server. Also, I'd like to ask an apology towards Optimus. I know what I did was wrong and I think I was also hard on words in trying to ask for an appeal before (when the incident happened). I own the account, I own my IP addresses for the other accounts that I use (for buffs and storage), and the other account where I also donated to level 2 or 3 only (somewhere along that). Again, I know its a long shot but thanks for reading.
  2. Exyltrei

    Improved Guild Packages

    Hi! Does this "WoE Gears will only take effect in WoE, Horus, PvP, Battlegrounds, and Death Match maps. WoE gears are wearable outside of these areas but the effects will not be working." take effect on current/existing WoE Gears? those bought from NPC or with old existing player gears.
  3. Hi All! Just like the Title says I was wondering if maybe people from the Forum can help explain How to Acquire Investment Tickets? (those that are needed to buy siege weapons) I waited for GMT+8:00 / March 25, 2020/ Wednesday (6:00PM) after WoE1 -- I assumed that the HoA should be empty and the Cat Agency should be able to take "Investment Zenny" and in return I was supposed to be Given an Investment Ticket. But the Halls are open and the Cat NPC is not taking any investment. I just want a Bellum Spear. can someone please help and clarify? 😟
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