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    Summer Lottery 2020

    Hi, I submitted 6 Dragon Balls (entering number 26) at the same time but only have 1 or 2 winning numbers matching, why? May I know the maximum Dragon Ball I submit for each draw is 1?
  2. Thanks for your guide, it really helps.
  3. Hi I last played RO was more than 10 years ago (at other private server). I just join this server few weeks ago and still getting adjusted to all the "new" contents (since I left RO) as well as customised contents in Revival RO. When I visited the PC merchant shops, majority of the items sold are in the hundreds of millions, that kinda put me into thinking how can I earn that much of zeny just to buy some stuff. Can anyone recommend me where & what should I hunt for zeny? Your advice is very much appreciated.
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