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  1. I guess it has to be same for now... If u using gpack use full gpack, if you using normal use full normal... You can always check if u are getting the demi resist (one of the effects of set bonus) by using @playerstate racial all command..
  2. This shit is super easy to do with the right items as i can see the mvp is attacking the character, means the mvp is on one cell and the character is on one cell and no one is moving nor the mvp nor the player, even a 1 day old ro player can aim tht way....and about the spam with the right gears its pretty easy to spam esma and infact the dsc fo thing is pretty normal...i can reproduce much faster speed than that...and there are doom champs who do it even more faster than me or the video which was taken especially with the use of solomons seal and depending on what ping the players play on...Kindly stop defaming the server or the admins for your own ego...If u cant compete the players dont curse them atleast...I have seen skeletiny kill paladin mvp infront of my eyes...the guy knows what he is doing and its commendable.....i have been noticing this from very beginning of me joining this server that The avengers and Owning guild keep targetting players if they outplay them. Lately I heard u guys also targetting waldorf saying Rpe cart termination and miko too and kurt too for his tracking. So basically what do u guys want? the server shouldnt have better players than you guys or better strong guilds to come in the server and compete? If anyone plays better than you thats Rpe for you? If you guys are so expert in recording rpe Or grf Or whatever means you guys ur self have used the software or 3pp whatever it is or maybe still use it? 🤨...Get a fucking life, instead of recording videos start competing them that would definately make you better than them and yes for your information even i was banned for my champion by report of TA and Gms never say out the reporters name nor gave me the video either, I figured out my reporter when the reporter himself confronted me its just thier GM policy and about corruption like The avengers guild leader zod and other players are accusing on main chat...If gms were corrupted i shud be still banned, I have just donated 50 euros to this server which wont make a living of any of the admins here or serve the server in anyway and I am pretty stringent of not donating on a online game, none of my characters have high tier gear, my little bit of donations will come only on sales and I also had to reproduce the speed of my combo the same way these guys did and i wasnt even lucky enough to get my main account to do so, I had to make an alt with no gears to reproduce the speed of the video, so if u expecting the video u aint gonna get it according to game policy neither did I but still you won as the gms were forced to release the video. Guys have some shame you guys are high tier guilds with high tier items none of the other guilds have items which u guys have... you guys shud infact support and pillar other players and new guilds rather you are on verge of targeting them so they get banned and breaking the community. Kindly refrain from doing so or i dont see a good future for our server. Done Period. IGN: SpadesXX
  3. Can u someone help me with a set that can help me tank in woe..which I will be using when I m roaming and getting near enemy to execute combo for which I will be switching to atk set and after asura back to tank set... I have heard woe set is tank set..
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