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  1. well yeah i got the point sir but since those previous changes ! i noticed that more amd more players quitting as time goes by ! lets be honest most of players arent kids anymore so pushing changes on them wont be easy ! its like pouring a water on a full cup ! my friends are those players who got affected by the bounty on mvp rooms ! they all quit now as far as i can remember the purpose on putting bounty on mvp rooms is to boost mvp cards prices but look what happened now i can even sell mistress cards for 10m
  2. maybe he means like trying to have a active gm in-game that can talk to about suggestions more like a open forum map where gm and players can have a talk over a cup of coffee thingy !!! more like matters in-game should be talk in-game
  3. well for me empowering player to make suggestions is kinda bad thing well although its gonna be under strict checking before emplimenting ... changes made in this game have been hard for others that they ended uo quitting ! for me why not ask more people instead for those who just active in gitlab ??? well to be honest im not into it the gitlab had been a reading material to me !!!!!!! p.s. welcome sir @1337 how you enjoy ot here and please please if you are about to change / nerf something make sure to ask those people that are going to be affected by it thanks and more power ..
  4. does this issue been solved or not ? like invasion is fast approaching and i dont wanna see same issue like this hehe i hope they make some changes to avoid this things p.s. i just wanna enjoy the event and get rewards for doing it
  5. i spent a lot of time and effort to this game so its not easy to let go .. i just wait for servers statement if its going to be okay or totaly over .. P.S. i can play on pc but its not that convinient for me
  6. just wait for further notice since they haven't posted an official statement .. just hope for the best
  7. sir optimus please have mercy on amdro players
  8. thanks for the fast reply sir hoping for the best 😘😘
  9. don't have error code sir once you log in youll stay at the server for a couple of seconds then instantly force close i thought its just my app but i saw post from all andro players experiencing se problem thanks for the fast reply
  10. andro isnt working since this morning please help
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