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  1. same happened to all and-ro user at other server in this new apk. hope the development fix this.
  2. mobile user or pc? if u use mobile make sure u have download all resource first. it make connection stable since the phone didnt need to download again
  3. reza347

    New RevivalRO APP !!!

    yeah. it still crash. hmmm. can GM sparate the file to 4 or 3 part?
  4. reza347

    New RevivalRO APP !!!

    still like this when updating mising file gpf. if u can make it sparately might be work.
  5. reza347

    New RevivalRO APP !!!

    wow. fixed already? thx gm i love u all. i will try it
  6. i knew it gm. its for a missing file at original KRo, if u fix the bug all over for mobile user like me. let me join again okay. love u all gm at this private server.
  7. me too. its not that easy geting friendly gm in other private server. that why i still in this server.
  8. me too. always have and pray for the best for gm. hope they can solve it. to make larger server community.
  9. i know the trouble. misingfile.grf make it cant login at android. also last change for event etc make it crash. how can be gm put harmful file? i dont blame to gm. patch always making fun. even if its take a long time. that a prove a gm has hard work. maybe last patch was failed. i hve try another ps ro. its doing smoth. no error. some lagy its normal. since much player there. thx for spending time with me gm. god bless u. good luck
  10. aw. soo badddd. so i should quit this game again. for no reason. lol. see you all then.
  11. this it what it say. how to solve this? thx for fast response
  12. happening in my mobile too. dunno why. after clicking my character. then login. it crash after 10 sec. help gm. i love ur private server game. wanna to play.
  13. maybe error from stream system sir. stream system got ended while i reinstal it.
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