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  1. Hi guys, I've just finished downloading the game and this error pops up after I finish patching the game. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 😔
  2. Hi guys, I'm from Singapore and I've played rro from 2012-15. I used to play alone for the most parts but here's to hoping that it will change 😁 Hope to be able to make a few friends here and maybe join a newbie friendly guild (please pm me) as I'll probably be able to be online for long hours daily since I'm stuck at home during these times 😌 Would love to hear from you guys which job is the hottest/in the most demand right now, as I wanna try something new! 😁 Edit: Ign is Snuggly Bear so please say hi if you see me! 😊 Hope to have fun with you guys in game!
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