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  1. Hi everyone, After stop playing this game for year, i decided to come back and the patch didnt load. So i uninstall it and i go to revivalro official webpage to download again, it just not download. i dont know why. Anyone can help me pls. I tired to click download > PC full client, it doesnt pop out anything, i went to my download file in my laptop also nothing.
  2. Can’t wait for your post!!!
  3. Hi everyone! I hope you all doing well. I love this game so so so much. But I’m pretty new here, I seen a lot of player have different costume. Some looks good some look creepy haha. I was wondering how can I create those costume? I need some guide. I don’t mind if it’s need to donate. I need some guide, so I can have a better look. Also, I see some of them have a 3rd job look, how can I do that? Please guide me, or if there is a link please reply below. Much appreciated guys!! thanksss!! please reply!!!
  4. Thank you Optimus! All clear for that now :))
  5. Thanks for replying !! Appreciated!!
  6. If I’m using Woe suit (Normal) + Woe Boots (Normal) + Woe Manteau (GuildPack). Does it active the Woe set combo? Or it has to be all (Normal) or all (GuildPack) woe set? Please answer if possible, it mean a lot to me. Thank you all Revival fellow!!
  7. PC> Creeper bow help please :’)
  8. Hi revivalro friends, Do you guys have any idea for a non donor lord knight and donor lord knight for pvp, bg and woe? Looking forward for the reply. Thank you in advance!
  9. Hi all the legend in Revivalro, Could I please have some tips/guide how can I be full resistance High priest in pvp, woe and cedi? Thanks in advance!!
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