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  2. Hello @1337, for low to no impact changes and bug reports gitlab is good, but for changes that has mid to high impact I think you need to have other ways of gathering opinions as people in gitlab will just argue and you will have string and strings of arguments to read which will take your whole day. Maybe appoint POC's who handle people like farmers, WOE players, PVM players, etc... who are capable of setting up communication channels with these players and giving you summarized reports of what these groups of players think about the change and how it may affect their gameplay and from here you can decide if the change will be done or denied (that is if you have that type of manpower). A lot of players really don't like arguing that much so they don't go gitlab.
  3. To be honest this all boils down to the core issue in this server: The lack of communication. --- I don't know about this, there is discord? not sure if they use this though? The circle that repeats itself is always the same: Staff stays radio silent (working tho) > things happen > the Staff takes actions > the Staff DOES NOT explain itself > people throw a fit over it (and worse, blackmailing them). A lot of those dramas (ban or just a mechanic change) could had been prevented by more communication. Best example: The Eden set change. The topic was in Gitlab for over half a year, nothing happen, and then BOOM change, without any notice. And believe me, I regularly check gitlab and even to me that was out of the blue. --- this did not make players leave, it sparked drama but it was not the cause of losing players. What we really need, and what I already tried pushing to Oppai in the past (with lackluster success), is a sort of "Dev Notes" blog/forum topic/whaterver. Something that tells the players "Yo we are working on this, X gonna happen, what's your thought on project Y", that kinda thing. --- This does nothing if we continue the trend of losing players. this is a petty need that will help somewhere down the line but it's not what the server needs right now. Maybe this is what opti thought too which is why he didn't act on it. ====== Now the points that make me probably again the no1 boogey gei on the server. Note, all statements are under the assumption allegations are valid and not some shady "we dunno" case. While I agree, punishments should have a sense of stacking up on another (for example, you won't lose your driver license after 1 mistake (assuming it wasn't THAT bad)), BUT. The thing that kinda annoys me the most with especially the thrid party/macaroni/whatever cheaters is, IT IS IN THE RULES. IT IS IN THERE IN EVEN A BIG RED FONT. It should be f***ing common sense to not cheat in the first place. --- yes, actually even if you don't state it in the rules I am sure that people know this but it doesn't mean that you wouldn't apply any security controls that should block these from working. it is like a law with no police, only a judge. Prevention is always better than cure, it applies to everything and this game is no exception especially if it helps preserve your community. This is a competitive game and unfortunately it is automatic that it will also bring in players that take it to the next level and end up using 3rd party tools of some sort to gain that competitive edge (happens to every game) that's why applying controls to prevent these 3pp tools from working is a "worth-a-try" solution instead of moving in to bans directly because as players they are vital too in keeping the server up and running. I can understand a bug abuse, that might accidentally happen. But using a macro? THAT AIN'T HAPPENING ON ACCIDENT. The person did that INTENTIONALLY. A person doing this does this being WELL AWARE they break the rules (and no, the "but I didn't read the rules" excuse doesn't count; Ignorance doesn't protect from punishment) and (in my opinion) should face the CONSEQUENCES. And on that note, since people connect it with "the woe will become alive". Like, really - they never ever thought of, idk, MAYBE get a newer generation to woe? Instead they cling to the old cheaters and hope that they will come back not cheating again? Guess the egos too big to get newbies on board and teach them. --- this is possible however a bit hard to do since these new players are looking for servers with active WOE already. They want to join guilds and not manage their own since most of them are family people and wouldn't want to spend too much time in game. I know this since I got to play with some new players and unfortunately are no longer active. God, this really - Yes Oppai did mistakes, but one thing he did well was, that he gave people consequences for their actions. And I respect that. --- I do too... And @1337 I really hope you make a good research on that and don't just unban people 'coz a certain someone wants more money or a bunch of kids pressure you because their egos are hurt. I really hope. Thanks. --- this could work as long as you have solutions to bring in a new wave of players in a timely manner. Also welcome gei, I hope you enjoy hell. At the end of the day, this is a BUSINESS, it needs to make money and not just pay its bills to continue to operate. More players will mean more income. More income will mean better opportunities for our admins and our GM's. Motivating Admins and GM's will mean better gaming experience. Better gaming experience will mean new players coming in. and let's be honest here, we are in a situation now that the server population is in "No good shape" anymore and it continues to diminish, this is the biggest problem now that needs urgent attention. Nothing more, nothing less.
  4. Welcome 1337! hope all is well! I know you have a lot in your hands right now, but if I could, I would just like to share my thoughts on what I think went wrong or how server was not managed properly. Not to say that previous admin was bad but in fact he was good but just made bad decisions handling certain issues. - mass banning of players (at least 1/2 of the population lost, 3/4 of the 1/2 was banned the rest left since they weren't having fun anymore --- pre covid server had a 500+ stable population, covid it peaked at 700+, after bannings, we barely make 300). Who were banned? those who advertised other servers --- I agree with this. These people should be banned and should remain banned and if found to be in the server should be banned immediately Critical exploits (example. the zeny case) --- I also agree that this should be immediately banned however, on the report there was no mention of what was used for the exploit and no sign of any patch or fix applied to ensure that no exploits like this would happen again. ban was the only solution mentioned. Third party program users (For WOE or farming) --- This is where things got shady as he wasn't that transparent but I think he did the right thing sharing the needed info only but to my knowledge, as admin, he should be applying patches/fixes to block these third party programs from functioning. There should be protocols like "Investigate > Patch to block software", another software found? Block it and apply disciplinary action, player found to be a persistent cheater? then no choice but to ban. These protocols would ensure a healthy population retaining the fun environment while having less cheats in game. but the solutions applied only were straight bans and nothing else. no software side fixes whatsoever as no notes in patch client (at least that I know of). - (I hope I am wrong with this one) he meddled with the small things not that game affecting like gpacks and LPP and welcome back rewards. These things do not affect game performance in any way. In fact they are good for attracting new players or players from pre-historic times (ehehe :D) to join us, so I don't understand why mess it up? I am not eligible for any of these rewards like LPP and the like but I feel for those who came back and got nothing. This led me to believe that the bigger issues like the above mentioned couldn't be handled and so make these changes so at least people can see that some changes are being applied.
  5. IGN : Mozarella Category: Group Pic Buzzer Beater!!! Rush rush!!!
  6. Group pic IGN: Mozarella
  7. Why when uploading the image the colors become light/less vivid, looks foggy
  8. Title: Grand Ghost Ring Category: Card Art IGN: Negate
  9. Title: Bring it on! Category: General Art IGN: Negate
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