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  1. Call me crazy but your name kinda does sound familiar, be it forum or ign! Either way, welcome back! I haven't had the time to play recently though! Likewise it makes me happy to know that long-time players like yourself are still around!
  2. Welcome back! I started playing around 2009-ish and took a break somewhere around 2015. So glad to have another pvp-er back! Did you manage to get the game to work out smoothly?
  3. Hey guys! I've just started playing again yesterday after a long break from Rebirthro back in the 2013-ish. Either way, I'm currently looking for a guild, hoping to meet some new players and such! Thanks
  4. All right! I'll definitely look into that. Thanks for the invitation by the way
  5. Hey guys, I'm just wondering if anyone here had been playing since Rebirthro like I had? I took a pretty long break in between and was shocked to recently learn that Rebirthro was wiped out entirely, at least they provided some sort of donor compensation, oh well, either way, anyone?
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