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  1. Thank you very much! I'm downloading it right now!
  2. When I finished downloading. The client. My pc immediately detected a trojan. So i deleted the zip file right away. Idk how i can install it safely
  3. So the old RRO server was one of the best parts of my gaming life during highschool, but I had to quit because I had to focus on studies during my college days. I can't believe what happened to the old server, so sad that all my characters and the items I worked hard for are all GONE. I was one of the most active PVP/WOE players back then, you can say PVP was my home lol. Kudos to Syphon for staying strong and made a whole new server! cuz I really can't find any other server like RRO. I kept searching for anything thats even close or similar based on the "Top private server reviews". Can't blame myself for comparing every server to RRO cuz I played it for such a long time! Hope I still got some old friends here that still play! If anyone sees this post, hit me up! I'm currently downloading the client! I can't wait to play again!
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