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  1. Work in progress of GM Pure! Under the Profile/Display Picture Category. (corrupt file) new entry(still a work in progress) IGN: Von Sky Final entry of GM Pure (Full Body) CLICK TO ENLARGE THE IMAGE! I will edit this and post the final version here when I am done. I'm just posting this as proof that this is my own work and also because I want to be the first to comment. lol
  2. Von Sky

    Von's Art Shop

    Art dump... Click to see full image. I'm still open for commissions. dm me for info.
  3. Yesss! Now that's better. You did a good job! 😊👍 The title of this contest should be renamed "HEY LOOK! THAT'S MY PORING ART!" 😄
  4. this one is cute :3
  5. Von Sky

    a art shop

    ohh you have a cute art style. ❤️
  6. I am calm, I'm just honest and nobody here has the guts to tell you that what you're doing is wrong! When it comes to participating an ART CONTEST you should always do the following: 1. You should post a step by step process of your work to prove that you own it. So that the GMs can also make sure that you are the original owner of the artwork. Make sure it's legit because IF the GMs are going to buy your work, THEY MIGHT NOT WANT TO BUY SOMETHING THAT IS STOLEN! If they are not going to buy it, then they can just give you EP as a prize which is still a cheap ass prize and that's a fact! 2. Do not steal photos from the internet but you are allowed to use them as references or use it as an inspiration for your artwork. You really think nobody is going to find out you stole that forest background? I just googled "anime forest background" and there it is. PLEASE READ THE RULES AGAIN!!! Please be fair!
  7. So I guess stealing art from google and copy/paste poring sprites from wiki is legal? You know, if you're going to participate in a contest you should at least use your OWN resources and not STEAL from the internet... Somebody owns this beautiful forest background and you're using it to participate in a contest without even giving credit to the original owner of this art. https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2F1.bp.blogspot.com%2F-Qdy-KD4eH24%2FW78GvmeCVyI%2FAAAAAAAAEBU%2F1Ig8PwvgyA8f9m3dHppwiO952AQ0H_nmACLcBGAs%2Fs1600%2Fc_bg_0002.png&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fanimelandscape.blogspot.com%2F2018%2F10%2Fgreen-forest-anime-background.html&tbnid=INqf1O7NWMwIDM&vet=12ahUKEwjgoe_r2IjqAhVIyZQKHbUFC14QMygDegUIARDVAQ..i&docid=1iX8KEgkawIIKM&w=1280&h=720&q=anime forest&ved=2ahUKEwjgoe_r2IjqAhVIyZQKHbUFC14QMygDegUIARDVAQ
  8. Can't log in and it says "Unregistered ID". Anyone experiencing this problem or is it just me? I typed in my username and password correctly so I wonder why I can't log in? 🙄 Edit: nevermind. just fixed it.
  9. I totally agree with this.
  10. It is a contest and we're already discouraged because of the prizes. On the negative side, other artist might be discouraged especially if they see other artist did better than their work they might think "oh he/she did a good job I'm not gonna win this and the prize is not even worth it." or other artist might be inspired to do better than the other artist if they see their work. And don't assume that people are going to trust you or whoever is judging the art work because we don't have the same point of view of the word "worthy". We just can't simply put a lot of effort in making art thinking "is this worthy enough?" What is worthy? Art is very flexible and it can be anything. Not everyone is a good artist and they are especially the ones that put in a lot of effort because they want to be better. Example: Artist A did a good job and it took 5 hours to finish his/her piece. Artist B didn't do a good job but he/she really put in a lot of effort and it took a few days to finish. It's either Artist A wins the prize because he/she did an amazing job in such little time then Artist B feels bad because he/she lost and wasted a lot of time and effort or Artist A loses because judges think the artist didn't put a lot of effort and giving the prize to Artist B because he/she worked so hard for it and still makes the other artist feel bad. In the old server there was no such thing as "Worthy artworks will get a chance to negotiate artwork value with the Staff Team." Chance? Like there's no 100% guarantee we can negotiate? There was NO negotiations back then! If you want to "negotiate" people are gonna be honest start demanding things. If you say "you're art is worth 50c-100c" the artist would definitely say 100c! or the artist might demand cash. You might as well commission the artist since you are talking about "buying" the art if it's worthy. Some of us don't even have jobs anymore because of the pandemic. It doesn't feel like an art contest it feels like a business deal or something.
  11. I agree. It seems a bit to much to ask for a Loading Screen, Card... etc. for just 1 Prize. The prizes for loading screens and card art should be separate because some artists might be good at one thing than the other. And card arts are so small and not hard to make, so maybe lower the prize for that and put a high prize for the loading screen because that will definitely take a lot of time and effort to make.
  12. The prizes are very "cheap"... 30 event points? really? How is that going to motivate the artists to participate in this event? I recall in the old server, me and mel a.k.a. gcq were paid more than our art's worth. We participated in making loading screens before and we were paid with creds not some cheap event points. Also when GM Lux from the old server commissioned us to make art for cards, we were paid 20c-30c for each card. A Costume Artist Hat( if it's ugly it aint worth it coz there are so many cool costumes out there ) and 30 Event points. Do we even need that? I do like the Title Famous Artist tho but still don't need it, because I was famous back then for making art. might as well make a big sign "HEY I'M A FAMOUS ARTIST!" and I can just simply change my guild title to "Famous Artist". "Worthy artworks will get a chance to negotiate artwork value with the Staff Team." Sounds very shady. If the art is not deemed worthy based on how you judge the art, it's gonna make the artist feel really bad. Trust me! *raises the red flag* you should just keep it simple like 1st prize 50c + 10 EP 2nd prize 25c + 10 EP 3rd prize 10c + 10 EP Other participants will just get 10 EP for their effort.
  13. Von Sky

    Von's Art Shop

    These are some of the few cards that GM Lux commissioned me to make. GMs, please implement these. ❤️ I redraw the mermaid card... and if you're wondering why she doesn't have nipples it is because her sprite in the game doesn't have one or maybe it's just too small for me to see. lol! Hope you guys like it. I will post more arts to keep the art section alive. \o/ currently working on these...
  14. Von Sky

    Von's Art Shop

    aw thank you for supporting. ❤️ i will try my best. XD
  15. Von Sky

    Von's Art Shop

    COMMISSION STATUS: OPEN ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PRICES SINGLE CHARACTERS: 👉Half body👈 30c or 30usd 👉Full body👈 40c or 40usd COUPLE CHARACTERS: 👉Half body👈 50c or 50usd 👉Full body👈 60c or 60usd Payment method: You can pay me with creds in game You can also pay me via PayPal ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SAMPLES ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE YOU ORDER I will not draw mounts. If you commission me to draw Knights and Paladins it may take more time to finish. I can do NSFW. I can also do non-related RO characters. When ordering please give me specific instructions on what you want me to draw. Send me references. Don't be abusive and keep asking me to change one thing after another. You can pay me after I finished your order. I have the right to cancel your order. At the end of the commission you will receive a full version of the art work and also a watermarked version! The full version is for your own personal use, please avoid sharing it with other people. You can share the watermarked version so they can't steal it or claim it as their own. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SOCIAL MEDIA and CONTACT INFO Instagram: @artbykcvalencia Facebook: @kccvart Discord: kc#4897 IGN: Von Sky ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ COPY AND PASTE THIS FORM then FILL IT UP [list] [*][b]IGN:[/b] [*][b]Eye and Hair Color:[/b] [*][b]Headgears:[/b] [*][b]Screenshots:[/b] [*][b]Half-Body/Full-Body:[/b] [/list]
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