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  1. Можно использовать vvshs + perun (randgris / LOD / aunoe). Близнецы ?? Почему?)) Можно использовать герой + есл + дюнейрр. Gob? Призрачному кольцу нужен пестрый жилет. Можно использовать devilling + flamel emul. Разведка с PD3 (STR3) для максимального PD / Dmg + ifrit. Для 2-го доступа понадобится клипса с иммунитетом от комы. Удачи! P.s-neer more food(ygg.berry/seed) for max farming,and dont dead(randel reflect shield)..
  2. Optimus-thank for your answer!
  3. Hi,more information need ask)when enchanting Vanna / Elvira / Manteau 3 and 4 slots, is it possible to delete (clear) only a certain slot, or are both cleared at once ?? Are tokens transferred from the instance to other characters? The token is given to all people in the party, or is it only party? to enter the keys should only a party member have? How are jirant circlet (red / purple / jirant) passed: newbie - newbie / or not newbie - newbie or newbie --- not newbie ?? Token of king tradable and not? alt can use and not?
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