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  1. Hello! What is that blue-purple spiral around the character in some maps? It has 8 arms, and the center is the character. I saw it in Ant Hell, Orc Village, and in other maps, but never in cities. After 5-10 minutes it disappear. What is it? Thank you for the answer Best regards AR
  2. Dear Optimus! You wrote: Thank you for the time you spent with investigation! Then I will need to start and rebuild my character in different account. :-( That is that. I just sad because of lost (but not wasted) time. Thanks! Best regards dd
  3. Dear Optimus! We've sent a "family" 🙂 ticket for you! Best regards dd
  4. Dear Members! I have an account with one character. My son started to learn and play with this account and he created more another characters. Now I want to split the characters into two account. The plan is: 1. I will create an account to my son with his child email address. 2. I will transfer his characters to his new account. 3. My character will remain on original account (mine). I don't know that: 1. Character transfer is possible? 2. Character transfer in family environment is valid operation? 3. How to do it? Thank you for your help! dd
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