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    @1337 not really redirecting to the site where you post but it' like having an integration of post in game to the site. You write a post in game then you tag it whether its a bug, enhancement, or issues then just like posting on gitlab but you are doing it in game. Then submitting the post in game will integrate it as a post in gitlab. @1337 it may be in the form of a Gitlab NPC in game where the NPC asks if what type of report (Bugs / Issues / Enhancements), then asks the rest of the details then after completing the report, will fire a post request in gitlab and record it as a post. I think you can copy the implementation done with GM Assistant in Prontera and code re-engineer it to align with gitlab post. You can also implement a bulletin board in game of the currently in progress, lined-up, parked/rejected and completed request from gitlab. Well this is practically an open book of gitlab in game. I hope you get the idea.
  2. Krz

    1337 Reporting for duty

    In my own personal opinion, If you would like to push Gitlab discussion, why not make it accessible in game? Just saying...
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