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  1. Bubbles

    WoE Coins

    Changes: Condition Condition 1 Coins Condition 2 Coins2 Reason Breaks Between 1-10 50 More than 10 25 (Not an Additional Reward) 4 Castles are active on each WoE Session, more breaks means guild is unable to defend themselves Damage > 10 Million 30 > 20 Million 20 (Additional Reward for More Damage) Balancing Heal > 10 Million 10 - - Same as before Sacrifice > 6M > 6 Million 10 - - Same as before Top Killer - 20 - - Same as before Top Damage - 20 - - Same as before Top Healer - 20 - - Same as before Top Devotion - 20 - - Same as before These changes are temporary and WoE Coins system will be changed soon.
  2. Good morning! We have couple of updates added as part of this maintenance. Changes: All missing costumes are now implemented. Effect-based items won't be part of this update. Slots/Refine/Def will be 0 for Costumes. Original restrictions will stay MvP Arena is removed. Free For All Room added: * Items/Cards are not dropped * EXP is not gained * 1 room dedicated for each arena. (1*8 Arena = 8 Rooms) * MVP will be spawned instantly after being dead. Gold Room Added: * Items/Cards are not dropped * 4 rooms dedicated for each arena. (4*8 Arena=32 rooms) * Each kill will contribute to specific amount of points, point will be redeemed to zeny. * Costume shop will be added in future, redeemable by points. * MvP spawns with a delay (current mechanic) Points Conversion: 100K = 150 Points 1M = 1,250 Points 10M = 11,250 Points 100M = 100,000 Points 1B = 1,000,000 Points Card Room Added: * Items/Cards are not dropped (Exception: Mother's Nightmare) * 3 Rooms dedicated for each arena (3*8 Arena=24 Rooms) * Card drop guranteed with 500 kills (Bubblegum gives 2 Card Points) * OCA points given for MvPs that drop OCA, redeemable at shop for OCAs (Costumes will be added in subsequent updates) * MvP spawns with delay (current mechanism) * Card Room will drop (Old) Cards, New Cards will be dropped by natural spawns only. All MvPs got new monster IDs, and will get changes in MvP Cards in following weeks. 10-seconds delay added for @go after receiving any hit or doing any actions [Applicable only on GvG Maps] New Monster Added named "Holy Healer"(#3763) that drops Yggdrasilberry only. Spawn Locations: far_isld01-05 far_harb gef_fild01p-02p abby_fild01 abby_tem01-02 candy nieve_dun orcvdun01-02 moc_prydn1-2 nyd_dun01-02 dic_dun01-02 thu_plt01-03 kh_dun01-02 spl_fild01-03 man_fild01-03 TAGRAS is added outside castle, with 30% increase on its price on all items. You can find "Smuggler Thara" at gld2_prt 89 136 (Prontera HoA) Improvements to fix stability issues. Effects will be shown to cards upon dropped by monsters. Alchemy Fame will decrease by 5% after this maint, and following that, 5% will be decreased on 1st of every month. This is to ensure the top rankers don't get idle, and is not captured by any one person All LPP will expire on 1st of December 2021 Revival Pass And Guild Points Added You can now qualify for Revival Pass after paying 2B to "Revival Pass" NPC at prontera,124,196. Revival Pass will have Max Level of 26. Type @revivalpass for Revival Pass Info Type @gpoints for Information regarding Guild Points Rewards: Level 1: 1x Touhou Lucky Box Level 2: 1x Touhou Lucky Box Level 3: 1x Touhou Lucky Box Level 4: 1x Touhou Lucky Box Level 5: 1x Costume: Ancient Resonance (ID:190492) Level 6: 1x Touhou Lucky Box Level 7: 1x Costume: Magic Heir (ID:190493) Level 8: 1x Touhou Lucky Box Level 9: 1x 100 Limited Premium Coin Level 10: 1x Costume: Aura of Darkness (ID:190494) Level 11: 1x Touhou Lucky Box Level 12: 1x Costume: Death Wing (ID:190495) Level 13: 1x 100 Limited Premium Coin Level 14: 1x Touhou Lucky Box Level 15: 1x Costume: Fluffy Plushie (ID:190498) Level 16: 1x Touhou Lucky Box Level 17: 1x 100 Limited Premium Coin Level 18: 1x Costume: Nightmare Chakra (ID:190504) Level 19: 1x Touhou Lucky Box Level 20: 1x Costume: Open Air Headset (ID:190503) Level 21: 1x Touhou Lucky Box Level 22: 1x Costume: Backside Ribbon Bell (ID:190506) Level 23: 1x 100 Limited Premium Coin Level 24: 1x Touhou Lucky Box Level 25: 1x 100 Limited Premium Coin Level 26: 1x Costume: Ulysses Wings (ID: 190491) Points Earning Table: BG: 7 MVP Kills: 1 (MvP Arena/Branches won't count to RevivalPass) WoE: 100 (Captured/Defended castle) / 50 (No Castles) - Active for 1 Hour in WoE Instances: Endless Tower: 90 Nydhog: 55 Bakonawa: 55 Bangungot: 55 Buwaya: 55 World Without Balance(Nightmare): 50 Sealed Shrine: 40 World Without Balance(Normal): 50 Wolfchev: 30 Fluffy: 30 Golden Hole: 20 Kraken: 20 10% of Instances/WoE Revival Pass Points are contributed to Guild Points. Guild Points are Guild and character-bound. Guild Points Rule: 1) Points will be stored against characters till they are in guild. 2) On Leaving Guild/Kicked from Guild, Guild Points of that Specific character will be nullified (become 0) Shops for Guild Points will be added later on. Added World Without Balance (Permanent Instance) * If Humans doesn't play Deity's Game, Deity will cast Hell's Power. On Repeated offense, Deity will warp the human back to midgard. * Boss and Mini-Boss are now stronger than before * Boss and Mini-Boss can now cast Manhole and Critical Wound * There's a chance to get extra tokens * Instance cooldown expires midnight server time. Items in Zotar will stay for 24 hours only and will be deleted from zotar after the expiration time. Teleport disabled in Sealed Shrine Instance. Jirant is not refineable, Players who had their jirant already refined can open a helpdesk to get the refines transferred to any other refinable item (Any request after 29th September 23:59 will not be entertained and those refines will be considered as lost) If you have any suggestions or feedback, please open a ticket @ https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/ Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer. ~ Bubbles
  3. Have you ever wondered what's the benefit of alchemy ranking? It's 50% heal bonus for rank 1 to rank 10, that seems good. But if you look at ranking : https://ragnarevival.com/ranking/alchemy , it is evident that difference between rank 1 and rank 10 is excessively high. Rank 1: 200M+ Rank 10: 2M This doesn't seem fair for rank 1. We have decided to apply linear bonus for rank 1-10, with rank 10 receiving lowest bonus and rank 1 receiving highest bonus. This will be applied in next maintenance or maintenance after the next one.
  4. Bubbles

    WoE Coins

    Good Evening, We would like to announce some changes planned for WoE Coins: Current WoE Coins distribution till 11th September 2021: Condition Coins Breaks > 1 50 Damage > 10M 50 Damage > 20M 10 Heal > 10M 10 Sacrifice > 6M 10 Top Killer 20 Top Damage 20 Top Healer 20 Top Devotion 20 Total 210 As it can be seen, it's too much one-sided distribution, We will be reworking woe coins and experimenting with the changes for next few days, and this might result in varying amount of woe coins being distributed in next few woe sessions. Rest assured, we will announce the final distribution once it's settled. Updates till now: Players active for >30 minutes will get woe coins WoE Coins will be active in Zotar for 24 hours, and will no longer be redeemable (Zotar is distribution system, not a storage)
  5. For Android, it's just delete button
  6. Good Morning! We, the Staff, have decided on some extreme steps to allow way for new systems that would allow for bridging gaps and potentially new ways to make economy more fruitful. We will nullify(remove) all the LPPs on 1st of December 2021 at 00:01 AM, There are ways and will be ways to utilise them all before 1st December through CashShop, etc. This won't affect everyone, this is just a heads up to those who own Limited Premium Points, to utilize them all before 1st December 2021 P.S. This is not CREDS, if you haven't encounter with LPP System, or don't even know what this post means, then you don't need to worry, it won't affect you. ~Bubbles
  7. Hi, Thanks you Midgardians for voting for MvP Room, by the results, few points are clear to us: 1) MvP Room is used as a Gold Room (which isn't what MvP Room means by dictionary) 2) Cards are additional benefits that are given in the so-called MvP Rooms 3) Majority goes there to earn zeny and earns ~30-35M zeny (as stated by those who opposed bounty, in gitlab), and 40M at max when using BGum (again, stated by those who opposed bounty, in gitlab) 4) Only selected few goes into room for fun So, with these in mind, we will be changing MvP room. Following are the changes: 1) No Bounty will be required, not even entrance fee 2) Each Type of room will be split into 3 categories (Free For All, Gold Room, Card Room) Descriptions: Free For All: * Nothing is dropped * 1 room dedicated. (1*8 Arena = 8 Rooms) * MVP will be spawned instantly after dead Gold Room: * Nothing is dropped * 4 rooms dedicated (4*8 Arena=32 rooms) * Each kill will contribute to point, point will be redeemed to zeny. * Points to zeny conversion would be as per your feedback, i.e., we will follow the benchmark posted by player and not by the staff in the gitlab, i.e 30-40M Zeny per hour of intensive farming, as stated by you. * Costume shop will be added in future, redeemable by points. * MvP spawns with a delay (current mechanic) Card Room: * No drops * 3 Rooms dedicated (3*8Arena=24 Rooms) * Card drop guranteed with X number of kills (X depends on MvP difficulty and based on current drops) * OCA points given for MvPs that drop OCA, redeemable at shop for OCAs (Costumes will be added in subsequent updates) * MvP spawns with delay (current mechanism) We, once again, thanks player for providing their input over how much zeny they earned and how Gold Room is disguised as MvP room, and we will label it the same to avoid confusions with new players. ~ Bubbles ~
  8. Hello everyone! As released back in April 2020, the Guild Packages are incentives meant to encourage players participation in WoE. However, after over a year since its release, we have observed no significant increase in WoE participation in comparison to the numbers of guilds who have applied for the Guild Packages, again. We have revised the current contents and the application process of Guild Packages in an attempt to kickstart new players to join WoE scenes and be competitive. The following changes are made to the Guild Packages content list: Guild leader does not get any additional benefits. Guild leader benefits are now passed to every member of guild. All gears are rental for 2 months. WoE Set items are pre-refined to +10. 5x Bubble Gum box(10) is received instead of 3x Bubble Gum box(10). Removed HoA Points from reward list. WoE Sets are new items with reduced effect (@ii 150130 to 150137) Once Guild Package is sent to zotar, user must claim it within 7 days. Removed WoE coins. Guild Packages contents list All Guild Packages will have the following items: Rental Black Butterfly Wings [4] Rental Pouring Balloon [1] Rental Angra Manyu [4] Rental Ahura Mazdah [1] 5x Bubble Gum Box (10) 5x Gym Pass 5x Investment Ticket 10x Hat Roulette Token 10x Autotrade Coupon 30x WoE Arrows Quiver (S) 30x WoE Arrows Quiver (A) 15x WoE White Potion Box 10x WoE Blue Potion Box The following are the Guild Packages that you can choose from: Guild Package A Melee Rental Baseball Cap [4] WoE Gear Set A Rental Megingjard Guild Package B Melee Rental Baseball Cap [4] WoE Gear Set B Rental Megingjard Guild Package B Range Rental Red Beret [4] WoE Gear Set B Rental Brisingamen Guild Package B Flee Rental Fox Ears [4] WoE Gear Set B Rental Brisingamen Guild Package C Melee Rental Baseball Cap [4] WoE Gear Set C Rental Megingjard Guild Package C Magic Rental Seppl Hat [4] WoE Gear Set C Rental Brisingamen Guild Package C Healer Rental Feather Ribbon [4] WoE Gear Set C Rental Brisingamen Guild Package C Flee Rental Fox Ears [4] WoE Gear Set C Rental Brisingamen Suggested class for the sets are as follows: A Melee: Paladin, Creator B Melee: Lord Knight, Whitesmith, Assassin Cross, Star Gladiator B Range: Stalker, Sniper, Gunslinger B Flee: Clown, Gypsy C Melee: Champion C Magic: High Wizard, Professor, Ninja C Healer: High Priest C Flee: Soul Linker, Professor Application process and requirements: A total of at least 10 guild members including the guild leader who has never applied Guild Package before. (Note: By 'unique' we mean different players) All members must be a maxed character with 255 base level and 120 job level Guild Level must be maxed (Level 50). Talk to 'Guild Pack' NPC @ prontera. Important notes: Players who applied for Guild Packages before cannot join any more guilds to apply for another Guild Package either on the same account or another (alts) account. Guild Package can only be applied once per player and guild. If we find any violations or attempt to cheat, GM reserves the right to remove all Guild Package items and additional items as punishment. Any questions regarding guild packages should be asked through a guild leader and not by guild members either through in-game Helpdesk or Web Support Abusing Guild Packages system or trying to find a loophole on how to get a second package is strictly forbidden. This will result on nulling the Guild Packages application for the whole guild and the abuser will receive a heavy punishment which can also result in a ban for all of his/her accounts. With these changes, we hope more new guilds will join and flourish our WoE. Please leave any comments or suggestions below. We gladly accept all constructive criticisms our players provide. Thank you and have a great day ahead!
  9. Hello RevivalRO Players, First maintenance after I took over the role, and I would like to present event, bug fixes and QoL improvements, and more to come soon. Command Changes: @die is replaced with @suicide @suicide is not usable in PvP and GvG (Castles0 Added @ignoredropitem - Enabling this command will hide all dropped items. Added @packetfilter - Command used to filter out effects/chats/skills/attacks and help to improve gameplay in intensive wars. Usage: @packetfilter <MainType><Flags> Main Types: C = ignore normal Chat, including Dancer's scream, Bard's frost joke, and pet's talk (pet start to talk when intimacy > 900) E = ignore emotion, including monster and pet emotion (but NOT pet performance) I = ignore Item use effect A = ignore normal Attack animation (based on receiving side), your own attack animation are always shown B = Buffing skill animations (based on receiving side), your own casting animation are always shown S = Status effect T = offensive single Target skill/spell animations (based on receiving side), your own casting animation are always shown G = Ground based skills (eg:storm gust), your own casting animation are always shown M = Music dance/songs from Bard/Dancer D = Direction. Recommend filter on Party/Guild type and not enemies. Highly Recommend for supportive type Class. In case you don't know, the server send direction packet every attack and every skill use, this isn't just filter Shift-click... Flags: S = Self P = Party G = Guild B = Battleground C = Clan O = Other players, none of the above H = Homunculus/pets/elementals/mercenary and player's @summon M = Monsters To disable attack animation of other players and monsters: MainType: A Flag: OM Command: @packetfilter AOM To disable attack animation and item use effect of other players and monsthers: @packetfilter AOM COM End of Summer Cashshop update: Fixes: Bloodied Dagger can now be equipped by Ninja Class (#468) Eden Dailies: No longer asks for monsters that are not spawned naturally (#466) Eden Daily Quest - Added Restriction, if user have 100 items in inventory, claiming of item will be restricted. (#478) Notoriety Quest - Occult Incense[0] and Sacred Incense[0] is requested now instead of Occult Incense[1] and Sacred Incense[1] (#438). Bot Checker - Improved efficiency and reduced false-positives. Additions: Battle Report - Potion Pitcher is now considered under 'Heal' category. (#459) Cedi Items are now vendable (#97) Recolor Meowster - Accepts Long Ponytail for 120PP. Refiner Lady Andy arrived @ payon 163,95. * Andy accepts Oridecon and Elunium for 100% success rate * Andy accepts only Enriched Oridecon and Enriched Elunium for success rates less than 100% * Blacksmith blessings are not accepted, use @refineryui for usage of blacksmith blessings Glorious Ring Exchanger arrived @ mall 114,90 (#374) Mechanics same as Clip Exchanger. Fees: 100 Million Zeny and 200 BG Badges for each transfer. Once transfer is initiated, the transfer cannot be interrupted in-between. Guild Package NPC arrived @ prontera 180 217 Carnival: Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer. Enjoy and happy shopping!
  10. Greetings Midgardians~ We bring to you, the End of Summer Limited Items of 2021! As well as the return of the famous premium pet eggs! Seth, Menblatt, and Sarah eggs! Items Available for Sale: Snow Fox (1500 PP) Description: A snowy white fox that when observed seems playful. All status +15 If base LUK is 100 or more, Give immunity to Crystalization status And reduce resistance to Fire by 5% Location: Lower Headgeat Happy Cat (2000 PP) Description: A cat hanging around its owner's head. The long tail covers the neck and looks warm. All status +20 Increase max HP by 10% Resistance to Player and Beast type enemy increase by 5% Increase resistance to Fire, Earth, and Wind by 10% Decrease resistance to Shadow, Holy, and Poison by 20% Location: Upper Costume: Ponytail Hair (1700 PP) [Recolored via Recolor Meowster - 8 Colors Available] Description: A wig for costumes neatly tied to one side. Costume: Cheshire Tail(Garment) (2000 PP) Combine it with ChesireEars (Fall Carnival) to become a cat: Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer. Enjoy and happy shopping!
  11. Hello, Please try: http://ragnarevival.com/RRO_Full_v5.zip https://biy.ly/rro_v5
  12. Hello, there's no obb, however, you can download the client for PC, extract it, and copy it to phone
  13. Bubbles

    Wiki is back!

    Hello, We had an incident a few months ago, when our wiki was attacked, More info on: I am pleased to announce that the Wiki has been updated to latest version and restored by re-creating database references. I have improved security and now we have a new version of the wiki. I was unable to retrieve the old theme and use the default theme. I hope you like it. Wiki Link: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/index.php?title=Main_Page There might be some inconsistency in pagesdue to new version and retrieval from references. Please tolerate that and report any inconsistencies found. By Bubbles ❤️
  14. Hello Everyone, I am Bubbles, I was working with syphon many years ago and I got the opportunity again to work with you all, and update the game with awesome stuffs and listen to the feedback of community. I will be taking up the role of managing the server, I will make sure to listen to concerns raised and take action on those concerns. Meet you all soon in game ❤️ Lovingly, Bubbles
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