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  1. all ok kitty sorry for reply later. i just fall sleep last night and the next day the server open normal.. lol thank you anyways
  2. when i log on today i was afk a bit cuz was eating. but when i back to check my pc the message "disconect from server" so i try log in again but i cant it . a message there saying "fail to conection" after that i check my conection to internet etc and i reset my pc . so i log in in other servers for check the conection and all was ok. the pages was working but not revivalRo . so i open again the patche and there only a message "faild to conection" i uninstall and reinstall , reset pc and all but nothing is working.. so i cant log in. ! can someone help me please?
  3. if u want a simple emblem ask to tommy
  4. eh i sell emblems for 2c :3 if u interesting send me a message. ^^ i will open a shop here soon
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