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  1. Goodmorning Everyone! Once again we're opening the door for new GM Applications! We are currently understaffed and looking for active people to be one of our RevivalRO family members, slaves staff. Although the positions that we are looking for are currently volunteer based, we will require anyone selected to have a considerable amount of time dedicated to the position given to them. Please keep that in mind during all the stages of the application process, make sure that you are willing, and that you will be able to commit to a position before applying for one. Also know that applying to become a GM does NOT guarantee that you will be selected. Asking any staff member for assistance when answering any of the questions on your application WILL result in disqualification. Follow all of the instructions when applying, details are important. Do not skip steps or cut corners, we will overlook your application as a result. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Do I need to be 18 years of age or older to apply? No, however -- being 13+ would certainly help your case (COPPA, and all). We care about mental maturity more than we do about physical maturity. Also, the fact that you are allegedly over 13 when you agreed to play this game. How many hours do I need to work?! Ideally we expect you to be around at least 2 continuous hours per day, but it can be flexible. The requirement here is that you can be relied upon when needed. This is NOT just a "do it when I feel like it" thing. By applying to be a GM, you are saying that you are willing to ACTIVELY make time in your day to meet various GM-related responsibilities for as long as foreseeably possible. List your availability based on your regular life--not on your breaks or vacation days or anything else. Moreover, if you don't have the time or will to dedicate to a position, then it's better not to apply. What is availability, and how do I fill it out? Essentially, it is the amount of time per day/week that you'd be willing to devote to GMing. Just because you're free, that doesn't mean you'll be GMing automatically. You should also take into account things like traveling time, meals, study time, family or social time, etc. You need to be realistic over long term with this, because if you put you are available to GM 80 hours a week, we'll be assuming that you're full of shit. Does GMing get me chicks/dudes? Does it make me popular? If only. Most of the things that would actively get you chicks/dudes are forbidden--as in, we have rules against giving out free stuff and haxing stats and whatnot, so if you're going to apply just for the attention/chicks/dudes--don't bother. It is also forbidden to reveal confidential information regarding anything discussed as a GM. Do I have to stop playing my current character/account? At the moment, no. However, if you get accepted as a GM candidate, most likely your time on your legit will plummet. You will have to distance yourself from your friends or guild a least a little. GMing always comes before regular playing, no matter how hard you want to WoE at the time. Thus, if you are extremely active in your guild/with your friends and are unwilling to put that second in your RO life, you should not apply. However, if we find your performance as a GM unsatisfactory, especially because of your legit or if our rules change, we do reserve the right to either suspend your legit until your quality of conduct improves, or simply remove you from the team. Also since this is said, being a GM means you can't be a leader, or in a lead position in any WoE Guilds. How much time do I need in order to properly GM? If you're logged into RO in any capacity, you are expected to be ready to GM. It's pretty hard to say because of that, since some days are busier than others. But basically, consider it similar to being a receptionist. After you finish your basic duties and paper work, you can be at the desk doing whatever, but as soon as someone steps foot inside the building, you need to attend to them. Whether you consider your idle time as GMing time is up to you. We're not going to give a concrete requirement because that varies widely with the job, and we try our best to be flexible. Should I embellish my application, leave out critical information, or essentially lie in order to be selected? No. We've been doing these applications long enough to tell when someone is lying about what their hours are, how dedicated they can be, etc. The best thing to do is to just be honest--but still professional. Seriously, anytime someone says something like "My only weakness is that I work too hard!" we roll our eyes hard enough that they're in danger of popping out of our heads. Are there any other requirements to be a GM that I may be unaware of? Aside from certain secret special things we look for, you must be fluent in English and willing to type at least semi-properly, this is an English speaking server, so that is a MUST--it is also a must to successfully complete the application. Moreover, you should have a fairly clean slate. That is not to say that if you've ever been warned or banned, ever, we won't accept you, but having a history of being drama bait, being disrespectful, being inflammatory, or otherwise breaking rules will make us hesitate rather hard to hire you. It would also help if you knew RO, especially the gameplay of Loki. How many positions are you looking to fill? We generally hire as many people as we can that fit all required criteria. There really isn't a hard cap, if your application is solid and you ace through the interviews, we'll hire as many qualified people as we can. I donated a lot of money to the server, that will automatically make me a GM right? No. We don't care how much money you invested into your account--that has little to do with how good of a GM you could be. How much will this position pay? GMing is its own reward a volunteer position and we do not offer monetary compensation. When will I be notified that I have been selected to be a GM? If we choose to pick you as a candidate, you will know at the same time as all the other candidates. Do not use a fake/full/crappy email for this, because you will be out of luck. Application Information: PLEASE READ EACH QUESTION CAREFULLY AND BE AWARE THAT EACH PART OF THE FORM REQUIRES A 100-200 MINIMUM WORD COUNT To apply you can fill the form at https://forms.gle/kAUGhAUGrXhkfQTR6 The application deadline is November 26, 2022 11:59PM UTC + 8 Application Questions: Send a PM to Nera#0603 thru discord for inquiries. Best regards & good luck to all the applicants! RevivalRO Management Team.
  2. DOs: Be prepared to discuss your effect suggestion. DONTs Make an OP effect item. The effect similar to any god items. Sprite suggestion out of personal interest NOTE: REMEMBER! You must think about harmony~!
  3. DOs: The suggestion must have mechanics and/or plot. Players should be ready to give a detailed explanation of their event/content once their suggestion approved by GMs. DONTs: You are not allowed to make the event that is impossible to complete. Do not make rare/god item as reward. Sprite suggestion out of personal interest NOTE: GMs will guide and help the player throughout the event creation once its approved.
  4. Greetings Fellow Midgardians of RevivalRO! Its almost "ber" month and we have decided to bring you all a flash sale event for you all to enjoy! Be sure to spend wisely! And we hope you all enjoy the event! You can find the Flash Sale Staff at the prontera,156,176! Below is the lists of sale items according to the shop NPCs. Please be aware that there are some shops where you will only be able to purchase items with Premium Points only while there will be some with Premium Points (PP) and Limited Premium Points (LPP). Shop #1: You may only use PP! Shop #2: You may use PP and/or LPP! Shop #3: You may use PP and/or LPP! Along with the flash sale, Donors will receive 25% bonus points when they donated on all payment gateway from 12AM to 9PM of August 6. Donor Box Sale: get 1 Free for every 20euro donation instead of 50. Flash Sale 7/6/22 Update: PP Bonus from donation reduced by 5% (its currently set to 20% bonus) Amberknight Top Prize: Avian Farmer Watch out for more updates regarding our flash sale event! Thank you for taking the time to read this forum post! Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer. Enjoy and happy shopping! Tiny Note: Check out for amberknight on august 7 &8. Sale Ends on 8th August, 2022 11.59 PM Server Time
  5. Hello. Sadly, yes everyone have to start all over again.
  6. Hello, try to extract it using winrar.
  7. Hello, you may open a ticket thru here> https://support.ragnarevival.com/.
  8. Hello, These forum accounts were generated by the admin for the RRO accounts that still dont have forum account and so is the email sent.
  9. Hello, During the recent maintenance, we adjusted and added a following things. Adjustments: Gepard disabled. Guild Pack turns to Rookie Pack and is now solo redeemable. Addition Reimplementation of Adelay Shield. More items are now visible with @ii command and it is now giving a pop up of item links players can click for its description. Introduction of Revival Hub. (See the link below for more details.) Events:
  10. Hello, During the recent restart, we adjusted, fixed and added a following things. Adjustments and Fixes 2nd adjustment on zeny room Some bosses in gold room now drops YGG berry and OCA (TIP: Use bbg) OCA points are now disabled. Costume fixes All Token of Balance are now storable Sealed Orc Hero Card is now giving the correct HP bonus AFK mechanism for BG Guild dungeon Addition War of Emperium (Friday Session) Costume Fixes Blue Ears Kitty Bell Guardian Porings Angel Mini Silk Hat Planet Orb Heroic Astrologer Hat Alchemist Square Bag War of Emperium A new WoE mode. See details below. Classic WoE It's a new mode of GvG where Eden, WoE Gear Sets and Premium Gears are disabled. During this type of WoE, battle report will only show the players who participated in the WoE and how much time they spent inside a castle. All participants who spent at least 30 minutes in WoE castle will receive the same amount of WoE coin (100 WoE coins). This mode will be scheduled every Friday. This mode will use WoE SE maps. AFK mechanism for BG 1st Offense Kicked from Battlegrounds 2nd Offense Kicked from Battlegrounds Mute for 30 minutes 3rd Offense Blocked from Battlegrounds for 2 hours Mute for 3 hours 4th Offense Blocked from Battlegrounds for 2 and a half hours Mute for 3 hours 5th and UP offense Blocked from Battlegrounds for 3 hours Mute for 3 hours Removal of 15 badges from AFK character. Guild Dungeon Certain loots has been added to the guild dungeon drop item. See the list below for possible loots : Greenwood Lake Speed Potion Bottle Grenade Acid Bottle Poison Bottle Luina Glistening Coat Speed Potion Cobweb Guardian Stone Valkyrie Guardian Stone Speed Potion Abrasive Crystal Fragment Britoniah Speed Potion Poison Bottle Abrasive Guardian Stone Bottle Grenade Schwartzvald Poison Bottle Abrasive Speed Potion Crystal Fragment Guardian Stone Box Arunafeltz Speed Potion Poison Bottle Crystal Fragment Speed Potion Box Guardian Stone Guardian Stone Box Note : Guardian Stone Box obtainable only from Kublin.
  11. Hello, During the recent restart, we adjusted and added a few things. Adjustments: Splash damage on monster capped at 10 targets at all time as a temporary solution to lessen the lag players experience. Restoration of Alchemist Ranker Points. **Note: Decay System for Alchemist ranking is disabled until further notice. Addition: New Loyal Reward NPC in Geffen 135 56. Exe Wing Cap [2] Year 4 RevivalRO Loyal Player Reward. All stats +10. If STR is > DEX, Atk Damage +10%. If DEX is > INT, Range Damage +10% If INT is > DEX, MAtk Damage +10% If VIP Status(Platinum) is active: Physical and magical damage to boss and non-boss monster +(Donor Level/2)%. Increase Drop rate by a small chance. Next Patch Advance announcements GvG Adjustments and Addition: WoE duration will be reduced to 1 hour per time slot and Players will giving a chance to vote which time slot will it be. (See the poll at the top of this post) A new WoE mode. See details below. Classic WoE: It's a new mode of GvG where Eden, WoE Gear Sets and Premium Gears are disabled. During this type of WoE, battle report will only show the players who participated in the WoE and how much time they spent inside a castle. All participants who spent at least 30 minutes in WoE castle will receive the same amount of WoE coin (100 WoE coins). This mode will be scheduled every Friday. This mode will use WoE SE maps. Your participation in the poll is voluntary and will be of great help to make WoE activity alive and fun. Battlegrounds AFK Mechanism Adjustment. 1st Offense Kicked from Battlegrounds 2nd Offense Kicked from Battlegrounds Mute for 30 minutes 3rd Offense Blocked from Battlegrounds for 2 hours Mute for 3 hours 4th Offense Blocked from Battlegrounds for 2 and a half hours Mute for 3 hours 5th and UP offense Blocked from Battlegrounds for 3 hours Mute for 3 hours Removal of 15 badges from AFK character.
  12. Hello, During our restart, we did the following Adjustments/Fixes. Adjustment Added a 1.5 second CD on Judex skill to lessen the lag. Point value of Gold room has been increased. Fixes Weapons compounded with Salacia Card are unstrippable. Roseus Monstrum Card should work as intended. Dragon Knight Eye Patch is now giving immunity to chaos/confusion. Incantation Samurai Card's ignore def should be working as intended. Extra Note The adjustment for the gepard might take some time. For the meantime, we ask everyone's cooperation to record their gameplay whenever they experience lag using fraps. Fraps a software players can use to record their gameplay with an fps counter. Follow the instructions bellow: Download the software from this site, https://fraps.com/download.php. Run the software in the background. Press F9 when you feel like its about to lag. Send the recordings to [email protected] with Subject: "Fraps". Note: As long as the software is running in the background, it will also show you if your FPS drops in real time even when its not recording The software captures about 10-20seconds clip per record.
  13. Hello! For this year’s heart day event we will be doing a rerun of our past events to give you the opportunity to gain the items launched for those events Follow the guide in wiki but keep in mind that there are few adjustments. Valentine's Event 2018 Adjustments: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/index.php?title=Valentine's_Event_2018 Instead of every hour, the event will spawn to every odd hour. Instead of Valentine Goodie Bags, Cupid will give Macaron which players can use to buy something from the the event shop. Cupid will give 1-3 macarons per chocolate given to him. Event Notes: Tomson tends to fail when making the chocolate. So we recommend players to be patient and submit the materials 1 by 1 to minimize the failure. The Chance of getting 3 macarons will depend on which variant is submitted to Cupid. So try to be experimental. *Hint: Event White Chocolate has the highest chance to get 3macarons. The event shop can be seen near Cupid at Prontera 141 275 Valentine's Event 2019 Adjustments: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/index.php?title=Valentine's_Event_2019 The letter Quest can be done ONCE per account . The NPCs will give Macarons instead of Valentine Goodie Bag. The Goats will instead drop a macaron instead of goodie bag. The event will be available until March 17, 2022. New Event Items Gift of Panagia [2] (Upper) -Bounded All status +7 Increase resistance against Boss monster by 5% Increase Magic damage to Non-boss by 20% Increase Magic damage to Boss by 25% If worn with Luna on Shoulder and the player is married. Increase Droprate by a small amount. Luna on Shoulder [1] (Middle) -Bounded INT +3 DEX +3 Increase Healing, Slim potion pitcher and Potion pitcher potency by 15% Increase magic damage against Non-boss monster by 10% Set effect: If worn with the Cat Ear Ribbon and the player is not married. Additional Increase on heal Potency 5% And extra 5% Holy resistance If worn with Gift of Panagia and the player is married. Increase Droprate by a small amount Cat Ear Ribbon [2] (Upper) -Tradable All status +5 Give immunity to Curse status Give extra level of Meditatio skill by 1 Increase Holy resistance by 10% Set effect: If worn with Luna on Shoulder and the player is not married Increase the heal Potency 5% more (20% total) And extra 5% Holy resistance Costume: Sakura Wings (Garment) -Tradable Costume: Nydhog Rumor (Garment)-Tradable Costume: Darkness Horn (Middle)-Tradable Extra Note: Arrival of Ragnarok Event will end on March 1.
  14. Hopping Twin Pigtails [4] (Upper) -2200PP ATK and MATK +10% Damage and magic damage to Small and Large monsters increase by 35% If the wearer not married, increase resistance to Small monster by 15% if married, increase resistance to Large monster by 15% Einheral Mantle [4] (Middle) -1900PP All status +20 Increase amount of Healing receive by 15% Resistance to Water element +15% Resistance to Wind Element -20% If the wearer has adopted a child ingame, increase resistance to all race by 5% Carefree Face [1] (Lower)-1600PP All status +15 Damage to Large monster +10% Give immunity to Sleep
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