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  1. Greetings Citizens of RevivalRO, We would like to announce the release of the first ever Weapons Costumes on our Server, for a very limited time only. Please don't miss it. For more info on these items, here is our wiki link. https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/index.php?title=Cash_Shop_:_Weapon_Costumes&redirect=no Sneak Peek Alert! Costume: Bloodmoon (Weapon) 1800pp Alchemist and Blacksmith Class Only Costume: Marble Edge (Weapon) 1800pp Alchemist and Blacksmith Class Only Costume: Perun (Weapon) 1800pp Alchemist and Blacksmith Class Only Costume: Elder Scroll (Weapon) 1800pp Sage and Priest Class only Costume: Tomes of Fire (Weapon) 1800pp Sage Class only Costume: Enchanted Shuriken (Weapon) 1800pp Ninja Class only Costume: Sacrament (Weapon) 1800pp Priest Class only Costume: Runic Staff (Weapon) 1800pp Priest and Wizard Class only Costume: Keyblade (Weapon) 1800pp Novice and Super Novice Class only Costume: Starshatterer (Weapon) 1800pp Super Novice Class only Costume: Dragonbane (Weapon) 1800pp Knight and Crusader Class only Costume: Azure Guitar (Weapon) 1800pp Bard and Dancer Class Only Costume: Death's Dance (Weapon) 1800pp Assassin Class Only Costume: Elucidator and Dark Repulser (Weapon) 1800pp Assassin Class Only Costume: Twin Slicers (Weapon) 1800pp Assassin and Rouge Class Only Costume: Shining Claws (Weapon) 1800pp Monk Class Only Costume: Firefly (Weapon) 1800pp Hunter Class Only Costume: Sagittarius (Weapon) 1800pp Hunter Class Only Costume: Scorpio (Weapon) 1800pp Hunter and Rouge Class Only Costume: Undead Shot (Weapon) 1800pp Rouge Class Only Costume: Yoyo Bow (Weapon) 1800pp Novice and Super Novice Class Only Costume: Bayonet (Weapon) 1800pp Ninja and Rouge Class Only Costume: Diamond Edge (Weapon) 1800pp Rouge Class Only Costume: Archrifle (Weapon) 1800pp Gunslinger Only Costume: Bloodshot (Weapon) 1800pp Gunslinger Only Costume: Golden Peacemaker (Weapon) 1800pp Gunslinger Only Costume: Quantum Blaster (Weapon) 1800pp Gunslinger Only Costume: Mjolnir (Weapon) 1800pp Alchemist and Blacksmith Only Costume: Flairwhip (Weapon) 1800pp Dancer Class Only NOTE: ALL COSTUME WEAPONS ARE ACCOUNT BOUND. Double Donor Box Activated! We also added new Shield Costumes in your Donor Boxes! NOTE: ALL SHIELD COSTUMES ARE TRADABLE. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please open a ticket @ https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/
  2. Hello citizens of Revival! Maintenance has concluded, here are some updates : Abyss Chaser, Archmage, Cardinal clothes custom palette now updated Rookie Package is now reinstated. Since Guild Package was abolished, we came up with a new system where players can get package similar to Guild Package but this time, individual player can claim it. There's no need to join guild and wait for 10 players to claim. Examination Kage NPC - located at @hub (auch_city 169, 298). Players need to talk to him and answer all the questions correctly to claim the Rookie Package. Requirements to get the Rookie Package: Player must be max level (255/120). Should have claimed the Newbie Package. NOTE: Rookie Package can only be claimed ONCE per player. CASH SHOP and DONOR BOX UPDATE! LASAGNA INVASION ACTIVATED! Lasagna Invasion Update: Note: Watch out for this little guy. This little tyke will appear randomly within the event map pranking whoever tries to talk to him. But theres a tiny chance that he will give a special costume if caught off guard. ~Lasagna Invasion will end on September 15, 2022.~ Regards, GM Team
  3. RebirthRO is now RevivalRO and everyone had a fresh start. We are also giving out loyal player and returning player rewards, you can refer to the details here https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/323-new-loyal-returning-players-prizes/ As an addition, you can join a guild and apply for guild package. You can read more about it here https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/2646-improved-guild-packages/ Do note that we do not offer old-donor compensation anymore as it went on for too long. Regards, L
  4. Hi. Hope you can play with us. Here are some information about our server. General Information * Rates: 100x / 100x / 20x | Max Level:255 / 120 * Max ASPD: 196 | Max stats: 255 * Pre-Renewal (no 3rd class) Features * Artistry and Crafting System, Cedi MVP System, MvP Arena, Horus, Eden Mall, RDC, Dali, Amberknight and alot more! Register and be awesome! https://ragnarevival.com/ Download now: https://ragnarevival.com/install Get started with Newbie Guide: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Leveling_Guide Website: https://ragnarevival.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RevivalOnlineMMO/ Discord: https://discord.gg/ccrBEvp
  5. Good day RevivalRO citizens, As what was announced last maintenance, Gepard was replaced by anti speedhack. The GM staff together with our developers have decided to take down Gepard in order to reduce gameplay lag and also due to public demand. However, The GM team has been observing WoE/PvP & BG and noticed that some players are taking advantage of the change and are now using Macro & RPE. For those who are not familiar with the subject, let me first state the difference between RPE and Macro. Macro works like keystrokes or hotkeys with RO. The user presses a key and the Macro activates the skill's hotkey + left click in spam mode. On the other hand, RPE or Redox Packet Editor is a packet sniffer that can receive and send packets from a designated target, simply saying it can send what it can receive repeatedly. It sends out packets to your server to make you spam faster. Example: Instead of having a delay on some certain skills, you can by-pass the after cast delay and spam as much as you want. Thus, with the right filters, RPE can go beyond the server-standard mechanism of a certain skill to be casted or items to be used. Due to the current trend of built-in macro mouse and keyboards in the gaming world, we can do nothing but tolerate the use of Macro for the mean time. HOWEVER, THE USE OF RPE IS STILL PROHIBITED. REMINDER: Keep in mind that we do not allow the use of such programs because it can give a significant amount of advantage to the user as long as gameplay is involved. When a built in-program or downloaded software is able to exceed the prescribed mechanism of a certain skill or item, then it is illegal. THE USE OF RPE WHEN PROVEN IS A BANNABLE OFFENSE. How to report suspected RPE users? 1. Download and Install Fraps (Fraps Download). 2. Record the suspect using fraps/ or just use RO's in-game recorder. 3. Log in your main revival account in (Web Help Desk). 4. Click Submit a Ticket and choose "Report" in the selection. 5. Compose your report with complete details such as time, date, map, IGN, class and the skill used by the suspected character. 6. Attach the Fraps recording/ In-game recording for proof. 7. Use "RPE Report" as Subject then Submit. NOTES: 1. Kindly give all details mentioned above. 2. You are free to add more details. 3. WE ONLY ACCEPT VIDEO RECORDING AS PROOF. (Feel free to use in-game recorder or fraps) Note: If you are going to use IN-GAME recorder, make sure to note down the timestamp where we can find the claim. It also takes more time for us to process in-game recorder proof as we need an access to our computer. In case the reporter use another software, make sure that the video is clear. For first time fraps user: Follow the instructions bellow: 1. Download the software from this site, https://fraps.com/download.php. 2. Run the software in the background. 3. Press F9. *As long as the software is running in the background, it will also show you if your FPS drops in real time even when its not recording *The software captures about 10-20seconds clip per record. Additional Note: The changes that you felt on skills are just our initial adjustments on anti-speed hack. There will be more adjustments in the future.
  6. ANDro dev hasn't responded yet. We will work things out as soon as the dev gives us a feed back. Thank you for your patience.
  7. We are working on it. Thank you for your patience.
  8. We are aware of it and we are waiting for further instructions. Admin has already been notified.
  9. Extract the zip file itself to a certain folder.
  10. RebirthRO is a different server from RevivalRO. An account made in RevivalRO is not accessible in Rebirth. But, if you have an old account in RebirthRO before it was hacked and is a donor one, you can use it in RevivalRO so you can retain its donor level. Our old DEV was able to save and secure some of our files after the old RebirthRO was stolen. Here is the download link. Use whatever option is suitable for your unit. https://ragnarevival.com/install See you in game!
  11. Thank you for your suggestion. We will look into it.
  12. What kind of virus? How did you detect it?
  13. No problem. Have a nice day.
  14. Sorry for the late reply. You can try the dead branch rooms. Private - 500,000 zeny for 30 minutes. Party - 1,000,000 zeny for 30 minutes. Guild - 2,500,000 zeny for 30 minutes.
  15. This is currently in the works. We will announce once we finalize the program.
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