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  1. Ðimi

    Donor Box 2018

    Then you're doing the exact same like the current RebirthRO team. Any common sense will tell you you can't balance something over the "rarity" or "cost" of an item. We should make Angra extremely rare since it's such a powerful weapon right?
  2. Ðimi

    Donor Box 2018

    Glad to see it's no longer a concern when it can reel in money for ya
  3. Ðimi

    WoE Times and you

    In the old server HoA was available for all after wednesday WoE2 and closed again on saturday. After saturday WoE2 you could enter if your guild had a castle in the realm or if enough zeny was invested. Having it open for all for a certain period of time/when fully invested could keep the amount of castles open during WoE low while keeping HoA available. Yes to this. No to PM for favoring asians. You're neglecting europeans like this. Also please stop favoring asian (specifically SEA region) all the time. I understand you try to reel in new players but you don't seem to notice how this is also shunning away your current loyal non asian playerbase. I joined this server because the official language was english and the WoE times worked for me. Now it became a NEW ASIA SERVER with popups asking you to join malay or filipino channel (sure this is fixed now but the focus on asian player base is still obvious). The server still has a lot of work to be done, would be great if that gets done first and then focus on getting new players from whatever continent you prefer.
  4. Ðimi

    Take care yall

    This post is for friends from the old server. I told people I'd come back but sadly enough I won't be able to play WoE on this server. Sorry for the false hope but no WoE is no RO for me. old server IGN's: heavens soldier, judgements day, hating you, nuclear waste, slave kid, toy boy, etc Have fun & good luck everyone
  5. Ðimi

    WoE Times and you

    European here, these times do suck big time. I can't play WoE like this or I'd have to give up on my projects during the weekend. Pretty easy choice for me. The only reason I can think of not having 2 seperate WoE times like the previous server had would be to bring as many people in 1 WoE as possible? We could have different WoE times on different days to solve that or add the old system back? (no not current WoE time +12h, I'm not waking up in the middle of the night to play a game) We had suggestions on the previous server and a poll to change the old WoE times and they never changed cause majority voted to keep that time. Idk what the majority decided on during the survey now but there wasn't an option unless you specified a time yourself. Anyway looking at the woodland topper/avian wing change and the LPP expiry date which suddenly came the community didn't like it either and nothing changed so yeah expect nothing guys
  6. Ðimi

    Missed the opportunity

    I managed some of my friends acc so they'd at least have gears in case they ever return. I know I wouldn't bother to return if I missed this chance. They already missed the sale and the +10 gear giveaway + you're now refusing to return their LPP back. Are you counting on the current amount of people to keep the server alive or on the new players that join? I can't imagine many old donor players wanting to return after their gear is gone and they missed a refund.
  7. Ðimi

    [Sales] Second Blackfriday sales

    What the hell are you guys doing? First the pricing was off quite a lot (this is the third change that i'm seeing in the list) now you're completely changing the farmer gears without ever asking for feedback from the actual players? Or did I miss some random chat in discord where this was discussed? If there are balancing issues why not balance it out? Too much for lvl 10 donor accounts? Balance it. Bad idea for an item? Just remove it. No, let's make it a 30 day rental. Probably going to put on sale every now & then again. If the lvl 10 donor account thing is really a problem then you should also remove the 5% double drop chance they get from being VIP. The 60c poring party is a very rebirthro like thing. It's the exact mentality current rro gm team has with balancing items 'just make it harder to get or more expensive for balance' . If the item isn't balanced just fix it and put it on a normal price. Currently I have no clue what road you guys are even trying to take. Can't wait to see the failure the WoE changes and card effect are heading into. I hope you realize this will be a HUGE impact on the server if you fail this too. Just discuss things with your players. I don't think the GM team has more experience in RO than the entire player base combined.
  8. Ðimi

    Black Friday Sale List

    Took the name from wiki but the correct name is 'Fall Leaves' ID: 41250
  9. Ðimi

    Black Friday Sale List

    raccoon hat rabbit knithat snowflake ring white garuda wing guardian porings blue ears cute blue ribbons fallen leaves fallen wings fisher glasses fisher hat flying reaper elegant wings fox ears Thanks in advance!