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  1. Daemon

    hi im sther

    OMG hello! I will always remember your name because of your Asteria Rings! ❤️
  2. OMG is this free stuff?!?!?! YAAAAAAAY LOOOOOOOOL -logs in and forgets life in real world
  3. cannot lol. I get warped to the next map. I tried doing @jump coords and backslide but yeah, no good. I hope this is fixed
  4. so uhh .. how to get this one??? ;( it seems that the rift is on top of the portal lmao
  5. I love listening to RO BGMs too lmao, here's my personal favorites: dread and bold (somatology lab theme/nidhoggur's nest instance) *LEVELINGGGGGGGGGG* christmas in the 13th month (nif theme) *HALLOWEEN EVENTSSSSSS* eclage (town theme) *tweak the sound of GTs into this one so I get to chill with this music LOL* theme of aldebaran angelica (thanatos tower theme) *STONE OF SAGE FARMINGGGGGGGG* thai orchid (ayothaya theme) *sounds like you are in a spa center LOL* at dusk (brasilis dungeon theme) purity of your smile (amatsu theme) can't go home again, baby (amatsu dungeon theme) not so far away (gonryun theme) come, and get it! (gonryun dungeon theme) *SOFT SILK FARMINGGGGG* jumping dragon (louyang dungeon theme) *Hyeguns dancing with the beat lol* splendid dreams (splendide theme) will add more if I can remember them!
  6. Bump for this thread! Nice guide! Long Live Stalkers!!
  7. OMG LONG LIVE STALKERS (The Sexy of the guild) LOOOL very informative! Bump for this thread!
  8. Thank you for the reply! Really? omgggg the window's too big for me lol I guess I have to get used to it. The other settings appear fine though!
  9. Hi all, I just got back from RebirtRO and I wanted to setup my client window in 800 x 600 x 32. But everytime I do it, an error message appears (screenshot provided). I also tried running the setup.exe as administrator but the client window still won't turn into the setting I like. Anyone experienced the same problem? Please help! ><
  10. Hi! I would like to know how to buy premium points when you are living in Japan? I don't have a credit card btw so yeah ^^;;
  11. I hope they'll also have a Valentine Exchanger NPC since stuff is piling up real fast ><
  12. I'm afraid you can't return it since you bought it with lpp. Sadly, you are stuck with the item you bought.
  13. Daemon


    Hello! I love K.A.R.D. too omg lolol
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