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  1. Do you want full damage or a bit resist? Also Salem ain't good. for More Damage is Better Red Necktie. Please, explain what you wanna do, if a full damage build or bit tank. Thx.
  2. Not at AoE 3x3. in the old server was single Target.
  3. F r a b e n

    List of Bugs

    Hi, here is the list of the bugs that i found in these weeks: 1) Dragon Set is not Working Properly, he isn't giving the resistence to the long range, only hit and ignore Def. You can check that by the command @playerstate General. 2) Crystal Fragment + Wizard Spirit Dosent consume the item id 7321 as it should be 3) If you are in a cell near to other player and someone do the Skill "Pang Voice" with the Hat Lyrica Hat +7 or more (Item ID 5905) the Skills Sit at AoE 3x3. Tell me if you need something else. Bye.
  4. I offer you my point of view through a metaphor,imagine we have a cake in front of us. If you make it to more slices more people will try to take it, while if you divide it in two ... We are looking for more guilds, more varieties, more enemies, we want a large thing, for us but above all for the server. It would be nice for us to play Long Term not to have the server close early. If we do not give the right space, little guilds can not be born or grow and they will never find the space and the desire to do it, "The castles can be added" but if people get tired or do not see chances as you think they can even just having the idea of creating a guild and making their own personal experiences. Even Better the comfort joining or The Hunters or Owning will be automatic and the server will have no chance of long-term growth. We do not need to impose ourselves as the FPs were doing and how you are trying to imitate. The competitionit's one thing, imposing it is another thing. You are accusing The Hunters of running away, at the moment you are and you have also confirmed it, a mix of guilds (TB, FP, Cheese Origins, Etc.), do you call this fight? Then you wonder why there are no other guilds ... If you think like us to have more castles and then have more space, these mixes that are currently all brought together, would point to splitting in their personal guilds as it should be for the good of the Server.
  5. Are you sure about what are you saying? Cause from the last two battle report, i Just saw 2 Guild that keep exchange their members (Neverend and Owning). There are a lot of Little guild, if you turn between the cities, that obviouslty aren't ready to WoE comparated to The Hunters and Owning/Neverend. But everyone start from there, if you don't even give the chance at them to try fight and get something, how could they do. Just get incorporated by the big guilds. In my opinion in this moment is better wait and let it go on. The time schedule is fine for everyone (Thats what i'm thinking), the Hall of Abyss are opening up with calm. In my opinion for which castle open is fine now, cause everyone has 1 or 2 woe for try to get one of the interested Relam. If for example i need one castle of geffen but i can't do the WoE of Wed i will never be able to get it.
  6. Hello... It would be better the Woe Time as was in the Old Server. By the way if this will not be possible, you can also do a Server Time Am and Pm earlier than 2 Hours. This would be better for European Players.
  7. The Ideal Cards for a Bow depends from what you have to do, Quest, PvP etc. And you have to pick your own playstyle like full damage or full status. The depends from you.
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