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  1. Would be nice if we can know the ' New restriction'?
  2. Wanting to know how much is V.Vest / Calig / Clip of Fringe / Sdef10 / Lresist5, would be buying these as well...=x
  3. iAbyss

    Buy & Sell

    Bump, Back in business...
  4. iAbyss

    Buy & Sell

    Sorry I just recently played back...my apologies...
  5. Dont forget to loot white herb they may not cost alot but definitely worth stacking up
  6. This isnt where u ask why your id cant be logged in btw.=)
  7. can we also get this ice dragon to have the same effect as frozen blade wings?
  8. My only suggestion is to NOT put it an hourly sale that changes every hour...that would be pointless to have a sale that way
  9. iAbyss

    Buy & Sell

    Hi there, for the time being there really isnt much things that i want to buy so ill just make a short list, some may come with price some i would prefer to be offered a price instead. Feel free to negotiate. Buying List White Herbs at 400z each( I will literally buy all you have) +0~10 Bat Teeth Katar- offer 3x Gemini-offer +7 Gator set including hat Aunoe Card V.Vest Selling List Dragon Cocktail Drop me a comment or direct pm me on forums, I will add an ign here once i decide my main...=)
  10. uh huh~i prefer pre SE, ever since SE, everything went...yeah, downhill
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