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  1. Go to windows/systems32 folder and copy both dlumd9.dll and dbghelp.dll to the RevivalRO's installation folder (place them in the same place where the launcher is located at), does this work?
  2. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=ragnarok+minimum+system+requirements
  3. Is there going to be a way to preview these items? most of them are not in the dressing room, it'd be nice to test them out!
  4. I would like to join too!
  5. Sure I agree, 50% not on all but on mostly basic items, do notice though that level 10 donors can already get everything even *without* the sale.. in my opinion, this is mostly an incentive aimed at people with not so many points to work with or no points at all. -so how about this? since the main points are to please old donors and incentivize new donations, maybe we can get bonus credit points for every new donation on top of the current discount, doing so will incentivize new donations, it counts as a further discount which makes everyone happy while keeping the level 10 donors not being able to get more out of their LPP. What do you think?
  6. Was planning to donate for the BF sale, like 50 euro or more.. but this is a joke.. this is a normal sale! if you lower the price to 50% on most items then I can guarantee you'll get way more people to donate to seize the opportunity, please consider it. I'm upset because I donated a lot way before the donor level system, I got compensated based on a recent donation back in 2017 which got me to a level 2, even with this sale I still can't get some my old gear back.. was planning to donate to get all of it back but this is just absurd..
  7. I couldn't find any details about the black Friday sale that is going to happen, could we get any info? Thanks!
  8. Evil Angel Helm Red Demon Wings Black Dragon Scarf Would be cool to have my old gear back! thanks!
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