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  1. RebirthRO-> revivalRO

    Hello, As for what happened, you may refer to some of the threads in our News section https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/forum/4-news/ If you have an account with donor level, you are eligible for donor compensation
  2. la petit atelier

    Thank you very much for all the arts!
  3. cant enter my char ingame in andro

    Good to know that! Indeed some buffs (like FCP) cause an error in android client, so the easy fix would be to login via PC client and kill your character.
  4. cant enter my char ingame in andro

    Hello, Could you please try to login via ragnarevival.com, and then choose fix location and reset appearance for your gunslinger? If it doesn't work, please let me know.
  5. Amrod crashing in!

    Welcome to RevivalRO and have fun!
  6. Compensation

    Hello, I understand your frustration of losing all your items after years of hard work and not getting compensated at all because your account doesn't have any donor level. However, the compensation refund program is something we cannot extend to non-donor account. At the beginning, we had a bunch of events to ease players due to their items lost. You may read this further at some threads in news section. What we can promise you is better gameplay and management so you can get better experience playing at RevivalRO. I do hope you consider at least trying to play again, but whatever you choose to do, I hope you all the best!
  7. hello

    Welcome and have fun! As for the compensation, it will be announced once it's in!
  8. Hello!

    Welcome and have fun!

    Hello, Which client did you download?
  10. neat

    Hello, Does the client always crash, or it only happens lately? Which installer did you get?
  11. Donation Bonus (Coin Bonus)

    On top of bonus points, don't forget you can claim monthly reward (for every 25 euros donation) via Monthly reward NPC next month if you donate this month.
  12. [Testing] War of Emperium

    We will have another WoE test run on Sunday! Look at the first post for more information.
  13. Skrill not working?

    Hello, Your account needs to have at least 5 login counts to be able to see the other donation options. So simply login in game 5 times and you should be able to see more options.
  14. Skrill not working?

    Hello, Skrill is currently not working. Please try to use other donation method if possible.

    Is it possible for you to login via PC client?