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  1. [Testing] War of Emperium

    We will have another WoE test run on Sunday! Look at the first post for more information.
  2. Skrill not working?

    Hello, Your account needs to have at least 5 login counts to be able to see the other donation options. So simply login in game 5 times and you should be able to see more options.
  3. Skrill not working?

    Hello, Skrill is currently not working. Please try to use other donation method if possible.

    Is it possible for you to login via PC client?
  5. Missed the opportunity

    Hello, Welcome back and welcome to RevivalRO! Unfortunately there is no way for you to get refund LPP anymore. Furthermore, the LPP that was refunded has been expired since 15th February 2018.
  6. Anyone willing to give Mining Point tips?

    Each of the levels is considered 1 dungeon.
  7. Failed to connect to server. Anyone?

    Hello, If it only happens to a character of yours, please try logging in to ragnarevival.com, scroll down until you see your character, click Action and choose "Fix Location". Then try to login in-game again.
  8. Bug with Valentines Event

    Hello, We have hidden the NPC for now till it's fixed. Could you please raise a support ticket for all your missing ingredients? We apologize for any inconvenience caused. https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/84-how-to-reach-support/
  9. Hello, It could be possible due to android client still needs to be developed a lot more. When possible, please use PC Client.
  10. Anyone willing to give Mining Point tips?

    Hello, Great to know that you're enjoying RevivalRO so far! I would say, the reason why you cannot find them so easily anymore is due to the increase in players count, and that means more people are also looking for Mining Point. In Loki, mining point basically spawns once every 10 minutes in random dungeon. Good luck with the hunt!
  11. Mid Headgear gone

    Hello, Please raise a support ticket
  12. Professor Bugs

    Did you use ragnarevival.com to reset appearance? are you on android or pc client?
  13. Game Trading Rules

    Hello, Before anyone does any game trading activities, please be informed that game trading is not allowed in RevivalRO! This means selling any goods/service for non-RO goods/service is illegal! For example: Buying or selling credits to or from other players for real money or anything that involves real money and other players. ATTEMPT to do this activity will result in the seller being banned, and possibly the buyer as well, and no items would be recovered! If ever in doubt, you can also ask RevivalRO staff in game, discord and support before doing anything that could be illegal! Thank you and have fun! Regards, RevivalRO Staff
  14. Eir, Loki & Thor?

    Hello, Before the server re-opened in 15th January 2018, there were Eir and Thor Server. Currently, there are only Loki server, thus if you see any items that have description for all those servers, just look at the Loki's effects.
  15. Is it just me?

    Hello, All of you should be able to login by now, hopefully? Enjoy the Valentine event we currently have!