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  1. Cant Wait to see you in game! We Have guild events often! Chances to win MVP cards and Coins!
  2. Prices went up? (on some items) 300 coins off of 2k items?....100 coins off some 1k items? This is the black friday sale? i was expecting a little more of a Black Friday sale. I mean after everything that happened....300 coins off...Ok then
  3. Oh sorry it was just the last response was on the 21st. Wasnt sure if they stopped checking these. Just asking. Thanks.
  4. Yes you can! PM MiniMiza in game for an invite
  5. In game name is MiniMiza
  6. Guild Time Zone is NA and others.
  7. When things calm down some can you consider a proxy server for NA players? And do you think later we could add a private MVP warper for Private rooms that you pay more for or something like that?
  8. Welcome All!!!! We are currently looking for active members! WOEing And Farming! We have a Discord group as well! PM MiniMiza in game or message me here! Look forward to seeing you in game! We are newbie friendly! EDIT: New members will join Extra Salty. This is so we can get you geared up and ready for the big leagues! You will then be moved into the Main Guild!
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