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  1. The MVP Arena is a special series of maps on Revival Ragnarok Online that spawn various MVPs inside it more quickly than you would see in any field. This room gives players the chance to farm high-end MVP cards easily, grab inexpensive loots, and might as well leveling (although it going to be quite slow). To access, simply visit NPC: MVP Warper located in Prontera (172, 225) and pay him 150,000 zeny for every entry. There are 8 NPCs that can warp you into 8 different maps with 8 different rooms. Each maps have different MVPs residing inside it. Terms and Conditions Upon entering any room in MVP Arena, a 5 minute timer will start counting. You must talk to the NPC in the middle of the room every 5 minutes to avoid you getting kicked out of the Arena. This is to combat alts and bots from getting their hands into MVP Arena. A reminder though, 3 times of getting kicked out of MVP Arena will send you to the jail for a period of time. Only 1 account from similar IP address can enter MVP Arena. This means that you can not bring alts or play with other players who use the same IP address as yours. Similarly, this was done to combat the usage of alts from abusing MVP Arena. Room 1 of every MVP Arena maps is made primarily for non-donor players, in other words, players with no premium items. This means that items like Angra Manyu is not functioning in this map. But your premium headgear still working fine though. This is to support non-donor players so that they can play the game for free and "fairly". MVPs' minions no longer drops their respective loots. This is to mitigate abuse. Alpha Room Mistress Moonlight Flower Eddga Maya Beta Room Orc Hero Orc Lord Turtle General Phreeoni Theta Room Osiris Doppelganger Drake Lord of Death Epsilon Room Pharaoh Dark Lord Samurai Spector Baphomet Delta Room Stormy Knight Garm Golden Thief Bug Amon Ra Ktullanux Sigma Room Evil Snake Lord Vesper Fallen Bishop Hibram General Egnigem Cenia White Lady Gamma Room Valkyrie Randgris Tao Gunka Detardeurus RSX 0806 Thanatos Omega Room Gloom Under Night Ifrit Atroce Berzebub Farming Guide Alpha Room Beta Room Theta Room Epsilon Room Delta Room Sigma Room Gamma Room Omega Room
  2. Updated buy and sell~
  3. Selling Kris added into the selling list~!
  4. So the donation now is in euro or US dollar?
  5. haah. hahahah. Jom Loki, free bots ahhahaha
  6. Hello. Welcome to my buy and sell page! Direct message me on forums for fast response. IGN: Kim Soul | Dark Sniper | Angel Kim Updated 2nd July 2018 Buying +5 Sapphire Ring - 20m each. Need 2 pieces. Kris [0] with +10 DEF or above. PM me on forums for the price. Selling Oridecon ~~~ 30k each [Got 1,000 pcs] Elunium ~~~ 10k each [Got 16,000 pcs] Yggberry Voucher ~~~ 2m each [Got 60 pcs] Yggdrasil Seed ~~~ 15k each [Got 700 pcs] Tiger Skin ~~~ 50k each [Got 900 pcs] Mother's Nightmare ~~~ 1m each [Got 33 pcs] Kris [ Wiki Link ] +6 DEF Kris ~~~ 1 coin each +12 Crit Kris ~~~ 1 coin CEDI Loots Pragmatist's Mail ~~~ 30m zeny aech Antiquated Shield ~~~ 30m zeny each Resplendent Ring ~~~ 30m zeny each
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