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    Stalker build for a 30K DS dmg help needed

    Full dmg built with the least resist needed. changed salem to red necktie. Dmg, dmg always comes first /gg
  2. Hello guys!!~ Hades here... I’m trying to get better with my gears, so here’s what I have so far; drooping Randgris [4] 1 Dark ping 2 Duneyrr 1 Marduk ballon party [4] 1 ESL 1 Orc hero 2 gemini Red necktie 1 maya purple +10 Spec bow 1 incant samurai Orc skel V.vest armour / GoH 1 Tao gunka / Ebony GEC +10HBP 1 dragon tail card 2 Recon ring 2 implosion card ————————————————————— DS / FSK stalker type Need to upgrade my gears to its best dmg possible pvp/woe focused. ATK/RESIST budged is unknown.