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  1. It is now clear you didn't read anything posted above. We don't care if any player leaves because their demand of banning other players cannot be fulfilled, those 2 guild members want us to be partial and favor them. We do expected this kind of comments, as whatever we do, we would receive same comments from other side. Anyways this decision is final. Those who can read know what happened by checking all the proof submitted and all other videos.
  2. Hello, Acceptable argument. However, one of the staff tried to explain following: 1) The limitation of video recording received: Video was recorded in 24fps, which means 24 frames per second, but the video was encoded using MP4, which usually stores key every 100 frames, resulting in missing some key aspects of how the lock and spam was achieved. 2) Reporter was given the case on how the players proved their case and we have taken all recordings to come to this decision of reversal of ban. 3) Reported player had tanks which makes spamming Esma/Estun not so difficult Reporter however raised points to GM like: 1) What kind old reports are acceptable if videos are not accepted (response to point 1 mentioned above), and the reporter claimed they know rpe is banned as per previous case and this should be acceptable. 2) Reporter focused on locking of MvP (and relating to grf edit most likely), which we explained above. 3) Ask for raw video of everything. When It was mentioned that this decision of unban is already taken, we received messages(or you can treat them as blackmails) like "Give me videos or ban me", whereas in game they started talking something like "I can't play with this cheater, ban him or me". Other than that, other chats are visible on #main as aftermath of what happened. In short, it was not only "you wrong, we right", we tried to explain as much as we can, just without the videos (same as reported players too don't get to see the reporter video), but when things go into blackmailing or accusing [within few hours of getting reply], we can't do much, we are also humans (and robots) who deal with real life and not be online 24/7 to instantly reply to all queries.
  3. Hello Community. We recently faced a huge criticism regarding our action of unbanning few players, which was expected as the reporter claimed to have put many days in creation of those reports. We have a policy of not sharing any of the video (even to reporter or the one who reported) to have fair process, as the reported player too won't get to know what actual content he/she was reported for (they only know what is been told as a reason of ban). However, with the recent unban of specifically 2 players, the reporter got triggered and with his friends (or maybe supporters) begins accusations against the staff of being biased, toxic behavior towards other, racist comments and many more objectionable chats (which according to me, makes the matter worse). We expected that reporter would see some rationale behind the decision as there goes much of our time as well for investigation and that we don't do anything silently, rather everything is reviewed many times before taking any action (ban/unban). We have taken relatable actions against the recent incident that happened in #main, some of them have got temp ban, some of them perma ban, some got mute, depending on the level of off-topic chats, words used and behavior observed. Back to the main point of this topic, This all started roughly 1-2 weeks back, when someone reported to us about player using unfair means to kill MvP at Bio3 and Bio4, which by all means, we take it seriously. The report contained 4 videos (which some of you might have seen, as the reporter said on #main that they will show anyone videos of what was reported). Video 1: Killing MvP[RevivalRO] Video 2: Killing MvP[RevivalRO] Video 3: GRF Editing[Not RevivalRO] Video 4: Demo of Video (Large MvP)[Not RevivalRO] After these videos were received, we did suspected GRF Editing at first as the report mentioned, but due to some protections in place, and few other protections that we included after 1st report, that seems not the case (2nd Report was made after more protections were added to the server). Attached is the Screenshot if someone tries to enlarge all MvPs (check mvp_slave attachment). More on this topic later below. This left us with believing usage of 3rd party programs. We started investigation into it and tried to reproduce it, we did our best to do it with same equips and did not achieve that speed, which lead us to believe that indeed, 3PP was used, We Immediately issued a ban to those accounts. However, we do give the players to appeal in such cases, which seems fair. Banned players approached us and described how they did it, also agreed to do recordings/streaming of spam and other things that were told. Their method seems a bit convincing and they were allowed to appeal. We had taken the video of Task Manager, Keyboard, Mouse, Recordings (In game) and desktop video. All of these videos were taken when the player was warped to helpdesk and given the chance to prove the spam. The spam was achievable, we were not convinced with how we were not able to reproduce the same spam, revisited everything, and we had missed a little detail on equipments used. We tried it again and the spam of skill is indeed possible. Those who were banned supported all our queries in respectable manner even though we believed they were wrong at first, we do accept our mistake and apologize for the mistakes made whenever it is so, we reversed the ban. This however does not go well with the reporter (and supporter/friends) which turned #main chat to toxic/racist/corrupt chat. Technical Details about the Report: This report involves 2 players: 1. Champion hunting in bio3 2. Soul Linker hunting in bio4 The reason, and I quote: "Suspected Using 3rd Party Programmed RPE or GRF Editor for Aiming Related" with the following suspected abuses: - Enlarge MVP - Lock & Fast Spam Enlarged MVP: Enlarged MVP involves GRF Editing; this is when a player, edits the GRF data file of ragnarok to show an MVP with an enlarged sprite. This may have been possible if it was on any other case. However, the case submitted was showing bio3 and bio4 monsters. All of the monster on those maps uses the SAME SPRITE of the SAME CLASS (ie: Chen Ryu and Champion Chen will have the same sprite). Enlarging that one sprite will enlarge all of the monsters of that type. Even if only one class was modified it will serve less the player when all of the mobs that shares that sprite are enlarged. Lock: Locking a target in RRO is not that trivial. This can be observed in Cedi where in if the sniper decides to rebuff (Improve concentration, etc) they will lose the target. To counter this, the players will just keep the mouse hovering on the target, rebuff, then click again. The first case presented shows the Champion tanking the bio3 monster himself. The monster does not move from its place and therefore it is easy to target, regardless if there are other monster on surrounding it (just dont keep moving the mouse around). On the second case, in bio4, the monster is being tanked by another player; therefore the monster does not really move out of its place. It is still then an easy target for spamming skills. Fast Spam: The submitted video themselves does not show a spam that is not achievable. It can be done with the correct gears. This is where the two characters were banned initially. To prevent further abuse, we have decided to do initial testing and ban after the initial investigation. Both of their gears was copied and was tested for the fastest achievable skill spam. The Champion's skill spam was tested on a player character (as it was easier to control than trying it on a monster). The skill he was using has animation delay, and therefore suppose to be not able to cast that fast. [Banned] The Soul Linker's skill spam was tested on a similar setup. However, since Estun cannot be casted on a player without being stunned, it was decided that his after cast delay reduction gears are to be copied and tested on a a monster. The gears was copied on what is currently being used by the player; a direct item id to item id was done. Analyzing from this, he had only 15% aftercast delay reduction. The skill spam at the reported video needs at least 25% or more after cast delay reduction to work. The skill spam was done again and was found to have a maximum casting too slow compared to the video presented. [Banned] Appeal: They gave their testimonies, and gave us some information that may help reproduce the alleged skill spam. The reported video was never given to them, therefore they had to give character details and hunting strategies. The few things we have missed on the testings are as follows: The champion was spamming while the monster is attacking him at 1 cell away. The test was conducted with a fellow GM a few cells away. The animation delay is done once the it hits the target, therefore making the skill spam achievable. [He was given a chance for ban review and to prove it can be done] We were given a scenario on how the Soul Linker was hunting, and some details that will allow him to spam at that speed. We were told that one item we might have missed is the RDC Helm (we did a 1:1 copy but the script was not part of the copy). The RDC helm it seems is capable (when selected) of reducing aftercast delay by 10%. This gave a reasonable explanation on how the spam can be acheived. A date was setup and they were allowed to login to their characters and was summoned to a controlled environment. We had required them to provide us full screen recording with the task manager shown in the background showing no software that will do automated key press. We also required them to record the actual keyboard with them pressing on it showing also the screen where ragnarok is running. The Champion not only show that the skill spam can be done, it also showed another thing. The real boss monster moves ahead of the other fake boss; and therefore making it easier to spot which one is the target. The boss was spawned multiple times and the Champion was able to kill the boss mob without ever missing or hitting the other monster. The Soul Linker's case was a little different; as the case built on him was that the skill spam is too fast to be done. Initially, we summoned the same monster that he was attacking. Same scenario as the champion, the real boss monster moves ahead of the others. This way he was able to do the skill spam without missing. The difference here is that he cannot tank the monster itself and was killed. Since the report is that he had a tank, we opted to spawn a nearly immovable monster and let him cast on that. The skill spam shown to us was as fast as the reported video. With the evidence presented, the banned players were able to successfully prove that they can do they Skill Spam, and maintain the target at the same time. Part of Spam Proof: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iH3_j1f20wN1RvIzyrg1vqF4EhuffsAc/view?usp=drivesdk This is the only time where we made such a topic to show that, we do, go in-depth to check all reports, and we hope you trust us, that, we are not biased and detailed investigation is taken before any decision is made or reversed. Generating these kind of report do take time and explaining these, Compiling all these reports and making a post for every report is not feasible as it can be much longer than this report. We do hope you understand our take. Regards, RevivalRO
  4. For anyone else having this problem, renaming dbghelp.dll to dbghelp_old.dll in your RO folder will solve this error
  5. Hello everyone! We have updated our Cash Shop with limited edition Carnival Items. Below are the details: Hiding Panda [1] for 2000PP (20C) Effect: ~ Baby Panda hiding in Basket ~ All stats +15 Panda Grants you resistance to all negative status by 10% from it's cuteness Enable the use of Lv. 1 Hiding Skill Location: Lower Required Level: 99 Weight : 10 Flying Card Trick [4] for 2500PP (25C) Effect: ~ I am a Magician~ All status +25 Matk +5%. Decrease SP consumption by 10%. Small chance to Stone Curse enemy when using Magic skills Location: Middle Required Level: 99 Weight: 15 Floating Cakes [4] for 2500PP (25C) Effect: ~ Ever seen cakes float? Here it is! All status +25 Extra movement speed +20% Deal Extra damage to Formless enemy by 25%", Give chance to drop Lucky Cookie (572) and Festive Cookie (542) when killing Formless monster Location: Middle Required Level: 99 Weight: 10 Lord of Death Mask [3] for 2500PP (25C) Ifrit Ears [3] for 2000PP (20C) Ifrit Mask [3] for 2000PP (20C) Box'o'Cuddles for 500PP (5C) Rockabilly Hat [4](Carnival Edition) for 2000PP (20C) Effect: STR +20, AGI +15, +50% damage against Demi-Human and Brute races Lucky Hat [4](Carnival Edition) for 2000PP (20C) Effect: INT +20 Dex +15 Gives an additional 3 levels of Meditatio Carnival Hat [4](Carnival Special) for 2000PP (20C) Effect: DEX +20, LUK +15, +50% damage against Demi-Human and Brute races Carnival Circlet [4] (Carnival Special) for 2000PP (20C) Effect: Increases MATK proportional to INT. Decreases SP proportional to DEX. Ignores 10% of enemies' MDEF. Max HP +10%. Enjoy and happy shopping!
  6. Hello Community, We had a poll in discord to decide which event should go first (Carnival vs Anniversary Event), As carnival(73 votes) won V/s Anniversary(25 votes), we have added Carnival Event. During this maintenance, we have implemented Carnival Event, some balancing and fixing some stuff: Carnival Event Details: New Events (Simon and MatchMe) New Prizes (Costumes) Ends on 19th July 23:59 CashShop Update: Fixes: Vigilante Shield now properly reduces Elemental Damage. Naughty Fairy is now equipped in Lower (Both Costume/Normal). Fixed a bug which caused many items to have double resistance/damage to other players. Trade Messages will not be sent to chatsync if it is restricted in game Changes: Premium Costume no longer usable in Doom Changes to Guild Package Delivery, only character assigned will be able to retrieve it. Homunc Autofeed is disabled when you vend (No helpdesk ticket will be entertained if you leave homunc while vending) Cross Impact: Katar Bonus damage now applies (which was removed in last maintenance) Enchant Deadly Poison: Reverted to old Formula EDP will wear off when weapon/shield is switched(removed/equipped). Puppup Card: Additional Effect: +25 attack , increase damage of Cross Impact by 15% If the user is Baby class: +50 attack , increase damage of Cross impact by 20% Poring Knight Card: Addtional Effect: If the user have base STR more than 150, maximum SP increase by 20% If the user have base INT more than 150, give extra maximum weight by 700 (DOES NOT STACK WITH OTHER PKC) Additions: @go command modified. (Use @go carnival to warp to carnival) BGM Selector added in carnival map. (Use @carnival to change the background music). GM Changes: Pure is promoted from Trainee to GM. That's all for current Maintenance. Stay tuned for Streamer's Package.
  7. Closing this topic, we will start a different topic for poll and let votes count there.
  8. Disable Emblem frame from settings or try to reset the appearance in website
  9. It is -50, not divide by 50.
  10. Quoting Tea's comment: Hii! As i mentioned that this isn't final as it's still on trial and error process. We need as much suggestion as we can get from players, the reason behind EDP nerf was to compensate the PD and Cross impact changes. I get your point and i like your idea, we can make this through with the test for our next maintenance and i really appreciate you and others ideas. Please give us more suggestion regarding this or make new post if there is more different ideas. Have a good day! x) https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/-/issues/229 (this is related to cross impact), as noted, it's still trial and error and changes will be made based on feedbacks, if you have any feedbacks to give, please open a new ticket at Gitlab link mentioned above
  11. Hello everyone, During this maintenance, we have revisited some balancing fixes done last week, added trick dead timer and brand new instance/mini-quest. Three Sisters: Help Nico find her lost sisters and get Piamette Hats. For More details, follow the below post: Skill Adjustments: EDP: Cannot be dispelled Formula changed to : (125+50*SkillLevel)% EDP: Duration of the skill changed to > (195 - SkillLevel*30) second EDP: SP usage of the skill changed to > (90 + SkillLevel*10) SP Cross Impact: Damage has been revised and it is subtracted by 50%. Katar bonus no longer applies to Cross Impact. Recognized Spell: Duration of skill revised to 30 seconds Item Adjustments: Changes: HWC/HWC Prem: Reduce Magic Attack by 10% Reduces 333 SP per 10 seconds Magitech Mobile Persuit: Increase Magic Attack by 12% Increase SP consumption of skill +30% Removed 'Disable SP Natural regeneration' Royal Cape: Increase Attack by 12% Increase SP consumption of skill +30% Removed 'Disable HP Natural regeneration' Other Changes: Fixed some items(like Pine Jubilee) not updating PD on WoE. Fixed RDC Empire Insigna not applying Crit Rate Fixed Elvira Set not giving bonus. Fixed Golden Plate Slot (#243) Trick Dead Time is now limited to 5 minutes instead of Infinite Duration. Added Harp Exchanger at (jawaii_in 33 121) Fixed Raok Runestone bonuses, which were not according to description. That's all for current maintenance. Stay tuned for further updates related to Soul Boy and Dead Floating Knight.
  12. Most of the bugs are fixed and deployed within 1 month time, unless ofcourse, if it requires more discussion or there's more urgent (priority) work. Also, the architectural change required for some suggestions requires massive work (which is still ongoing) and is to be tested extensively (like the event storage suggestion). If you filter by closed issues, you can see the creation date, as well as close date and maintenance date for most of them. By that, we can see that ~90% issues goes within a month.
  13. Hi, We know that you may be frustated. Almost all suggestions go through internal discussion and most of the suggestions are taken from the player. About EDP, there were few other changes which would have made EDP imbalance, but if you have any feedback or suggestion, you can always post it here: https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/-/issues and we will look into it asap.
  14. We got to know about android incompatible with latest update. We will fix it by end of day today.
  15. Hello everyone, During this maintenance, we have done changes to skills, items, WoE and few other minor changes Skill Adjustments: Bowling Bash: Damage has been increased by 5% Per Skill Level. Soul Links: Cooldown of 5 seconds has been added. Tarot Card of Fate: Revised the chance. Level 1: 7% Level 2: 14% Level 3: 21% Level 4: 28% Level 5: 35% Level 6: 37% Level 7: 40% Asura Strike: Cooldown of 5 seconds has been added. Tracking: Damage formula is revised to 100*SkillLv% Item Adjustments: New Effects: HWC/HWC Prem: Reduce Magic Attack by 15% Valorous Gladiator Blade: If equipped by Lord Knight and refine is +10: Damage from Bowling Bash increases by 30% Poring Priest Card: Increase Resistance to Freeze by 50%. Decreases Resistance to Burn Status by 20%. Paladin Card: Increase MaxHP by 5%. Adds Resistance to Freeze by 25%. Reduces Movement speed by 20% Shadow Tail: Nullify Gemstone now works for Ninja too. Changed Effects: Poring Wizard Card: Card effect no longer stacks. Changed MAtk Formula from 4*JobLevel to 2*BaseInt Magitech Mobile Persuit: Changed MAtk Formula from 15% to 10% Royal Cape: Atk Increase changed from 15% to 10% Valorous Gladiator Blade: Revised DemiHuman Damage Increase from 75% to 95% Sealed Staff of Bordeaux: Revised the resistance against Players from 20% to 5%. Increases Aftercast delay from 0% to 10% Feathers of Protection: No Longer gives soul link to self. BG Enchantments: Same enchantment no longer stacks. WoE Adjustments: Emergency Call: Once emergency call delay ends, Following message is shown in guild chat: "Emergency Call is ready to be used" Guardians: Soldier Guardian no longer uses Grim Reaper Skill. Soldier Guardian have low chance to cast Dispell on target. Archer Guardian have low chance to cast Spiderweb on target. Knight Guardian have low chance to cast Close Confine on target. Guardian's VIT has been adjusted. Guardian Summon Mechanic: New Item has been introduced "Guardian Stone", it also comes in the box of 10. Guardian Stone can be bought from WoE Shop for 10 WoE Points ea. or 90 WoE Points for Guardian Stone Box(10). Guardian Stone can also be bought from Cash Shop for 5PP. Treasure Chests have low chance to drop "Guardian Stone" Heals: Yggdrasil berries, Seed of Yggdrasil and Treasureberry cannot be used on WoE Realms (outside WoE castle) Perfect Dodge: Applicable on WoE/BG/PvP/GvG only: Perfect Dodge (PD) is capped at 85. Whistle Skill can push PD to greater than 85. Enchant Deadly Potion can be dispelled (Only on maps mentioned above). Increased Duration of Level 5 EDP by 5 seconds. WoE Castle Changes: Vidblain > Skidbladnir - Wednesday (15:00 - 17:00) Cyr > Horn - Wednesday (21:00 - 23:00) Swanhild > Gondul - Saturday (15:00 - 17:00) Scarlet Palace > Bamboo Groove Hill - Saturday (15:00 - 17:00) Eeyolbriggar > Mersetzdeitz - Saturday (15:00 - 17:00) Wuerzberg > Rothenburg - Sunday (15:00 - 17:00) Other Changes: Moscovia is now having proper mapflags to not let pet run away. Dead Respawn Mechanics: Warps player once dead after 5 minutes. [Does not apply to instances] Fixed a bug in Blood will have blood quest. Internal server changes. That's all for current maintenance. Stay tuned for further updates related to Soul Boy and Dead Floating Knight. Help a little girl find her sisters from next week.
  16. If we keep it as simple as 50/25/10c for 1st/2nd/3rd prize, then if there are 3 arts that are already submitted here, other artworks will be discouraged. We want to make sure that each art submitted here should have fair chance to participate. Also, on your point, about the "worthy" word, there's many times where art is simple enough but creative, or detailed, if we go by votes or something, both can land into 1st place, but having their own value based on efforts gives the chance to gain something for simple arts as well as detailed arts too. I see your first point of not luring the participants, but what if we just had 3 prize and 3 great artworks are already submitted? that would also discourage new participants, so having fixed price is something that was taken off the list. Also, It's not everyone niche to do loading screen/etc, some people likes to do all, some might have particular niche.
  17. To clear some confusion on Dragon Balls: Only 100-150 Dragon balls are utilized each day, randomly. Currently, there's more than 400 dragon balls submitted, so out of those, ~150 dragon balls are converted to wildcard, rest of them are converted to best possible number that could win.
  18. Rename dbghelp.dll to anything else (dbghelp_old.dll)
  19. Welcome back Gab
  20. Hi, it might not have fixed. We track issue from here: https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/-/issues
  21. Hello everyone! During this maintenance, we enabled Summer Lottery Event and made few additions and fixes as listed below. Additions: Summer Lottery Event Added, it will end on 7th June 2020 Added @viewhg command. This command allows the player to hide the headgears/costumes equipped by other players. Type @viewhg in game to know more about the syntax and usage. Added Permanent Cart Decoration Set on cash shop. It allows unlimited usage of cart decoration. #137 Changes: Multiple fixes for item Locations (Bunny Backpack). #466 WoE Set works on all maps and new WoE Set is introduced for Guild Packages whose item bonuses will now only work in WoE, Horus, PvP, BG, Deathmatch and town maps. Limited Items removed from cash shop. Pet loyalty changed from 910 to 900. #169 Players will no longer be able to leave Guild when WoE is active. #474 Poring Greatsword now have proper name. #178 WoE Quivers can now be stored in guild storage. Fixes: Fable Silk Orange and Purple now corresponds to correct name. Added Item Job restriction for Touhou items. #183 Premium HWC and LKC no longer works in Battlegrounds. #469 Dragobete's Rope and many other item bonuses which were dealing the effect to self are fixed. #154 Remaining Event: Luck o' Leprechaun Hat deleted from player. #179 Eden Gramps warp NPC now asks for confirmation to warp, to avoid misclicks. #186 Item Description has been changed to reflect in game bonuses. #213 Strongman Hair is now visible and no longer reports as unknown item. #196 All Resource file errors should be fixed with the patch pushed last week. #44 Thanatos 2H Staff can now be equipped by Soul Linker. #473 Hair Extensions Item Description fixes. #464 That's all for current maintenance. We will be having new Full and Lite client in upcoming week (Desktop users don't need to download it again). Moreover, Midgard Police have caught the thief of Lost Merchant and some items will be available through events given by police in upcoming week and many more changes are planned. Thanks to @gcq @Derry @Unseen28, @Aka Gelato @Marvolo @Tomson for reporting the bugs and suggestions that were implemented.
  22. You would need to delete all game files as well. just reinstalling the apk won't work
  23. We scrutinize everything that goes into the patch, minor overlook can happen, but patches are never harmful, MissingFile patch actually contain lots of missing resources which are very USEFUL. Unfortunately, we don't have any control over AndRO, as it is third party developer, neither we knew that 50MB patch would make it fail. That being said, we have tried to contact AndRO developer, but we don't even know if there will be a fix from his side. I won't try to change your choice of other server as you have already joined there. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you, God bless you.
  24. Hello Everyone, We have pushed a patch today comprising of following fixes: Effect Icons Changed. Added missing resources. Fixed some palettes. Added summoner heads. /mineffect visuals are better now. Thank you and have a great day.
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