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  1. To be honest Too much for Tarot, should remain the HP card effect since already lower the success rate. For PvE is good (Specially Bio4 XD), and as i know the only 1 skill can dispell FCP tho. ( correct me if i'm wrong) I really don't know why make LP change to 6 second ??? Do this cooldown effect LP Card ???? Why ??????? regards' Mike
  2. Where is the item reward list ?
  3. TBH , all Sealed MVP Card effect is good. No need to change anything tho. Sealed MVP Card effect is base from Legit MVP Card and its just give your Extra Bonus Effect. According from your Tomsom opinion : 1. Why just don't revamp the Legit MVP Card effect better ? 2. If you cant afford a Sealed MVP Card, If You Poor Please Don't Buy <<<< I Learn From #Main 😂😂😂
  4. The problem is no donor box in this server Btw i rather pay 50c for it .
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