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  1. Yeah that was the issue I don't understand why I need the handicap on my class lol.
  2. I'm just wondering if theres a reason why back slide can't be used. Like why it was removed? As a stalker getting in to actually use any of my close skills like full strip, close confine etc are near impossible when you take away my only mobility skill, meanwhile it seems like everyone still has theirs such as star glad, champ, LK etc etc. Kinda wondering why it was removed, if theres a chance that it could be returned or something. It's a real pain trying to fight without my full toolkit when its already for these classes that keep theirs to 1 shot.
  3. I've been away for several years, trying to get back into the game. ALOT has changed. I consider myself fairly well geared 255/120 stalker though I still have some things I need. I'm looking to get into a helpful and friendly guild that know what they're doing when it comes to pvp. A lot of the newer stuff doesn't really make sense to me and I'm not used to such high rates. Build assistance, tips and practice within the guild would be fantastic also.
  4. Anyone able to suggest / direct / help me out with a monk or champ build, or tell me if they're still relevant and what not. Looking for multi purpose character ideally something to fight MVP's and pvp with as well. Card combos also would be fantastic. I've been out of the game for like 6 years or more so, I'm not particularly caught up.
  5. Poii

    WoE stuff

    Ok! I'm just curious I've been gearing for pvp and such and I just realized I'd not actually read anything about it
  6. Poii

    WoE stuff

    So far I've not seen any indication of WoE's happening, or really of when they might begin. They will be turned on at some point?
  7. Poii


    I'll wait till then, I'm not really in too much of a rush! Paypal is my preferred option anyway, just due to my familiarity with it
  8. Poii


    Are exp events frequent? I managed to get in one earlier almost 255. Though i'd done most the work beforehand hah
  9. Poii


    I'm wondering if maybe it has been taken down. This is what I see on both rebirthro and revival pay areas. Screenshot
  10. Poii


    Hmm I cant actually see either of those options on the donation page, where can I find / how can I get to use those?
  11. Poii


    Oh, I meant on the payment options, skrill and the coin payment are totally foreign to me D:
  12. Poii


    Ah thanks, that helps a bunch. Now I just need to work out how this coin thing works aha.
  13. Poii


    I might be just missing the location, but is there anywhere to see for what donation equates to how many points to spend in the cash shop? @[email protected]
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