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  1. Alex0009

    Farewell to all ~Ice

    Thank you gm ice and goodbye ,,Godbless u
  2. Alex0009

    Suggestion Thread

    I would like to suggest that pls fix the andro in cashop ,,cant purchase some items,, or if not going to happen ,,pls put some npc cahop like bf sale one pls ,, Pls,, pls,, Thats the only problem of andro here Just never mind the BG npc ,,important for me is cashop npc thanks more power
  3. Alex0009

    Buy & Sell

    still buying white herb ?? i have more than 1k
  4. Alex0009


    late reply thanks
  5. Alex0009


    ihave look my screenshot to the reply ,,of course if you add to buying list the points shoulb be in purchase ,,zzz