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  1. KittyBoy

    Premium VIP Character Renaming

    Greetings Everyone, A very anticipated feature is back on again, the VIP character naming, you can now have a single, double or trio named character names. The cost of character vip rename is as the following: Single Letter (eg. A) costs 5000 premium Points Double Letter (eg. AB) costs 3000 Premium Points Trio Letter (eg. ABC) costs 2000 Premium Points How to use? First thing login into our website at https://ragnarevival.com Then navigate to the account page at https://ragnarevival.com/account Select a character and from the action menu chose "Premium Rename" and it will navigate you to a new page From there please chose a character name and confirm it, then re-log in-game to see the effect. Reference Pictures: Good luck & Have fun, RevivalRO Management
  2. KittyBoy

    [2018-10-13] New WoE test session

    Greetings Everyone, Remember our WoE update draft? If you don't, click here. It's been a while since we've given any updates and we were a *little* bit off the schedule. However, that will change now and we will release the first WoE update test which may also possibly be the last test if everything goes as smoothly as we hope! 1- Changes to WoE Draft We will keep WoE:FE as 4 castles per sessions Godlike materials would be re-distributed so half of it can be obtained from normal WoE and second half from Non-Donor WoE We will have a third WoE day which will be for Non-Donor castles only A support package will be released for the guild package with the introduction of WoE update, players who previously requested guild packages can request to exchange his guild package for support package, more information on this process will be released later. We addressed your concerns about WoE:Points System, we will however released it as it is currently and slowly put more variables to it. It would be really hard to determine the most accurate way to calculate those without analyzing players behavior and therefore the Points System would be adjusted every while to include new things like counting Gypsy/Singer/Priest buffs and so on. Also kindly note that this trial WoE sessions will be used to adjust the items/potions and so on even further. 2- WoE Test session, How to and What to expect The WoE:FE on loki on 20th of October will be replaced by sessions on Zeus, this includes morning and evening WoE All of your characters/guilds and so on will be copied over to Zeus, this will happen at 20th of October mid-night, we will shut down loki for ~10 minutes, take an image and setup it on zeus servers. All characters will get rewarded on zeus with 200 WoE Point to use it for buying WoE items Every character will have the chance to get full WoE Set for free in Zeus for participating in WoE Every guild leader will be able to select 2 Godlikes to be used by his guild during those WoE test sessions Zeus will be opened 2 hours before each WoE session for guilds to prepare their selves and will be kept open for 1 hour after the WoE session We will handle a meetings with the guild leaders after the testing sessions to get their feedback, more information on this will be released later. All participating guilds will get a special exclusive costume for participating in this WoE session We can't wait to let your try our new WoE system. For any inquiries, questions or concerns please directly answer to this topic and we will answer it! Best Regard, RevivalRO Management
  3. KittyBoy

    [Hot Patch] 2018-10-07

    Greetings Everyone, During this hot patch we've done the following Fixes Changed how item Laver (ID: 41348) Applied a change to internal server settings, shall make instance failures (Novice Ground and Cedi Tier A) less likely to happen Maestro's Song hat shall work probably now Gray Robe shall be now equipable as expected Good luck & Have fun in RevivalRO RevivalRO Management
  4. KittyBoy

    [Hot Patch] 2018-09-27

    The app has been updated, please re-download from the website!
  5. KittyBoy

    [Hot Patch] 2018-10-02

    Greetings Everyone, During this hot patch we've done the following Fixes Fixed Sealed Drake Card, now it correctly inflicts cold status Disabled Convex Mirror in IBPC map Added Sara's memory, Ghost Palace, Nightmarish Ji tterbug, Faceworm E xpedition, DiLab MVP Summon and Ice Crown to @timers command The announcement for the halloween costume now won't mistakenly announce it as Level 10 Donor costume. Good luck and Have fun in RevivalRO RevivalRO Management
  6. KittyBoy

    [Hot Patch] 2018-09-27

    We're looking into this issue right now
  7. KittyBoy

    [Hot Patch] 2018-09-27

    Greetings Everyone, During this maintenance we've done the following Fixes Fixed a problem in Primordial set combo, it now checks for the correct shoe refinement. Fixed Megaboss drops account bound status. Fix Box of Thunder speed incrementalism to actually meet the description. Corrected regeneration potion id in Ice Crown Item Exchange. Now the Megaboss event equipment would only bind when equiped, the current equiped ones can be unequipped and re-binned. Guild Emergency call is not allowed in Time Keeper maps Yggdrasil leafs is now allowed in Time Keeper event maps Good luck and have fun in RevivalRO, RevivalRO Management
  8. Time Keeper Event Back in the time before the war between the Humans and Monsters, they extremely powerful which led the them to get exhausted and lost most of their abilities and power. However, the time keeper has come to Rune-Midgard and it will use its power to summon ancient powerful beings from the old ages. The age when monsters and humans were immensely strong before all these wars. The bosses may look and sound familiar, but they’re nothing like the ones you have known or remembered. We're in dire need of champions to kill them and they will drop rare and and powerful treasures unlike the ones we know. The time keeper would spawn a Mega Boss every 3 hours and announce the Mega Boss name and its spawn map. The top 3 damage dealers will be rewarded with a Megaboss Champion Box and players nearby the Mega Boss will also be rewarded with a Megaboss Box. So make sure to deal the most damage to the mega boss! Everyone in the Mega Boss spawn map will be rewarded with 5 pancakes. The Megaboss Box will give the chance of getting ONE random item, Pancakes, Bubblegum, Event Point Coin, Safe Refine Ticket 5 - 7, OR one of these costumes: The Champion Megaboss Box will give the chance of getting EITHER Pancakes, Bubblegums, Event Point Coins, Safe Refine Ticket 8 - 10, Megabosss Box, one of these costumes or the costumes from the normal box, OR one of the equipments from the new and exclusive Champion Box equipment set. * The event has been extended until 23rd of October! Fixes Wickebine's Black Cat Ears trade restriction is fixed now Costume: Arcane Protection and Costume: Bunny Backpack and Costume: Heart Earmuffs wear location has been fixed Thanatos Sword wearing conditions is now corrected Uncle Sam holy effect is now fixed Fixed a problem in where people would get stuck in prt_fild08 Updates Game Center is now 3vs3 teams instead of 5vs5 Best Regards, RevivalRO Management,
  9. Greetings Everyone, Time Keeper Event Back in the time before the war between humans and other races they were stronger which led to Monsters and Humans get exhausted lose most of their abilities and power, however. The time keeper is coming to Rune-Midgard and it will use it power to summon bosses from the old ages, the ages where monsters and humans were real strong before all this wars, those bosses may look and sound familiar but they’re nothing like you may know or remember, they will need tens of players to kill them and they would drop rare and unexpected items unlike their known weak versions. The time keeper would spawn a mega boss every 3 hours and announce the mega boss name and their spawn map, the top 3 damage dealers would be rewarded with a special lucky box, and everyone around the mega boss would also rewarded a different lucky box, both of them rewards a special costumes, while the champions one have a 3 exclusive costumes, so make sure to deal the most damage to the mega boss! 1- The possible costumes form the normal box 2- And from the Champion boxes that drops for Top 3 damage dealers they may also get Donor Box update & Promotion! From 16th of September and until 24th of September, Enjoy a double Donor Box promotion, now for every 25 euros donated you will get a donor box instead of 50 euros! Also enjoy a new Exclusive donor box costume! The Ice Dragon Best Regards, RevivalRO Management,
  10. Greetings Adventures, The Grandma mayu has extracted all the top items out of the Amberknight! However, he is always hungry and greedy and already ate few new items, for a very limited period, enjoy the new 4 top items. We had a serious lack of new cute sprites, therefore we will release 3 cute headgears for cute players! 1- The Heroic Back Scythe (Middle Headgear) (Top Prize) The Scythe used by the great Baphomet All stats +33 15% more damage to shadow/ghost and undead Have a chance to cast elemental shield on self that lasts 3 seconds when receiving damage from others 2- Angel of Kindness (Middle Headgear) The spirit of angel of kindness All stats +25 If worn by a female resistance to holy +15% If worn by a male resistance to poison +15% Gives you immunity to Chaos 3- Angel of Love (Middle Headgear) The spirit of angel of love All stats +25 Increases effectiveness of Healing skills by 10% Increases the effectiveness of Slim Pots by 10% Gives you immunity to Coma 4- Celestial Veil (Middle Headgear) A fancy veil been said it was made for some princess All stats +25 Increases damage done by misc skills by 10% Chance to nullify consumption of ammunition/catalysts All of those items can be obtained from Amberknight and Donor Boxes only! All of those items are costumable as well. Remember, those are only a limited time offer, so good luck getting those, RevivalRO Management
  11. KittyBoy

    [Hot Patch] 2018-08-25

    Greetings, This hot patch was applied without a server restart Remarks Mitra was corrected to give 25% damage boost to holy element skills, instead of 25% damage to holy element Banshee card effect for Soul Expansion won't stack over 4 times, for other skills it would stack no matter how much cards are on. Good luck and have fun in RevivalRO RevivalRO Management
  12. KittyBoy

    [Hot Patch] 2018-08-23

    Greetings Everyone, During this maintenance we've done the following Cashshop The first batch of 3rd job skills headgear has been released, for more info click here. Updates Loki only changes (Would not effect any other server in the future) Judex level 1 is set to 600% Matk and 80sp per cast. Extreme Vacuum Removed the effect "Base Duration is decreased by target's STR. Moonlight Serenade lvl1 set to +10% base matk boost. Symphony of Lover lvl set to +10% resistance to magic atk. Windmill Rush lvl1 set to +10% base atk boost. Echo Song lvl1 set to +10% resistance to physical atk. Banshee now also affect Souls Expansion. Fixes Fixed the bug that the damage boost given by soul link from fable silk and soul link potion on Holy Light bypass the restriction of darkwood rod . Battlegrounds queue has been fixed. Hours has been reset, hopefully that would fix it. Refer costumes shall become account bound now. Fixed the bug that lets the unlimit skill effect stays effective even when the helm is worn off or swapped. Renovatio skill duration has been changed from 90seconds to 30seconds. Remarks The loots of the prontera invasion monsters will drop on the floor if the highest damage dealer is not present on screen of the monster when it dies. Good luck and have fun in RevivalRO, RevivalRO Management
  13. Greetings Everyone, As we're currently busy with things we're planning to introduce in september that includes a new event and major update, we did not have enough time updating the servers lately, however we simply can't keep you this way, therefore we're coming with a minor mini-game center that's also very rewarding (or going to be), also we started to welcome back many players so we decided to give all of them a chance to buy some of the missed Cashshop items, and because the server became event less for the past 18 days! we thought it would be cool to bring back a very wanted event Prontera Invasion and finally, to give a kick to new players, autotrades would be available for zeny for short while. enough of introduction, let's get into details! GameCenter Manuel Fierro has came to RevivalRO, after a very tough negotiations with us, we decided to give him a little room to rent for his own GameCenter, Manuel is here to open a mini-games area, that is totally free and fun! yet so rewarding. all you have to do is practicing in one of two mini-games he brought to us (Poring Ball and Touch Down), play and win to get points and exchange it for great prizes that include cash shop items (Limited SRT Boxes, Enriched Elu/Ord, Hat Roulette and more!). Be noted, the items at the Game Center will changed or updated frequently and prices adjusted when needed! so make sure you always buy what you want! The games won't be just two games, there's more to come later, but first show Manuel your interest in it! You can find Manuel at (prontera,184,194). Prontera Invasion Prontera is being invaded! It befalls upon you, the adventurers of Rune-Midgard to rise up and fight the evil that has set its sights upon the Crown Jewel of the Kingdom and, indeed, the world! How have they managed to siege down one of the most heavily fortified castle towns in the world? Why, by crashing a giant, metallic structure into the walls! Scouts have noticed that the Invasion Force invades only upon odd hours of the day, with the troops being... well, not your ordinary squad of troops, that's for sure! They appear to be made up of mainly Fish (!?) and Basilisks, of all the things! Intelligence also notes that the Invasion Force tends to send out four waves at once before calling off the siege - apparently they are looking for a war of attrition! No one yet knows who leads this Force of fish and reptiles, only except there appears to be a trail of sand and the strange smell of tuna near the structure they've used to take down the walls. At the end of each sortie, one of the Mastermind's generals seem to appear if the fight is not going their way in order to drum up morale. These generals are the four evil sisters - scouts report - Echidna, Siren, Lilith and Hera! Foul times are ahead when these dreadful dames appear on the battlefield! A strange man, named Kace Bentura, has rocked up in the Garden of Eden mall, claiming he has seen these aquatic craniate, tetropods before and knows how to tame them! He's willing to help people in this endeavour provided, of course, they fetch the materials needed to tame the monsters of Armageddon. The event would stay until 17th of September Catch up sale Lately we got many players back, and we're glad for that, yet as we explained in the introduction they probably missed lot of new cashshop items, and they asked for some themselves, therefore we're putting some items available again and some sales as well. Kindly be noted that, the items in the sale are not refundable Starting from 18th of August and until 25th of August 11:59PM UTC + 8, you can find the catch up sale NPC in prontera at (155, 183). Items bought from the sale are non refundable. Catch up Sale: Sprint Spirit Wings 3,500 Premium Point Trident 2,000 Premium Point Guardian Ninja 3,000 Premium Point Drake Dark Coat 2,000 Premium Point The Blue Ancient Sisters Spirit 2,000 Premium Point SRT Box 375 Premium Point Gym Pass Box 75 Premium Point Poring Party 4,000 Premium Point Scarlet Angel Ears 750 Premium Point Little Devil Horns 1,500 Premium Point Little Devil Wings 1,500 Premium Point Little Devil Tail 1,500 Premium Point Rose Ring 1,500 Premium Point Blue Ears 1,500 Premium Point Dainty Wings 1,875 Premium Point Floppy Bunny 1,500 Premium Point Stuffed Panda 1,500 Premium Point Tree Bird 1,500 Premium Point Snow Valkyrie Helm 1,500 Premium Point Bubble Gum Box 375 Premium Point Gold Fish 1,875 Premium Point Planet Orbs 1,150 Premium Point Enriched Elunium Box (10) 75 Premium Point Enriched Oridecon Box (10) 75 Premium Point Bandage Scarf 1,500 Premium Point 10 Type Glasses 1,500 Premium Point Angra Manyu 500 Premium Point Ahura Mazdah 500 Premium Point Autotrade Freedom Starting from this maintenance and until first maintenance in september, you will be able to either setup an auto trader using Coupons or just a flat fee of 5 Million zeny, you can do that by PMing NPC:Autotrade Fixes and updates During this update we have not done any fixes or updates to the game servers, the server will have another maintenance very soon to introduce more stuff (before september), and we will release a set of fixes with it. However a little issue with costumer making it eat items when no enough PP presented is fixed. Best Regards, RevivalRO Management
  14. KittyBoy

    [Server Restat] 2018-08-10

    Greetings Everyone, During this fast server restart we've done the following Limited SRT Box has been removed, due to continues abuse. All seasonal items is now not LPP Purchasable Removed Left overs of Halloween NPCs Removed old announcements the Pancakes and other prizes from PS4 contest is now available at Zotar NPC We found a technical glitch while sending guild packages to the guilds requested it, please be patient we're working on fixing it ASAP.
  15. KittyBoy

    Fatal eror

    We're facing problems with the DNS provider, we're trying to figure out why it's not working, sadly it's not an error on our side, therefore we're controlled by the companies providing the services. However, PC Client works perfectly ok.