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  1. [Maintenance Notes] 2018-03-18

    Greetings Everyone, During this maintenance we've done the following Fixes Fixed Lhz basement, now leap is disabled Fixed classes disguise being allowed in WoE Castles, now it's disabled, However you may still see yourself as the disguised class Fixed Marine Sphere dropping items in WoE Castles, it shall not drop it anymore Fixed lucky boxer not accepting Dropping bulbasur Fixed Infamy tier 3 not giving Hardened steal Fixed an issued that caused specific players to keep getting muted Updates Zotar Corp have a Take it all option, however it's limited to 25 items per once Chat Filters has taken a place in again Max Stat Exchanger came back again, you may find her at Prontera (136, 231) WoE Kafras shall work as intended again, and annoying effect from WoE Information has been removed Best Regards, RevivalRO Management,
  2. Returning Donors Compensation

    Released as of 13th of March 2018.
  3. WoE Schedule

  4. WoE Times and you

    Kindly tell us what do you think of the new schedule. thank you.
  5. [Maintenance Notes] 2018-03-09

    Greetings Everyone, During this maintenance we've done the following Fixes Item Vel shall be working fine now, and correctly reducing enemy long attack defense A possible case where character storage would decide to swallow your items has been fixed Yoyo Rucksack has been disabled in non-donor maps Updates Added Costumes for all Black Friday sales hats that reported to be non-costumable (list at the end of the topic) New WoE Schedule Added Notes A new donor compensation plan for those whom missed the main one will be announced, and it's going to be permanent event. We're currently slow in updates due to a new systems that are being written which is taking first priority for our developers, stay tuned! Black Friday Costumes Added Gentle Snow Wings Costume Strongman Hair (Red) Costume White Garuda Wings Costume Red Curtain Scarf Costume Valhalla's Glory Costume Heaven's Glow Costume Poring Party Hat Costume Best Regards, RevivalRO Management
  6. WoE Times and you

    Okay so guys what do you think of, having Two WoE, AM/PM like previous times however PM time may get changed to be same as now so AM Favor Non-Asian and PM Favor Asians, 3 Days WoE with AM/PM Castles are different so we don't favor a timezone, 2 castles per each WoE, and rotating cities each week, except for WoE 2 where it rotates every two weeks.
  7. WoE Times and you

    Hello my lovelies, It's very important to us to know what do you guys need and to enhance the experience for everyone as much as possible, kindly know that we actually monitor this topic and looking forward to hear more suggestions and ideas. Best Regards! <3
  8. [Maintenance Notes] 2018-03-01

    Greetings Everyone, During this maintenance we've done the following: Edit 1: We know there's issue with new valentine's day event items, it will be fixed through the night. Fixes Star Girl Builds Save/Load should work find now Fixed players being stuck in conquest maps Fix Lord Kaho Slotting quest Fix party XP share level gap to be 30 Fix Cedi system it won't add items to web storage anymore, and it would instead send it through Zotar Corp NPC Fix being muted as soon as you join Battlegrounds Fix an incorrect warp in MVP rooms Updates Zotar Corp NPC has arrived to prontera at (151,188), it would be responsible of deliver items from GMs or NPCs in specific cases Valentina has arrived at prontera (147,211), and it would exchange any two pairs of V-Day headgears into V-Day Goodie Bag, not that only a new exclusive headgears has been added to the Goodie Bag! Multi level up has been disabled A two new channels for local languages, #malay and #tagalog has been added Notes All items that was stuck in web-storage has been sent through Zotar Corp NPC Best Regards, RevivalRO Management
  9. WoE Schedule

    Greetings RevivalRO Adventures, First, we apologize for the delay on announcing WoE. However, we wanted to take sometime thinking about this schedule (which is the older War of Emperium times from RebirthRO). 1- WoE First Edition First Timing Singapore Sunday: 3am ~ 5am GMT+0 Saturday: 7pm ~ 9pm UTC-8 Saturday: 11am ~ 1pm Swanhild - Scarlet Palace - Eeyolbriggar - Hohenschwangau Second Timing Singapore Saturday: 3pm ~ 5pm GMT+0 Saturday: 7am ~ 9am UTC-8 Friday: 11pm ~ 1am Kriemhild - Bright Arbor - Repherion - Neuschwanstein 2- WoE Second Edition First Timing Singapore Wednesday: 3pm ~ 5pm GMT+0 Wednesday: 7am ~ 9am UTC-8 Tuesday: 11pm ~ 1am Mardol - Himinn Second Timing Singapore Thursday: 3am ~ 5am GMT+0 Wednesday: 7pm ~ 9pm UTC-8 Wednesday: 11am ~ 1pm Cyr - Andlangr Best Regards, RevivalRO Management
  10. [Maintenance Notes] 2018-02-22

    Greetings Adventures, During this maintenance we've done the following. Fixes Fixed Music Ring Intervision Fixed Items restrictions in Sealed MVPs maps Fixed another issue that may cause afk punishment before joining BG (Kindly report if it happens) Fixed Old Bandage Slot, now it have it slot back Soul Burner may no more crash your client Fabled Sword costume may show correctly now Updates Added Reported Donor Items to non-donor restricted maps, list at the end of the topic. Slave monsters in MVP Arena may not drop loot anymore Disabled the use of Premium Yggdrasil berry, in maps where Yggdrasil berry ain't allowed. Item Dealer may now show element in item names On Saturday there will be a WoE Test (7AM ~ 8AM) and (7PM ~ 8PM) Restricted Donor Items List Lynx Ears [4] Panda Rucksack [1] Penguin Rucksack [1] Divinity Helm [4] Divinity Wing [4] Gold Fish Archangel Wing Archangel Ring Deviruchi Balloon 2.0 [1] Guardian PoRings Grim Reaper's Protection Gravekeeper Blinder 10 Type Glasses Blue Ears Big Bad Pirate Big Bad Pirate [4] SteamPUNK Drooping Dorasuke Protection Helmet Owlduke Silk Hat Seppl Hat Angel Mini Silk Hat Ordinary Black Mage Hat Bandage Scarf [1] Falling Feathers [4] Undertaker Hat [4] Zombie Hands [4] Best Regards, RevivalRO Management
  11. [Maintenance Notes] 2018-02-14

    Greetings, During this maintenance we've focused mainly on doing internal server improvements, but we also did Content Valentine's day event released Fixes Fixed issue in sealed MVP spawns (some other issues, still presents but the system will be kept up) Fixed issue in rodex which may cause corruption to item data Fixed Max stat characters allowance to enter to Emperium breaking room Fixed possible abuse in lucky boxer, and it's back again. Updates Lowered Emperium breaking room fees to 100,000z Thank you, RevivalRO Management,
  12. Installing

    The thing is, if you downloaded latest files, it would be RevivalRO.exe and no existence for Revival Patcher.exe
  13. [Sales] Second Blackfriday sales

    Edit 9th of February 2018: Due to balance concerns the Woodland Topper and Avian Farmer will be 1 per account and rental for 30 days for the price of 10c, we also did another review and lowered some prices and fixed over priced items.
  14. [Sales] Second Blackfriday sales

    The Poring Party Hat was always 60c, the 20c price offered in-game was a mistake done during adding items, we know that some players already bought it, but we can't simply take the item out of them because of our mistake.
  15. Greetings Everyone, Since the reset of the server we announced that we will refund all donations from date September 2017 until December 2017, a part of that we're re-releasing Black Friday sales, so those users and old donors can re-participate the sales. You will be able to use LPP and PP during this sales, and items won't be refundable. The Black Friday sales will be available From 11th Of February until 12th of February All day long, you will be able to access the black Friday selling rooms through Black Friday NPC which will be placed in (prontera 156 232) Edit 9th of February 2018: Due to balance concerns the Woodland Topper and Avian Farmer will be 1 per account and rental for 30 days for the price of 10c, we also did another review and lowered some prices and fixed over priced items. The following is the table of Black Friday items, we will put full preview of all headgears soon! Best Regards, RevivalRO Management