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  1. KittyBoy

    [2018-12-08] Hot patch

    Greetings Everyone, During this hot patch we've done the following Update We've improved WoE Time logging functionality, there was some cases where the timer would never start or counts towards the end of WoE, it shall be corrected now. WoE Battle Reports shall automatically be released now (5 minutes after WoE) Fixes WoE Point Coins is no longer tradeable Best Regards, RevivalRO Management
  2. Greetings Everyone, Finally, after lots of work, planning and testing (and we hope it works after all of that), WOE UPDATE is finally released! along side with that our second giveaway is finally on, you may know more by checking this maintenance notes. Updates WoE Update is finally here, to know what happened please check Due to the decrease in guild capacity we've kicked all members from all guilds, you got to re-invite your guild mates. Regard the guild package pieces, we will send WoE Points instead to use it to buy whatever you wish, the points would be enough to buy either 1 or 2 pieces, depends on your package. Regarding the costume for whom joined the WoE tests, it will be sent soon. The WoE shops can be found near the Hall of Abyss NPCs in each castles map Eligible players will receive 100 point through zotar each WoE, and if your guild captures a castle you will get 25 more points on each castle. Events The Halloween event has ended, an ex-changer is coming very soon! The Xbox giveaway has started for more information check, PLEASE don't forget to verify your phone number. Fixes Blackfriday releases were fixed and hot patched few days ago without server restart. Good luck & Have fun in RevivalRO, RevivalRO Management
  3. KittyBoy

    Home Sweet Home ^^

    Hello! Welcome back ❤️ hope you enjoy playing RevivalRO as much as you did in RebirthRO, we're glad you've came back to us!
  4. Greetings Everyone, We would like to announce our second giveaway event, the community as always been too generous with us, with them playing our server, donating or helping bringing fresh meat to us! We've got to be generous as well and return the favor back! How does this giveaway works? The event will start on the 1st of December 00:00 UTC+8, and ends on 31st of December 23:59 UTC+8 You've got to verify your phone number through this link https://ragnarevival.com/set_phone to be eligible to enter the event this is to help us make the event as fair as possible and fight alts Everyday you will have various ways to collect entries, the more entries you have the higher chance for you to be rolled for a prize On 31st of December as soon as the event ends Game Admin KittyBoy will start a public draw and you would be able to join him on discord voice chat during it You will be able to see most recent entries collected publicly announced on https://ragnarevival.com/superevent How to gain entries? You can gain 3 entries daily through paying 10 million zeny for each entry at the NPC located at (prontera 147,211). You can gain 2 entries per day by voting in all vote websites (the 9 websites), once every 12 hours. You can pay 5c per entry, twice a day to NPC located at (prontera 147,211). For every 5 euros donated to our server you will gain 1 entry, and there's no daily limit on this. There will be eggs spawned randomly in random maps, killing one of those eggs will grant you an entry. What's the prizes? We will roll 3 times, starting from 3rd place to 1st place the prizes are like the following Xbox 1 Model S 1TB version and Battlefield V for First place 100 Euros worth of premium points to second place, this will also give advance against your donor level 100 Euros worth of premium items, that includes any limited items released through the year that was obtainable through direct purchase only, the price of each item will be calculated at normal price and not discounted prices. Rules & Conditions You can't join with more than one account per person per household, that means brothers, sisters and family members living in same household have to join with only 1 SINGLE account (We're aware of players playing at cyber-cafe and we will exclude them from this rule) The winner of any physical prizes is the sole responsible for giving us accurate shipping information, personal information and only is the sole responsible of any customs or import tax fees applies by his country, RevivalRO is only responsible for paying the gift expenses and shipping fees. The winner of any physical prizes have to send us a picture of him with the recieved reward and give us the rights to use it for any advertisement or marketing purpose. In-case the winner of a physical prize is a minor he is obliged to take his guardians consent for receiving the gift and taking a picture with it. Previous Winners Last July we held a similar event! this a picture of our lucky winner receiving the reward! IGN: Luqkey Good luck and have fun in RevivalRO World! we wish the best of luck for everyone!
  5. Greetings Everyone, For cyber monday we're releasing over 30 items in discount, some of them you asked us to add during black friday sales and ALL ITEMS SOLD IN CYBERMONDAY ARE NON-REFUNDABLE., besides of that all payments in Monday (Singapore time zone UTC+8) will receive a triple donor box, meaning for every 16 euros you donate you will receive one box. The sales however will be available from Monday 2AM until Tuesday 2AM in the same room as black friday's sale. Players can findthe NPC to enter the map for the Cyber Monday in Prontera (156, 232). Beside usual item sale, for first time the premium races ARE ON Sale, for only 40c (20% discount), that's also available from Monday 2am until Tuesday 2am! The following is the sale item list! Good luck & Have fun in RevivalRO!
  6. KittyBoy

    Snoopy’s Buy & Sell Stop

    Hello, Welcome back to RevivalRO! We're sorry that you came back to know this bad news, so please don't forget to claim your loyal and returning player items, also if you were a donor you may claim a donor refund at (https://ragnarevival.com/old_donor) kindly be noted those limited premium points have to be used during 14 days period. Good luck finding those items! and have fun in RevivalRO
  7. KittyBoy

    la petit atelier

    Meow, How about i will take Mature Full body colored, Head shot colored (with avatar please), and Mature half body IGN: KittyBoy Personality: Cute/Silly but serious Eye color: hazel Boob Size: -1 Kindly send to me a private message with your character name to give you the credits
  8. KittyBoy

    [2018-11-22] Black Friday Hot Patch

    Greetings Everyone, During this hot patch we've done the following: Cash Shop Black Friday sales has started! over 70 discounted item, 6 new items, and special Amberknight event. for more information: Fixes Fixed Biolab 3 spawn locations 3rd job headgears is not sellable to NPCs anymore Allowed thana staff to be worn by soul linkers Rodex is now disabled in event maps Corrected BA_MUSICALLESSON flee bonus Updates Megaboss event exchanger is here now Several Quality of Life npc location changes New pets at vote points shop! Notice WoE Update may not be deployed this weekend and would be deployed next weekend instead
  9. Greetings Everyone, it's less than 24 hours for the glorious sales day! BlackFriday, everyone been waiting for it and we teased you just a while back now we can finally tease you with almost everything! Briefly, the following is what you gonna have this blackfriday! Over 70 items, including 6 new items with a very new set of effects and up to 50% discount on rest of the items. All the amberknight top rewards will be available again, for a single day. A special amberknight event with top prize Guaranteed Refine Ticket! Items Sales Starting from Friday mid-night 23rd of November until 11:59PM Sunday 25th Of November (72 Hours!) you will have access to the following items in sale. Players can found the NPC to enter the map for the BFS in Prontera (156, 232) Some of the items would be only exclusive to Premium Points, while rest is also open to be bought by Limited Premium Points, ALL ITEMS SOLD IN BLACKFRIDAY ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. The new items We're keeping the actual effects secret until blackfriday, but as a teaser we're having a special and new effects for Gunslinger, Teakwon, Soul Linker and Ninja! Oh and all are costume-able Rainbow Nyan - Mid Headgear +20 all stats +20% movement speed +5% base atk +5% base matk Small chance to cast Lex aeterna on enemy when being hit by magic attacks. Small chance to cast deadly poison on enemy when being hit by physical attack. Small chance to give ACD on the attacker when being hit by misc attack. Classic Side Ribbon - Top Headgear +20 stat +10% matk +20% more magic damage to DemiHuman +5% elemental pierce If worn by Ninja : Nullify the stone requirement for ninja skills. Reduce magic damage reflect received at rate of 2% every 50 point of base INT. +10% additional damage on Exploding Dragon, Snow Flake Draft, and North Wind Commander Doggo - Top Headgear +15 str, agi, luk +45% damage to demi-human and brute race +5% perfect hit If worn by Star Gladiator Small chance to cast random Kicking skill when using Flying Side Kick. +10% more damage with Tornado, Heel Drop, Roundhouse, and Counter kick. +10% damage with Flying Side Kick. Feather of Protection - Top Headgear +20 all stat +100 flee +5 pd +10% max HP -20% SP consumption on skills casted If worn by Soul Linker : Give permanent link onself as long as the headgear is worn. +7% more breakfall chance. +1 more lvl on kaupe and kaite. Parfaille Vigilante Hat +15 agi dex luk +45% damage to demi-human and brute race +5% damage to Neutral element If worn by Gunslinger : -20% fixed casting time Chance to cast strip shield when using disarm. Chance of receiving "Odin's Power lv 2" when using skill. Green Bubble Pop +18 all stats. +5% wind resistance Amberknight Events This is your last chance to get the exclusive items of 2018 amberknight items through the game, the items would stay in donor box until the end of 2018! Everyday we will change the amberknight top prizes for you to have a chance to try your luck in, also don't forget that amberknight pearls is also discounted in blackfriday! Friday 23rd of November Heroic Exiled Wings (Top Prize) Crimson Lightning Blade (2nd Prize) Cyber Kitty Ears (3rd Prize) More info here: Saturday 24th of November Heroic Shadow Force (Top Prize) Godly Clouds (2nd Prize) Excalibur Mana Axe (3rd Prize) More info here: Sunday 25th of November (SPECIAL EVENT) Guaranteed Refine Ticket (Top Prize) 7 SRT Box (Second Prize) 15 Amber Pearl (Third Prize) Good luck everyone! we hope the sales satisfy you!
  10. KittyBoy

    Blackfriday Teaser!

    It might be there they will be available until the release of Donor Box 2019, and during black friday we will bring it back to amberknight game for last chance to get it directly from the game. We will see! :3
  11. KittyBoy

    Blackfriday Teaser!

    Greetings RevivalRO Adventures, As everyone is aware that blackfriday is on 23rd of this month, and Cybermonday is on the 26th, therefore and as usual RevivalRO would hold a special sale for both event, however until then we will let you have a little teaser of some of the items that will be available under discounts that are up to 50% those are just a few of lot more items. Along side with those we will make all the top prizes in the amberknight available again from 23rd of novmber and on a daily rotation, this is will be your last chance to get hand on the amberknight 2018 exclusive items!
  12. KittyBoy

    The Final WoE draft!

    Greetings RevivalRO Adventures, It has took us longer than we expected and it’s been long anticipated, the WoE Update Final Draft, after our first and second woe was a great success with a nearly hundred player joining each and leaders joining our meetings afterwards it helped us re-shape the update more to fit into the actual state of the server and improve the over-all update, therefore the following is a high light of the changes from the previous WoE Draft and a full information WoE draft is included after the high lights. The expected release date is as 24th of November WoE. The changes highlights The Elemental Emperiums Changes has been dismissed, Emperium would stay as Holy The WoE Defense walls has been fully dismissed Godly Items creation materials can now be fully obtained either from Legit or Donor castles only A support package was added to guild packages. WoE Points will now be disturbed for all players who joins WoE equally with an additional points if your guild held a castle instead of WoE Performance system. Replacing WoE Performance system we will instead have an advanced WoE Battle reports that would include all good high records and it will be all guild based and not individual player based, we would also get rid of deaths logs or any low records that discourages players from joining WoE. WoE Sets and WoE Potions has been rapidly changed, you can refer to the WoE Final draft for more information. Legit WoE would stand its own day won’t interfere with donor allowed WoE sessions Guild Maximum Members will be reduced to 16 member and allies disabled until further notice Introduction At first, we got to discuss the purpose of this update is to improve WoE, Specifically WoE:FE. WoE:FE has been and non-rewarding, hit & run battles, not that only It doesn’t also help new guilds gear up or improve in any means, so that is basically what this updates aim to fix, making WoE:FE more rewarding, more challenging, and help new guilds to cope with the older guilds and have a chance in the field. So what are we improving? Here’s the main points we’re improving a more details on each point is presented in the draft! Keep reading to know. WoE:FE God Items WoE:FE New Battle Reports WoE:FE Points System & New WoE Sets/Consumables and Ammos WoE:FE Castle Rotation & Legit Castles WoE:FE Emperium Changes Guild Packages God Items God items are currently being sold in the cash shop as premium items, aside from that those God Items aren’t a superior god items anymore considering Loki gameplay. So, for that we’re going to release a new sets of modified god items, and changes to the creation process, making God Items much more appealing and making the process actually possible and fair. The following is overview on all the changes: Changes on the creation process First we’ve lowered the required quests finishes to 50 per seal to release it that means you need 25 player to finish the seal to open the next one, and a total of 50 to release it totally. You would be able to reset the mission and redo it again using reset stones, 2 reset stones for each mission reset. The creation items would be distributed between Donor and Legit castles. The minimum required level for each seal quest would be changed as the following Sleipnir’s Seal: 110 Megingjard’s Seal: 100 Brisingamen’s Seal: 110 Mjolnir’s Seal: 110 The following table shows each city castles drops which god item creation items Changes on the God Items WoE New Battle Reports To make WoE Battle reports more exciting and less discouraging to players from joining WoE as we got lot of complains of how Battle Reports most of the time discourage new players from joining we’ve redesigned battle reports to be more informative, includes more exciting informations and less discouraging information. The new battle reports would first include the following information: The top killer in WoE The top damage dealer in WoE The top tanker in WoE The top healer in WoE The top devotion In WoE The top breaker in WoE Those information would be also available for each guild, like the top killer of the guild and so on, the new battle reports would not have a KDR or wKDR but only kill counts and won’t have individual player stats. WoE Points and new woe shop Every player who joins WoE and spends at least 45 minutes inside WoE Castles is eligible for the woe points, woe points are equally disturbed with a bounty for guild who captures castles and for each castle they capture they would get rewarded a bonus amount of points. * Kindly be noted we will be testing WoE Potions in Production server and see it affect against ranking potions, the WoE Potions may be nerfed if needed. * The Pricing scheme would be released along with the final release on loki Castles Rotation & Legit WoE At first, I would love to welcome legit WoE back we will be sitting two WoE:FE days, one for donor on the Saturdays and Legit WoE on Sundays, there would be 8 castles per day and 4 castles per session, and once per month we will switch the castles between donor and legit WoE. Emperium Changes At first to make Emperium Harder to break and give a chance to actually defend it, we’re going to do the following changes: The current Emperium HP is 10m and can be broken in few seconds, we would increase the Emperium HP to 100m that should make the Emperium average breaking time around 50 seconds which is should be fair enough time to defend against attack. Aside from that Healing Emperium is currently impossible with it’s 10m HP, rising it to 100m only increases the issue, and with our main goal to make WoE more of defensive gameplay we believe that best practice is to make the Emperium auto heals itself. When the Emperium left without being attacked for 60 seconds, the Emperium would heal itself 0.5% of it’s Maximum HP every 1 second, making it require a total of 260 seconds to fully heal since last failed attempt to break it, that’s roughly 4 1/3 minutes. Guild Packages The guild packages are going to be provided to encourage new guild on joining RevivalRO, the guild packages would be available starting from 15th of July 2018 . Old and new Guilds are applicable for it. Requirements 10 Unique players are required, Guild Leader is counted as well, All the characters should be on Maximum Base Level and Job Level, and have to be all online during the validation process. How to request Open a request in web helpdesk asking for it, and writing down at least 2 different dates you can bring all the guild members online at, a GM would pick the time that fits them best The Package Each player is supposed to pick the package that he believes it suits him the best. The Melee Package 1 30 Stat Lucky Box 1 Melee PvP Lucky box 1 Mid Lucky Box 1 Lower Lucky Box 2 Limited SRT Boxes 30 Days Rental Angra/Ahura 30 Days Rental Megingjard (Premium Version) 1 Siege Equipment ** The Ranged Package 1 30 Stat Lucky Box 1 Ranged PvP Lucky box 1 Mid Lucky Box 1 Lower Lucky Box 2 Limited SRT Boxes 30 Days Rental Angra/Ahura 30 Days Rental Brisingmen (Premium Version) 1 Siege Equipment ** 10 Siege Arrows Quivers ** The Magic Package 1 30 Stat Lucky Box 1 Magic PvP Lucky box 1 Mid Lucky Box 1 Lower Lucky Box 2 Limited SRT Boxes 30 Days Rental Angra/Ahura 30 Days Rental Brisigmen (Premium Version) 2 Siege Equipment ** The Support Package 1 30 Stat Lucky Box 1 Support Lucky box 1 Mid Lucky Box 1 Lower Lucky Box 2 Limited SRT Boxes 30 Days Rental Angra/Ahura 30 Days Rental Brissigmen (Premium Version) 1 Siege Equipment **  To all Players 10 Hat Roulette tickets (For costumes) 10 Auto trade coupons 2 Gym pass To guild leader* 200 WoE White/Blue Potions Box ** 100 WoE Arrow A Quiver ** 75 WoE Arrow S Quiver ** * All items will be account bound except for Guild Leader items ** Those items won’t be available until the WoE update. The guilds that applied for the package before the update will get their share of those upon the update release.
  13. KittyBoy

    [2018-10-13] New WoE test session [Updated 2018-11-04]

    Greetings Everyone, Regarding the costumes for whom participated in the first WoE Test it will be given out as soon as we release the update in the main servers, also for the second test every qualifying guild will get WoE Tokens to spend in the main servers as soon as the update is released to give them a head start! so don't forget to participate.
  14. KittyBoy

    [2018-11-02] Hotpatch

    The usual instance restrictions, it was missing from it previously.
  15. KittyBoy

    [2018-10-13] New WoE test session [Updated 2018-11-04]

    Hello Everyone! A little update here, First The Defense Walls would not make it to the final draft! therefore there will be no defense wall, and also same to Elemental Emperium, Emperium will stay holy! Aside from those the next test session is set to be on Sunday 4th Of November on 3pm and on 5th Of November Monday 3am. and also we've update the WoE sets which will be available in the upcoming WoE tests to encourage players event further!