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  1. Greetings everyone, During this hot patch we've done the following. Fixes Costume: Teardrop is now correctly wearable on lower only Lovely set now correctly decrease received from demi-human instead of increasing it Corrected loot from Escape the room RDC Tier Corrected point price from RDC Tier 4, now it gives 3 points Corrected Carnival ticket master shop opening behavior Skills are now allowed in alde_alche map Corrected various exploitable behavior in the new RDC Tiers
  2. Greetings Everyone, RDC We would like to inform you that RDC loots for the new tier has been further adjusted and improved. Cash Shop Enjoy our fourth of July offer and new summer sale, for more information check the following topic. Events Summer Carnival is back not only with new hats but also with a brand new mini-game, for more information check the following topic. As always, we hope you have a good time and enjoy RevivalRO! RevivalRO Management
  3. Greetings Everyone, 4th of July here but also the summer is here as well and it's scorching hot so it's time to celebrate and refresh a little bit! From 4th of July until 8th of july enjoy two promotions. 1- TRIPLE DONOR BOX, yes you heard it right, for every 16 euros you donate you will get 1 donor box. 2- Summer sales, a lot of items is back on sale and some items has returned back only during those 4 days, you can access the summer sale room through the NPC located at (prontera,156,232) Summer sale item list (price in premium points) 1- Shop 1 (Premium Points only) 2- Shop 2 3- Shop 3 4- Shop 4 Good luck and have fun at RevivalRO!
  4. Greetings Everyone, Enjoy during the weekend a Double Donor box, that a donor box for every 25 euros donated and also 15% more Premium Points on all transactions, this offer is valid from 15th of June until 16th 23:59 Singapore UTC + 8. Good luck and have fun in RevivalRO!
  5. Greetings Everyone, During this hot patch we've done the following. Achievements After this maintenance you may be able to redeem your achievement rewards with an exception for ones with title as rewards, we're still investigating the issue regards one with titles Quests, Instances and Battleground achievements should now count correctly Updates The drop rates in the RDC Tier 4 has been adjusted to be more lean, expect better drops. Fixes Costume Analyzing Eye is now tradeable Costume Fluttering Feather is now wearable on Mid Headgear instead of Low Headgear Sniper Card is now working correctly, premium version fixed now. Armor Property effect will be removed on armor changes Valhalla Idol now gives 200 extra weight as intended Miracle Blue Rose now won't remove Bubble Gum or Battle Manual when worn or removed Recognized Spell effect from Magitech Set, is now going to be removed when a piece of the set is taken off Succubus Egg on vote point should now correctly display the right pet Create Elemental Converter shall now work as expected Butterfly Ears now drains SP as intended Horus castle should be accessible again now Partily fixed, please be hold on it.
  6. We will be releasing a new NPC for Android users until we have the refinery UI implemented in android
  7. Greetings Everyone, During this fast hot patch we've done the following. Cash shop Fixes Fixed an issue in Wise old woman (Decarder), caused a possible abuse. Good luck & Have fun RevivalRO Management
  8. Greetings everyone! We would like to announce the all new Refinery UI! How does it work? To start, talk to a refiner NPC as usual. The NPC will have his usual dialog and the new UI will appear. Drag the equipment you want to refine in the box in the middle, and the materials you can use to upgrade it will appear on the top. Choose the material you want to use. You'll see the success rate and how much zeny you need for the upgrade. Press "Refining" to proceed! If the upgrade is successful, you can either go back to choose other materials, or keep refining with the same ones until the equipment breaks or until you run out of materials. Changes to Safe Refining You won't be able to use Safe Refine Tickets anymore, but you can convert them to a new item: Blacksmith's Blessing. To convert your SRT just click on them and they will convert into Blacksmith's Blessing. The way it works is basically the same as SRT: when using it, your equipment won't break, even if the upgrade has failed. The number of Blacksmith's Blessing needed for an upgrade is proportional. For example, to upgrade an item from +4 to +5, you need 5 Blacksmith's Blessing. To upgrade an item from +5 to +6, you need 6 Blacksmith's Blessing, and so on.
  9. Greetings Everyone, During this maintenance we've done the following. New content New royal operations quests are in place, Emperor's Assassination, Escape The Room, Demonbusters a 3 new instances to try out and get lot of interesting new equipment from. A new set of player commands @discord (To open our discord server), @facebook (To open our facebook group), @instagram (To open our instagram page), @twitter (To open our twitter page), @myaccount (To open account management page), @review (To open our RMS review page) Fixes Achievement system is back again, please report any issues with it! Updates This maintenance marks the end of our Easter events, Easter event exchanger will be spawned soon through a hot patch (would not require server restart) Good luck & Have fun in RevivalRO, RevivalRO Management
  10. I edited the public statement in which i admit was a unprofessional and lack of apology is fixed, now regards the punishment, we've been lean on players for so long, they do their best trying to abuse the system and we hold logs and evidence on it, players believe that there's no moral responsibility on them towards other players or the system, therefore this punishment is purely based on fact that players shall never abuse the system on purpose and learn to report instead of troll. the punishment we gave to the players (2 days of ban), is a simple warning in hope for the community later to understand the moral responsibility that on them. We're aware that for few times we released stuff that was not well tested and had a lot of issues, and we're sorry for this, we're currently doing heavy testing on each release, unfortunately the WoE Coins system did not go through it cause we wanted it to be released before Wednesday's WoE.
  11. Greetings everyone, today our new WoE Coins system gave by mistake donor boxes instead of WoE Coins, and same happened for donor boxes being replaced by WoE coins, we're deeply sorry for this accident that led to other events, now this issue is fixed and would not longer present, the following is a report of what happened: At 17:11 i was informed of the issue by GMs At 17:25 i get my computer up and initiated a server shutdown to ease the process on us for tracking items At 17:30 servers was down until we're done At 17:38 the GMs received a list of all players who got donor boxes and started tracking the items down At 17:58 we started to realize the process would simply take longer than expected and we can't keep servers down or figure out all accounts to be banned until we finish as the players was really fast on trying to abuse and hide the boxes At 17:59 we decided to roll-back the server 30 minutes before WoE to be at 16:31 server time At 18:19 the roll-back process was finished At 18:28 we restored the WoE changes to the server, castles and whatsoever, in other words everything happened in WoE is restored to the server. At 18:30 the server was up again for players to log in What's going to happen to players who tried to abuse the donor boxes? We're currently collecting up all the names of people who tried to abuse the donor boxes from our logs, as soon as we finish they will be all punished, the punishment duration will depends on how severe it's their trial to hide and abuse the donor box, more information on this will be announced soon. I have made precious/rare items during the time the server was roll-backed in, what to do? If you've lost a precious/rare items that obtained through monsters, npcs, forging etc you may contact our GM team, we still hold logs for what happened during the roll-backed period and we can restore those items. kindly be noted however that it's up to GM judgement to decide if it's precious/rare item or not as log checks take a lot of resource and time for us and we would only do it to important items. Also keep in mind that any item gained through trades with other players would not be granted back, as all characters was reverted back and therefore you might want to re-initiate the trade. Good luck and have fun in RevivalRO, RevivalRO Management
  12. Greetings Everyone, It's very well known that the WoE Timer had several issues, and regardless of the issues of it, it has never encouraged an actual WoE clashes, therefore we've designed a new WoE Coins distribution criteria in hope to encourage players to join WoE and be more active in it, the following are the changes. 1- WoE Coins criteria and coins reward amount table Your guild will get WoE Coins for each member if they met the requirements in the following table. Good luck & Have fun in RevivalRO!
  13. It's a true troublesome problem for wine users at the moment, I'd suggest to redownload the latest version it might help, if not. please contact me directly on discord and i will try to help you.
  14. Greetings Everyone, During this maintenance we've done the following 1- Important notes We're currently looking into the cases of WoE coins being not sent to few players, we will update you soon on this and we will make sure if there's any missing WoE Coins that it will be sent. Android client is finally back, it's still an unsupported platform and in beta state however for more information please check 2- Cash shop Spring sales is here, double donor box, new items and sale on variety of items, for more information please check 2- Fixes We've applied a fix that should let guild storage work as expected again. Fixed a script issue in Unicorn Helm and Diamond Blue, both shall work as expected now. Magitech Set, Royal Set and Valentine's exclusive cash shop items shall no longer work in non-donate zone. Magitech set shall now give the demi-human bonus correctly Miracle Blue rose shall now give the bonus correctly, +10 all status. Billy button and Clip-on Fringe is no longer refineable Orleans's Gown shall now be wearable by all jobs Good luck & Have fun in RevivalRO RevivalRO administration
  15. Greetings Everyone, Spring is finally here, and it's time to clean up our warehouses for a little bit before the new stuff gets in! so let's clean it up with few sales! We're having a special sale until 29th of April 23:59, this includes DOUBLE DONOR BOX, 3 New Spring Items and a whole lot of sales on other items. The sales will be accessible from the usual special sales room which accessible from Prontera central area.  1- New Headgear Husky Hat [4] (Upper Headgear) 3000 Premium Points All stat +20 Flee +110 Perfect dodge +5 If base agi more than 250: Resistance to Earth and Wind property +15% Enable to use level 5 of Hiding. Enable to use level 3 of Cloaking. Add the chance of casting level 3 or higher cloaking on the user when receiving Physical Damage. Butterfly Ears [3] (Middle Headgear) 3000 Premium Points All stat +20 Immune to Blind status Increase Non-Skill attack range by 2 cells. This work only if the weapon's range is 1. Has 15% chance of guided attack. Neutral element damage +5% Adds 5% chance to drain 5% of your enemy's SP when attacking. Movement speed -10% Manteau of Reckoning [1] (Lower Headgear) 2500 Premium Points All stat +5 Atk +10% Matk +10% Chance to cast Lex Aeterna on enemy when attacking or magical attacking. 2- Sales List Name Sale price Original price Husky Hat 3000 pp / pp only Butterfly Ears 3000 pp / pp only Manteau of Reckoning 2500 pp / pp only Costumer voucher 500pp 1000pp pp only Diamond Heart 2500pp 2500pp pp only Guardian Ninja 3000pp 3000pp pp only Rainbow Nyan 3000pp 3000pp pp only Green Bubble Pop 2000pp 2500pp pp only Flaming Wings 2000pp 2000pp pp only Fire Spirit 2000pp 2000pp pp only Box'o'Cuddles 400pp / pp only Heavenly Ribbon 1500pp 2000pp Heaven's Glow 1500pp 2000p Panda Rucksack 2000pp 2000pp Floppy Bunny 1500pp 2000pp Stuffed Panda 1500pp 2000pp Name Sale price Original price Royal guard clothes 700pp 1150pp Genetic clothes 700pp 1150pp Warlock clothes 700pp 1150pp Guillotine clothes 700pp 1150pp Wanderer clothes 700pp 1150pp Minstrel clothes 700pp 1150pp Shadow Chaser clothes 700pp 1150pp Ranger clothes 700pp 1150pp Kagerou/Oboro clothes 700pp 1150pp Rune Knight clothes 700pp 1150pp Sorcerer clothes 700pp 1150pp Sura clothes 700pp 1150pp Costume Essence of Spring 1000pp 1250pp Costume Ljosalfar 1000pp 1250pp Angra Manyu 500pp 1000pp Ahura Mazda 500pp 1000pp SRT Box 350pp 500pp Gym Pass 50pp 100pp Enriched Elunium Box 50pp 100pp Enriched Oridecon Box 50pp 100pp Name Sale price Original price Valhalla Glory 1500pp 2000pp Black Butterfly Hairbow 1500pp 2000pp Holy Helmet 1500pp 2000pp Sakura Wings 1500pp 2000pp Metalic Wings 1500pp 2000pp Poring Party 3000pp 6000pp Vagabond Scarf 1500pp 2000pp Bat Scarf 1500pp 2000pp Strongman Hair (red) 1500pp 2000pp Strongman Hair (white) 1500pp 2000pp Elegant Wings 1500pp 2000pp Amistr's Beret 2000pp 2000pp Name Sale price Original price Bubblegum Box 300pp 500pp Pearl bag (10) 750pp 950pp Pearl bag (50) 3750pp 4500pp Max Level Ticket 5000pp 7000pp Max Status Ticket 3500pp 5000pp Sturdy Mining Pick Axe 300pp 500pp VIP Sub (30 days) 750pp 1000pp Cart Decorate set 75pp 150pp Character Swapper Scroll 40pp 80pp Character Renamer Scroll 300pp 450pp (p) Assassin Cross Card 750pp 1000pp (p) High Priest Card 750pp 1000pp (p) High Wizard Card 750pp 1000pp (p) Lord Knight Card 750pp 1000pp (p) Sniper Card 750pp 1000pp (p) Whitesmith Card 750pp 1000pp
  16. Greetings Everyone, During this maintenance we've done the following Announcement for Android users We're working now with the android client developer to update the client, it might take a little bit of time, but as soon as we have some progress on it we will announce it, as a start he informed us that it will take around 1 week to have a beta client. Cash shop The Easter items are back, with a 3 new pets this year and all previous released Easter items! Events The Easter event has came back, with 3 new beautiful and power headgears! Updates We've sent WoE Coins for all eligible players for last WoE sessions since we introduced back the timer, we've changed the settings and for what qualify a player to earn coins, we will see the effect on the following woe sessions and adjust by next maintenance if required. We added debug messages to guild storage issue, please when you report it next report it with a screenshot showing what the message given to you. The novice ground has been removed Transparent emblems are back now, the rule still applies on WoE guilds that it's not allowed inside castles, players also can enforce having a frame around emblems through in-game settings. Fixes Etc tab should be visible now in Expandable jobs. Errors with some MVPs have incorrect size, or invisible names etc shall be fixed now. Logout timer settings has been changed, it should now force you to stay for every goddam thing you do! Fix Mr Smile costume equip location
  17. Greetings Everyone, During this hot patch we've done the following! Fixes Character storage shall now work as expected NPCs with trade windows shall now work as expected
  18. Hello, you can actually use 5 million zeny to start an auto trade, vending coupon is just a non-zeny alternative.
  19. Greetings Everyone, As you all know during March we've been doing lots of internal code updates, the updates did not bring anything special to the players but it did for us, a whole lot of new features and code we can use to develop new features for RevivalRO. April maintenance would be full of new updates, each week we will introduce something new, either if it's a new feature, new content, or updating some of our old stuff, and for a start we're introducing a new client! We've implemented as much features as we could during this very little time, more will be added during the coming maintenance along side with new content! Issue & Fix If your game is installed in C:/ partition it will show this error, you will have to move it to another partition, if you don't you can try to move to C:/ directly and not inside any other folder, if it still doesn't work simply delete all .dll files and let the patcher download it. Password Requirements update With this update password requirement was increase to at least 6 characters, please login to website and update it if your password is shorter. Server updates Due to this update achievement is disable until next week maintenance where we will re-enable it and convert any previously made progress into the new system Pet evolution is back and all pet issues shall be fixed by this point! Client updates The client introduce many updates, you might continue reading the topic to have an idea of the currently available futures With this client update homunculs AI is not longer available, instead homunculus will receive 10% XP of their owners when they kill monsters. The lowest resolution (640x480) is now disabled as most UI elements are now bigger than it is. Report client issues After this update we expect many bugs to happen for client, therefore for any client bugs please reply to this topic using the following report template to help us fix the problem as soon as possible! Report Template Character Name: Character job, base level and job level: Map where this happened: The actions you did to produce this bug, crash or error: Your operating system version, your GPU model and CPU model: Any extra information you can provide which you think it might help: New Client Userinterface 1- New character selection UI Now characters all shows in same page, no more getting lost in endless pages! 2- New character creation UI The new character creation UI introduce easier customization of any of your new characters! 3- Aura is for everyone! The first thing you will notice when you login that all of your level 255 character will now have a default Aura, a nice, cute pink aura. 4- New cash shop interface The new cash shop interface offers a smoother experience, while showing all information you need in a better organized scheme, also with the new cash shop update we introduce banners, cash shop will now have banners showing latest releases! 5- New party interface The new party interface introduces a way smoother interface, not only that, you can now highlight specific party members to show their names right under your status window making it a useful feature for buffers! 6- New navigation interface The new navigation interface is basically finally usable, the interface also introduce few new features like teleporting and so on, more information on this will be released when implemented! 7- New achievements interface The new achievements interface is cleaner, and smoother. 8- New Rodex Interface The new Rodex interface offers a cleaner view of everything, it just looks right! 9- New settings interface Previously we had the setup executable to setup in-game options, awful right? the new settings interface now offers all of those options in-game! 10 - New shortcut settings Interface offering a clean and a clear settings interface for shortcuts! 11 - New tip box The new tips box will be truely useful soon, when we release the new novice ground! spoiler! New Client Features 1- Instance destroying Whenever you have an instance you will now have the option to destroy it! 2- Skill scale Now if a monster casts an AoE skill the affected cells will be highlighted in a red color! 3- Homunculus Autofeed Forgetting to feed your homnuculs? never gonna happen again! the auto feed option for homunculs is now available! 4- Item drop effect One of the biggest issues in-game is autoloot failing to loot some item for many reasons, most importantly cards, now when cards drops it will show a glowing orange effect on the group to notice it! 5- Item preview Now you can preview any headgears linked, in your inventory or in other people equipment window! We hope that you liked this update, and be assured that there will be even more update to come to the client in the near future! Frequently Asked Questions Q- I get the .dll error and can't patch the game! A- As stated before, if your game is installed in C:/Program Files(x86), move the game files to C:/ or another partition. If this doesn't solve it, try deleting all the .dll files in your RevivalRO main folder and try patching again. Q- I can't use 800x600 resolution anymore! A- You can't use the client with such a small screen anymore, so there's no option for it. Q- I can't open the game on android! A- It's been discontinued. Check this thread for more info. Q- I can't move my cursor out of the game anymore! A- In game, open the options window (esc key) and choose game settings. Click on the "Advanced Settings" tab, and uncheck "fix mouse". Or open the setup in your RevivalRO folder and uncheck "Restrict mouse to window". Q- How can I turn off the aura? A- In game, open the options window (esc key) and choose game settings. Uncheck "Turn on aurora". You can also have a simplified version of the aura if you check "Simplified aurora". Q- My achievements disappeared!!! A- As said before, achievements are disabled until next week. Your progress is not lost. Good luck & Have fun in RevivalRO, RevivalRO Management.
  20. Greetings Everyone, * As of Sunday 7th of April we move the maintenance to Tuesday 9th of April During next Tuesday 9th of April 2019 we will hold a maintenance starting at 21:00 (9 PM) server time (UTC+8 Singapore) which is planned to last between 4 to 6 hours. The maintenance will hold significant servers update which would require us to have a longer than expected maintenance duration for sake of testing and making sure everything works as smooth as expected. This is an early notice to keep you informed and alerted. Good luck & Have fun, RevivalRO Management
  21. Greetings, During this hot patch we've done the following Fixes Fixed items that was previously considered as FIST weapons (bare-hands), during last maintenance it was changed to either DAGGER or MACE now it's changed back to bare-hands type again Wrongly bounded items for cedi etc is now fixed and is account bound, Wolfchev weapons has been also corrected to bind. Character bound items is now storage-able at character storage Fixed a duplicated code at Deadly Poison status effect, caused the server to crash Fixed several items which turned uneuipable for expanded jobs (Ninja, SG, Teakwon, Soul Linke) after last maintenance Fixed GDBBloody_Iron_Ball now it will occupy both accessory slots.
  22. Greetings everyone, Limited time promotion DOUBLE donor box Starting right after this maintenance and until Monday 1st of April 23:59 server time we're offering double donor boxes, on every 25 euros spent you will get a donor box instead of 50 euros. Magitech set The magitech set is aimed for magic based characters, the set offers a new set of cool tech sprites which are all costumable! Magitech Headpiece (Top headgear) [4] (2500 Premium Points) Increase MATK proportional to INT. Decrease SP proportional to DEX. Ignores 10% of enemies MDEF. Ignores Elemental Resistances by 7%. +10% max HP. [Magitech Headpiece + Magitech Mobile Pursuit + Magitech Shades combo] +15% magic damage to demi human.", Nullify the gemstone and stone requirement for skills. Allows the use of level 1 Recognized Spell. Magitech Mobile Pursuit [4] (Middle Headgear) (2000 Premium Points) +25 all status Increase MATK by 15%. Gives immunity to Curse. Add resistance to Holy, Shadow, and Poison element by 10%. Disable SP natural regeneration. Magitech Shades [1] (Lower Headgear) (2000 Premium Points) +18 status. +10% resistance to all status. Increase resistance to physical attacks by 5%. Royal set Royal Masquerade [4] (Upper headgear) (2500 Premium Points) STR +20 AGI +15 +50% damage against Demi-Human and Brute races. Decrease after-cast delay of skills by 5% [Royal Masquerade + Royal Cape + Royal Companion combo] +15% more damage to Demi human. +5% Weapon Skill damage. Allows the use of level 1 Dark Claw. Royal Cape [4] (Middle headgear) (2000 Premium Points) All stat +25 Increase ATK by 15%. Gives immunity to Blind. Add resistance to Holy, Shadow and Poison Element by 10%. Disable HP natural regeneration. Royal Companion [1] (Lower headgear) (2000 Premium Points) +18 all stat +10% resistance to all status. Increase resistance to Magical attacks by 5%. The following changes was done to Dark Claw to fit loki more The effect duration on the enemy increased to 7 seconds All damage would increase on the enemmy instead of physical only Range of this skill increased to 5 cells Cooldown is reduced to 30 seconds Good luck and have fun in RevivalRO!
  23. Greetings Everyone, During this maintenance we've done an internal code update, our emulator software was not updated since 2016 as previous staff never bothered to update the software, we've also done a fixes for issues was introduced by our previous internal code update. Cash shop We've introduced the new magic set (Magitech set) and new melee set (Royal set), unlocking new 3rd job skills Also there's a new promotion double donor box until 1st of April 23:59 server time Fixes No new fixes was introduced during this internal code update Issues we're aware of We're aware of visual party screen issues, as it's not a game breaking this will be fixed during our 4th and final internal code update Deprecation and removal of andRO We've tried to contact the developer of andRO to provide us update for the client, however he did not respond in 2 weeks, the next maintenance we will be releasing a new client update which will break the connectivity of andRO We understand that we have players who uses andRO mainly however for the progression of RevivalRO we may have to end up dropping andRO. Currently andRO is holding us from installing a protection against bot, updating client (which soon will introduce around over 30 new features), out of those new features a lot of it will help us provide new content in loki, in other words the future of loki will really depend on having a new client, we hope for your understandings. What's new in after this maintenance? currently nothing special for players, there's lot of internal bugs which was fixed and you will probably notice it while playing. What's the point of this maintenance then? we're updating the emulator code to access many new features, including newer clients, support of new Ragnarok features, new items etc, we cannot wait any longer to have access to those for releasing a new content using those awesome systems especially item options system! (Google it if you're that curious) How are we supposed to do to help? any major code updates would always introduced weird bugs and hidden flaws, please report anything that seems odd or off since the new maintenance. How many maintenance left until this update is finished? (referring to Part 1) We're expecting to finish it in 3 parts (3 maintenance) 4 parts (4 maintenance).
  24. Greetings everyone, during this fast server restart we've fixed high priority bugs introduced by our last code merge. Corrected an issue in the NPC inputs, string inputs shall work fine now that include every affected quest.
  25. Fishing will be fixed after our major updates, currently it's not set as a priority as we have lot of other more important tasks.
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