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  1. Greetings Everyone, this maintenance was following the milestone (2019-09-19 Maintenance), in which it was 78% Completed, for more information on the milestone you may click here. in this milestone 11 issue was completed and 3 was moved due to deadline. The following issues was moved to 2019-09-26 Milestone instead: issue #59 moved due to complications during fixing and deadline issue #33 moved for deadline issue #30 (Confidential) for deadline The detailed change long is as the following: WoE WoE Shop prices has been adjusted Events Prontera invasion has ended, the exchange NPC is kept for players. Fixes Ethereal Set is now should work as expected, weight effect and effects being inflicted on target is now working as intended (issue #75) Damage bonus for Captain's Beret is now working as intended (issue #74) Coin shower can no longer be used in non-donor areas (issue #67) Homunculus ASPD formula has been fixed up, your Homunculus can now gain full ASPD (issue #66) Raok runestone shall now have it's slot working (issue #63) Hall of Abyss opening times is now corrected with the new WoE timings (issue #62) Melanies Enchants drop rates has be lowered to it's intended rates (issue #39) Crimson Booster, The Spell Manteau, Bronze Greaves, Manteau of Reckoning, Polished Shield item effect has been corrected, you may refer to the issue for more information (issue #29) Party window shall now be displayed correctly when a player is kicked/leave, and party leaders now can expel members who is offline (issue #20) Packing Master shall now work as expected, refer to the issue for more information (issue #11)
  2. Oh it looks good, even better just because i love priest class the best! Looking forward for more ^^
  3. Greetings Everyone, this maintenance was following the milestone (2019-09-12 Maintenance), in which it was 66% Completed, for more information on the milestone you may click here. in this milestone 18 issue was completed, 2 was moved due to deadline and 2 was moved due to incorrect assignment. The following issues was moved to 2019-09-19 Milestone instead: Issue #59 was moved due to time limit (deadline) issue #30 was moved due to time limit (deadline) issue #29 was moved due to time limit (deadline) (Partially fixed) issue #26 was moved due to time limit (deadline) (Possibly fixed by the fix for issue #48) issue #20 was moved due to time limit (deadline) issue #11 was moved due to time limit (deadline) The detailed change long is as the following: Fixes Fixed a bug in steal skill which would turn it abusable and possibly steal any rare item at 100% rate (#48 Confidential) Chaser of the sun quest shall now have weight checks before deliver it's rewards (#40) Adding missing enchants to Traditional weapon quest keris enchants (#38) Fixed several pets issues, refer to the issue #37 to know more Fonts now would show correctly to the player (#36) The return of fluffy instance should now work as intended (#28) Added missing orbs to cedi refer to issue #27 for the full list Support lucky box shall now show it's content (#24) Cedi orb mirror shard shall no longer reflect on ranged attacks (#19) FINALLY fishing in alberta and aldebaran works! (#10)
  4. Greetings Everyone, Our new sets was being in crafting for an almost 2 months now, with a set aiming for PvM and another for Tanking! not to forget it's also so fashionable ❤️ Sea Captain's Beret (upper headgear) 1700 Premium Points All stats +15 Damage and Magic Damage to all race except player +40% Gain 10% of max HP or 30,000 HP at max on each mob killed by physical and magic attack. [Set] Increase damage damage dealt to Boss type monster by 15%. Give additional 20% ignoring DEF and MDEF of Boss type monster Grants use of level 1 Striking and level 1 Drain Life Sea Captain's Bubble Aura (middle headgear) 1700 Premium Points All stats +20 Ignore 40% DEF and MDEF of Boss Type monster If base STR equal or more than 200, increase physical damage by 10%. If base INT equal or more than 200, increase magic damage by 10%. If base DEX equal or more than 200, increase long range damage by 10%. Decrease aspd and movement speed by 5%. Sea Captain's Penguin (Lower headgear) 1700 Premium Points All stats +15 Resistance to all status debuffs +10% Decrease damage received from Boss type monsters by 5% Ethereal Horns (Upper headgear) 1700 Premium Points All stats +15 Maximum HP +10% Reduce damage from Demi-Human race by 7% Resist to all elements +5% Maximum weight increased by 1000 [Set] Reduces damage from all sources by an additional 5% Healing received by Heal, Potion Pitcher and Slim Potion Pitcher +10% Disables natural HP/SP regeneration. Reduces Attack, Magic Attack, Flee and Hit by 20% Reduces Perfect Dodge by 10 Grants use of Level 1 Hallucination Walk Ethereal Twilight (Middle headgear) 1700 Premium Points All Stats +15 MDEF +15 Movement speed +20% Reduces damage from all sources by 7% Chance to inflict Chaos and Cold to enemy when getting hit Ethereal White Mane (Lower Headgear) 1700 Premium Points All stats +18 Resistance to all status debuffs +10% Damage taken from normal mobs +4% Skill Changes Level 1 Striking Make it a buff on self only (Weapon level * 50) atk (Weapon level * 3) %crit chance Duration 30 second, cooldown 60 sec Level 1 Drain Life Absorb 15% of Damage as Health Absorb Success rate 75% Aftercast delay 0.5 seconds Cost 40 SP No cooldown Level 1 Hallucination Walk Flee +100 Ignore magic attack chance 10% After the skill wears off, reduces movement speed and attack speed by half for 10 seconds Duration 30 seconds Cooldown 90 seconds
  5. Greetings Everyone, According to our last poll (click here to check it), players has opted to move the 3AM slot to 9PM to 11PM instead, therefore all WoE timings that falls into this slot have been changed. The new schedule is as the following and applicable starting now: 1- WoE First Edition (Donor Version) First Timing Singapore Saturday: 3pm ~ 5pm GMT+0 Saturday: 7am ~ 9am UTC-8 Friday: 11pm ~ 1am Swanhild - Scarlet Palace - Eeyolbriggar - Hohenschwangau Second Timing Singapore Saturday: 9pm ~ 11pm GMT+0 Saturday: 1pm ~ 3pm UTC-8 Saturday: 5am ~ 7am Kriemhild - Bright Arbor - Repherion - Neuschwanstein 2- WoE First Edition (Legit Version) First Timing Singapore Sunday: 3pm ~ 5pm GMT+0 Sunday: 7am ~ 9am UTC-8 Saturday: 11pm ~ 1am Skoegul - Sacred Altar - Bergel - Wuerzburg Second Timing Singapore Sunday: 9pm ~ 11pm GMT+0 Sunday: 1pm ~ 3pm UTC-8 Sunday: 5am ~ 7am Fadhgridh - Holy Shadow - Yesnelph - Nuernberg 2- WoE Second Edition First Timing Singapore Wednesday: 3pm ~ 5pm GMT+0 Wednesday: 7am ~ 9am UTC-8 Tuesday: 11pm ~ 1am Mardol - Himinn (Temporary moved to Viblainn) Second Timing Singapore Wednesday: 9pm ~ 11pm GMT+0 Wednesday: 1pm ~ 3pm UTC-8 Wednesday: 5am ~ 7am Cyr - Andlangr Best Regards, RevivalRO Management
  6. Greetings Everyone, This was a hot patch to patch urgent issues, this maintenance did not follow any milestone and therefore we won't publish milestone information. During this maintenance we've done the following: Fixes Fixed an issue in the new Zotar code caused in some cases the instance code to fail (issue#58)
  7. Hello, I first apologize for late reply, we're in contact with the android developer but he is slow as usual, we will update you on the coming maintenance notes if anything is updated.
  8. Server is up now, the maintenance was extended.
  9. Greetings Everyone, this maintenance was following the milestone (2019-09-05 Maintenance), in which it was 78% Completed, for more information on the milestone you may click here. in this milestone 15 issue was completed, 2 was moved due to deadline and 2 was moved due to incorrect assignment. The following issues was moved to 2019-09-12 Milestone instead: Issue #36 was moved due to time limit (deadline) issue #11 was moved due to time limit (deadline) issue #24 was moved due to incorrect assignment issue #48 was moved due to incorrect assignment (Confidential) The detailed change long is as the following: Client Homunculus AI is now supposed to work as intended this might also cause some slowdown during client closing (issue#41) All costumes in storage shall now appear in costumes tab (issue #57) Fixes Kraken Lair's treasure chest will now send items to Zotar if inventory is full, also this fixed possible issue in Cedi Tier A which might cause the items to never be delivered (issue#5 Confidential) Cash shop would no longer turn Premium Points into Limited Premium Points when inventory is full, instead it will just fail without deducting points (issue#8 Confidential) Homunculus ASPD formula has been fixed and would no longer cause ASPD to go 0 (issue#12) Several issues in Skill Twilight Alchemy VI quest has been fixed and it should no longer disappear on relog (issue#13) RDC Officer would no longer eat hats and sprite should show correct now (issue#15) Headgears mentioned in issue#16 should now have a costume version Items in issue#17 should now have their descriptions or names corrected RODEX item retrieval and zeny retrieval shall now not work in event maps (issue#21 Confidential) Ukulele New Oz and Ring New Oz Wing shall no longer penetrate stone immunity (issue#34) Primordial Set now should give DEF as expected (issue#35) Blank Eyes shall now not crash the client on custom hairstyles (issue#51 Confidential) Item usage during storage opening is now no longer possible (issue#55) God Items quest shall now give the correct God Items instead of the old ones (issue#56) Note about RDC Helm: the bug is fixed but RDC Helms made when the NPC was bugged won't show the sprite. If you want you can sign up at Helpdesk to get the items replaced.
  10. Woah! I'm really impressed with those entries, keep up the good work guys! 😄
  11. Hello, this has been added to our task list, you may follow it at https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/issues/57
  12. Splendid ^^ glad you could finally login!
  13. Greetings Everyone, this maintenance was following the milestone (2019-08-29 Maintenance), in which it was 100% Completed, for more information on the milestone you may click here. The detailed change long is as the following: Cash shop Blacksmith's Blessing price was increased from 10pp to 20pp to weigh out the fact SRT had lower chances than normal refine Fixes Fixed jumps being allowed in Hazy Forest and Nidhoggur's Nest instance maps, which lead it to be abused (issue#47 Confidential) Notoriety quest should now give the notorious title correctly (issue#3) Re-written Cedi Tier A to fix the problem where the nectar would be eaten and players would not be warped in (issue#4). Equipment that should bind on player when equipped would not be refine-able now through the new refine UI, unless it's bound (issue#6 Confidential) Top/mid Headgear costumes and Shadow Garments are now not refine-able (issue#6 Confidential) Job Master would no longer give EXP to non-novice character (issue#7 Confidential) Decarding items will now unequip it before the decarding process, this fixes issues like unlimited Endure status (issue#31 Confidential) Condensed White Potion weight is now set to 2 (issue#32) Regarding costumes and shadow armors that was refined Players who have refined such items would have until the 7th of September to voluntary surrender those items. If they do it before the mentioned date they would be able to pick another item to transfer the refine level to. Those players WILL NOT BE PUNISHED. to report those items use our help desk by clicking here. Players who don't voluntary surrender those items will have their item refine rate removed and might have another temporary punishment depends on how heavily they used this bug. Good luck and have fun in RevivalRO's world! RevivalRO's Management,
  14. Oh hello welcome at our little RevivalRO World, mind to send me a message about your logging in troubles? to ensure it won't repeat again!
  15. Greetings Everyone, in our continues goal for more transparency and faster action towards player issues we're now releasing our brand new bug tracker and suggestions tracker, players will be able to view our GM and Developer actions towards are reports with no restriction except in confidential reports that used for abusable bugs and exploits to ensure none of those would spread to other players, not this only, players would be able to estimated milestones and estimated fix time throughout our milestone system in our bug tracker. How to use our new bug tracker? If you're planning on just exploring it you may just click here and look for the issues, However if you're planning on report new bugs or add suggestions please first register at gitlab by clicking here. It's very important to keep in mind that you can report issues or just suggestions/feedback and ideas through the same tracker! How to keep track of current development or Game Master responses? You can keep track of those by checking your issue at any time, all issues will have labels assigned to it by Game Master or Developers, those labels indicate what the issue currently affecting, the current status of review, if the issue invalid or valid, etc Also you can check our milestones by clicking here each milestone is a specific maintenance date, developers will assign issues to each milestone as they see appropriate and this will give you a rough timing of when a specific issue will be fixed! How about confidential issues, like exploits and/or things that can be abused if known by other players? after all it's public tracker and everyone can see it! Be assured, we have something called confidential issues, those issues are only visible to the issue sender, GMs and Developers and no one else can see it! To set an issue as confidential check the following box before you send a new issue and then it will only be visible to GMs, Developers and yourself! We hope you like this new update, we aim for more transparent and professional service for our beloved players and we will keep taking more measures towards this! RevivalRO Management,
  16. Yes, they can't see item scripts, NPC codes etc, yes they can access your storage information etc but this doesn't include such information as how an item works, it's vital for GMs to be able to access item lists for example to search for items (stolen for example), check for abuse reports etc, BUT they can't access item scripts, NPC codes, skills codes etc and therefore can't know any mechanics that we're not publicly announcing to players for example changes of RNG of specific item effect, like the random skills casted by an item, this said GMs sometimes would know the drop rates from RNG Boxes and Instance loot chests as this information vital for tests they perform. They don't get access to any of the scripts of old or newer content, only shared info might be the rates of item drops from loot chests and RNG boxes as it's vital for their tests. okay for first question, GMs can teleport and follow players in perfect hide which is important to monitor abusers, boters and detect people uses any illegal tools like auto clickers, this said it's not allowed for them to use this for anything else but previously said cases or if a player gave them permission, if you believe any GM was stalking you to expose such personal player practice you can report to us and we can check if indeed any of the GMs did that as all GM command logs are recorded! for your second question, no GMs can't skip quests steps etc using commands only Admins can for a very good reason you mentioned, if we notice a GM does any weird behavior of trying to explorer mechanic of specific game feature using his GM accounts it's punishable by immediate kick from the staff. Hope this fully answered all of your concerns!
  17. Greetings Everyone, This statement is to address player's concerns regarding the fair conduct of Game Masters, we believe that explaining and being transparent about permissions, tasks and restriction on our Game Master's team shall relief those concerns, Game Masters are players who volunteered to help run the game during their free time, they're restricted, monitored and heavily punished for any mistakes they do if they occur, Game Masters are also entitled to a lot of restrictions in-game and in their tools making it nearly impossible to abuse their powers. What are the duties of a Game Master? Community moderating and support Disciplinary measures - mutes, jails, etc Help desk, Web Help desk and Forums Hosting events Testing and polishing of new content before release This includes Seasonal events, new quests, revamping old features and newly released content Testing Testing new features, bug reporting, helping to reduce possible conflicts with other contents and testing edge cases for balance concerns. Feedback collecting They work as a bridge between the players and management, they collect feedback in a neutral manner and provide their feedback on their own, they also make sure to follow all latest in-game trends, concerns and frustrations from the players. Game Masters accounts GMs usually hold two accounts, a Game Master account and their usual in-game legit accounts, those are separated and doesn't influence each other in any means. A Game Master account with commands and access to GM Tools to help them with their jobs. A legit player account, which is a normal account with no additional commands or abilities. In other words, a legit account has no game play advantages whatsoever compared to a normal player account. What are the restrictions of a Game Master? Game Masters cannot Send items, zeny, Premium Points, Limited Premium Points, or anything else to their legit account or other players (the account is restricted) Give hints or help someone win an event in ANY way Can't log on their GM account during War of Emperium, Battlegroounds or PvP if they're playing it. Can't access WoE, Battlegrounds or PvP maps with the GM account if they're undergoing. Reports about abuse and afkers can only be checked by Admins during these times. Can't take key roles in WoE. Can't, IN ANY WAY, use commands to favor their legit account or a legit account of another GM They do not hold access to any of the server component or server game files, therefore just like any other player all unknown mechanics like rates of casting spells from items etc is also unknown to them. Commands used by Game Masters are heavily monitored by Admins and other Game Masters. If an odd behavior is noticed, the Game Master breaking the rules will be kicked out and be stripped of their powers, on top of their legit account being banned. Regular Game Masters have their GM account restricted: they can't deal, send or remove items to/from others in any way. The Lead Game Master has the ability to handle items. They are GMs trusted by the higher-ups. They can only send and remove items if it's strictly necessary (Eg. Oopsy Policy, Items lost through bugs, etc.). Items/Zeny/Premium Points/Limited Premium Points sent or removed are monitored. The Lead has to report every items sent personally to the admins and will be punished if the reports don't match the regularly monitored logs. What if i am suspecting a GM is abusing his power? Report it immediately to me (KittyBoy), or any of the other Game Admins (Syphon and Muhyo), we will be taking your case seriously and handle it immediately! We hope this public statement has clarified many concerns that we received recently, and if you have any more questions do not hesitate to ask us by posting to this topic! Good luck for everyone and have fun in RevivalRO's world!
  18. Greetings Adventures, Once again we're opening the door for new GM Applications! We are currently understaffed and looking for active people to be one of our RevivalRO family members, slaves staff. Although the positions that we are looking for are currently volunteer based, we will require anyone selected to have a considerable amount of time dedicated to the position given to them. Please keep that in mind during all the stages of the application process, make sure that you are willing, and that you will be able to commit to a position before applying for one. Also know that applying to become a GM does NOT guarantee that you will be selected. Asking any staff member for assistance when answering any of the questions on your application WILL result in disqualification. Follow all of the instructions when applying, details are important. Do not skip steps or cut corners, we will overlook your application as a result. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Do I need to be 18 years of age or older to apply? No, however -- being 13+ would certainly help your case (COPPA, and all). We care about mental maturity more than we do about physical maturity. Also, the fact that you are allegedly over 13 when you agreed to play this game. How many hours do I need to work?! There is not set limit, but this is NOT just a "do it when I feel like it" thing. By applying to be a GM, you are saying that you are willing to ACTIVELY make time in your day to meet various GM-related responsibilities for as long as foreseeably possible. List your availability based on your regular life--not on your breaks or vacation days or anything else. Moreover, if you don't have the time or will to dedicate to a position, then it's better not to apply. What is availability, and how do I fill it out? Essentially, it is the amount of time per day/week that you'd be willing to devote to GMing. Just because you're free, that doesn't mean you'll be GMing automatically. You should also take into account things like traveling time, meals, study time, family or social time, etc. You need to be realistic over the long term with this, because if you put you are available to GM 80 hours a week, we'll be assuming that you're full of shit. Does GMing get me chicks/dudes? Does it make me popular? If only. Most of the things that would actively get you chicks/dudes are forbidden--as in, we have rules against giving out free stuff and haxing stats and whatnot, so if you're going to apply just for the attention/chicks/dudes--don't bother. Do I have to stop playing my current character/account? At the moment, no. However, if you get accepted as a GM, most likely your time on your legit will plummet, and you will have to distance yourself from your friends or guild a least a little. GMing always comes before regular playing, no matter how hard you want to WoE at the time. Thus, if you are extremely active in your guild/with your friends and are unwilling to put that second in your RO life, you should not apply. However, if we find your performance as a GM unsatisfactory, especially because of your legit, or if our rules change, we do reserve the right to either suspend your legit until your quality of conduct improves, or simply remove you from the staff. also since this is said, being a GM means you can't be a leader, or in a lead position in any WoE Guilds, Fun guilds are excluded from this rule. How much time do I need in order to properly GM? If you're logged into RO in any capacity, you are expected to be ready to GM. It's pretty hard to say because of that, since some days are busier than others. But basically, consider it similar to being a receptionist. After you finish your basic duties and paper work, you can be at the desk doing whatever, but as soon as someone steps foot inside the building, you need to attend to them. Whether you consider your idle time as GMing time is up to you. We're not going to give a concrete requirement because that varies widely with the job, and we try our best to be flexible. Should I embellish my application, leave out critical information, or essentially lie in order to be selected? No. We've been doing these applications long enough to tell when someone is lying about what their hours are, how dedicated they can be, etc. The best thing to do is to just be honest--but still professional. Seriously, anytime someone says something like "My only weakness is that I work too hard!" we roll our eyes hard enough that they're in danger of popping out of our heads. Are there any other requirements to be a GM that I may be unaware of? Aside from certain secret special things we look for, you must be fluent in English and willing to type at least semi-properly, this is an English speaking server, so that is a MUST--it is also a must to successfully complete the application. Moreover, you should have a fairly clean slate. That is not to say that if you've ever been warned or banned, ever, we won't accept you, but having a history of being drama bait, being disrespectful, being inflammatory, or otherwise breaking rules will make us hesitate rather hard to hire you. It would also help if you knew RO, especially the gameplay of Loki. How many positions are you looking to fill? We generally hire as many people as we can that fit all required criteria. There really isn't a hard cap, if your application is solid and you ace through the interviews, we'll hire as many qualified people as we can. I donated a lot of money to the server, that will automatically make me a GM right? No. We don't care how much money you invested into your account--that has little to do with how good of a GM you could be. How much will this position pay? GMing is it's own reward a volunteer position and we do not offer monetary compensation. When will I be notified that I have been selected to be a GM? If we choose to hire you, you will know at the same time as all the other new hires. Don't use a fake/full/crappy email for this, because you will be out of luck. Application Information: To apply you can fill the form at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSegcUDZBT818XDHQVhlqWn-C9rYm701PXDvvYZJvAs32YBAPQ/viewform The application deadline is 7th of September 11:59PM UTC+8 Application Questions: For any questions please send it directly through our support channels, GMs would only answer considerable questions. Best Regards & Good luck for applicants, RevivalRO Management,
  19. KittyBoy

    la petit atelier

    *pushes the golden buzzer* you will be in our live performances!
  20. Greetings Everyone, During this hot patch we've done the following: Fixes Adding missing slot to Raok Runestone Fixed White slim potion weight to be 2 Costume wing scarf, Costume Bird blessing, Frilled flower and it's recolors are now tradeable Removed few items from RDC Tier 4, Emperor Assassination that was not supposed to be dropped from it Melody Notes and Orange tie shall not be usable in the non-donor WoE anymore @mail now correctly open rodex window Cooking books shall now correctly show the items instead of apples God like seals shall work as expected with 25/50 limit instead of 50/100 as per WoE update changes
  21. Greetings everyone, During this hot patch we've done the following. Fixes Costume: Teardrop is now correctly wearable on lower only Lovely set now correctly decrease received from demi-human instead of increasing it Corrected loot from Escape the room RDC Tier Corrected point price from RDC Tier 4, now it gives 3 points Corrected Carnival ticket master shop opening behavior Skills are now allowed in alde_alche map Corrected various exploitable behavior in the new RDC Tiers
  22. Greetings Everyone, RDC We would like to inform you that RDC loots for the new tier has been further adjusted and improved. Cash Shop Enjoy our fourth of July offer and new summer sale, for more information check the following topic. Events Summer Carnival is back not only with new hats but also with a brand new mini-game, for more information check the following topic. As always, we hope you have a good time and enjoy RevivalRO! RevivalRO Management
  23. Greetings Everyone, 4th of July here but also the summer is here as well and it's scorching hot so it's time to celebrate and refresh a little bit! From 4th of July until 8th of july enjoy two promotions. 1- TRIPLE DONOR BOX, yes you heard it right, for every 16 euros you donate you will get 1 donor box. 2- Summer sales, a lot of items is back on sale and some items has returned back only during those 4 days, you can access the summer sale room through the NPC located at (prontera,156,232) Summer sale item list (price in premium points) 1- Shop 1 (Premium Points only) 2- Shop 2 3- Shop 3 4- Shop 4 Good luck and have fun at RevivalRO!
  24. Greetings Everyone, Enjoy during the weekend a Double Donor box, that a donor box for every 25 euros donated and also 15% more Premium Points on all transactions, this offer is valid from 15th of June until 16th 23:59 Singapore UTC + 8. Good luck and have fun in RevivalRO!
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