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    kane's art shop ★

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    kane's art shop ★

    Aaa! thank you guys! Leah told me about the pricing mistake, I'll try to fix it asap!! Hhh I'm only free for quick arts atm but I would love to!! Thank you <3 !
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    kane's art shop ★

    hi im kane i missed ragnarok so i decided to play again reee. im noob as hell so hopefully yall like my art (fund me) idk if paypal payments are allowed here, if not, i take zeny and credits (coins?) payment! not sure how to price the latter though, and how to trade for that... please guide me, a lost soul.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★ Contact Info ★ ► Discord: Fastest way to reach me! ► Facebook: http://fb.me/mprincekane ► IGN: kane azriel ★ Commissions Info ★ ► Pricing and Terms of Services: https://goo.gl/1vPnb8 ► Art samples: https://sta.sh/2sy4edsdrt1 ► No backgrounds, unfortunately. The most I can do are solid background, with or without patterns. ► There are additional fees for pets/familiars/weapons, although there is no set price. We can discuss that. ► I can do a wide variety of styles. I'm most comfortable with semi-realism. I can also do stylized and anime. Not that experienced in realism, however. ► I can do chibi and semi-chibi. Ecchi is fine, too. ★ Art Samples ★ ► More here: https://sta.sh/2sy4edsdrt1 ★ Slots ★ ► To ensure I don't pile up on commissions, I'll be taking comms just a couple at a time. ► Can take around 3 days to 1 week per piece. Although the simpler styles are fairly easy for me to do. ► [OPEN] ► [OPEN] ► [OPEN] ★ In-game Currency Rates ★ ► I'm fairly new to this, so if any of my rates are off, underpriced/overpriced, please do tell me! Any input is very much appreciated. ► 1 USD = 0.82 EUR = 35m ZENY = 0.82 CREDS (ROUNDED OFF)