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  1. So a friend was asking me if I could open a 2nd or 3rd client, and said yes I can. But my friend says that he can't, so I asked him to send me some screenshots of what appears when he tries to open a new client. So yeah, i wonder what seems to be the problem? or re-downloading is the only way for it to get fixed?
  2. I'd like to see a curse-less revival ro. I mean i'm sure there are a few kids here and there who will definitely try and play revival ro, so why don't we have a kid friendly ragnarok. So i'm seriously suggesting to just block the curses that are often used. Like instead of seeing "f*ck" you'll see "****". Ain't that much better? to major offenders who uses cursed words should be muted for a minute or so... or jailed? (kidding) *Just thought of this when I saw the main chat right now... and i've seen a lot of curses back firing here and there...
  3. Translation: "I've registered already but when I tried to log in it said "Unregistered Account", is there anything else I should do after I registered on the website? I also verified and validated the account on my email and inserted the username and pass correctly, what should I do? I'm a mobile user. Thank you.!"
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