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  1. Good day everyone! Here is a guide on how to obtain the powerful Antique Gears after finishing Breaking the Seals quest. Step 1. Go to Lighthalzen Police which is located at 233, 275 of Lighthalzen Step 2. Talk to the Chief Constable NPC as shown in the images Step 4. Choose your bribe option be it in the form of zeny or premium points. If the player chooses Zeny, the player has to place 500,000,000 or 500m zeny for a piece (1) of antique gear. Check the image below. If the player chooses points, then the player needs to input 500, which is equivalent to 5c (take note 1C = 100 point) for a piece (1) of antique gear. Hence if the player wishes to buy all 5 pieces then the input for the points has to be 2500. Check the image below. Step 5. After bribing the Chief Constable, go to Laurence in Rekenber Headquarters and talk to him to obtain the desired Antique Gear(s). Those are the steps in obtaining Antique Gears. Hope this helps.
  2. I am not sure about the existence of the list of refinable headgears, but if there is a specific headgear which you want to check out then maybe at this point only Revivalro wiki can help you identify it.
  3. Q.Q it's way past Christmas and almost New Year and still no change in cash shop. Santa must be gloomy. Anyways, with the wing scarf it isn't that bad with the drop rate of the Christmas box. Somehow it is really like 0.10% and bubblegum helps quite a bit. Maybe just try to relog every 30 minutes just like what myu advices people when the drop isn't that good. You could also change farming sites like for example if it gets too crowded in culvert, go to a different map which has less number of people farming, but with mobs that instantly respawn.
  4. The drop rate could also be at 0.10% which is the same as that of Diamond Heart. It's kind of sad especially for those who bought the premium ones of the latent effect. People are buying it because of the effect but somehow it is not satisfying, I dunno perhaps when it was nerfed from the stolen server it got carried over here. But anyways, it would really be good if its drop rate is the same as that of cards. PS: *waits for the change in cash shop*
  5. I will just write down the observations I have so far regarding the spawn of the Antonios in pront maps versus hunting Cookie in Toy Factory 1 (regardless of the number of farmers there). Pros: > It allows a player to have an alternative mob to hunt for the well-baked cookie > There are 9 maps to which players can hunt them without much contest. Cons: >Its teleport skill is making it more difficult to hunt than cookie >It has more HP than cookie and takes longer time to kill Since Antonio is a bit more challenging to kill than cookie, perhaps it would be better if it drops the Christmas gift 2018 even at a very very very low chance. That way it would be worth it to hunt. As of the moment, cookie in toy factory 1 is more worth it to hunt than the Antonio. Or another thing could be to reduce the HP of Antonio, so that even if it only drops well-baked cookie it would be the same level of challenge with cookie.
  6. you may also check the NPC in pront (173, 243) Amatsu Trader. It is just above the Weapon Dealer shop.
  7. thank you for this one mel ❤️ I needed this guide badly LOL. First time I entered, my party and I got ripped wkwkwkkw
  8. Hi everyone. Christmas event is up thanks to all the GMs and Admins of Revival. Now many players might be wondering where the NPC for Sugar Rush is located. So where to find this NPC exactly? The NPC can be found in Lutie or @go 7 near the snowmen, which is at 4 o'clock direction of the map. Talk to Kristal Kringle and she will tell you what to do for her and what she needs. Another question about this event: "Where to get the well-baked cookie (@alootid +538)?" This is dropped by Antonio, Christmas Cookie (toy factory 1 - 40, toy factory 2 - 20), and Cookie (toy factory 1 - 40, toy factory 2 - 20) You may get to the dungeon via Warpra > Dungeons. Hunt these mobs down and collect the well-baked cookies. Return to Kristal Kringle with the item she asks and she will give you a reward. Have fun and enjoy.
  9. @storeall 2 and @storeall 3 are the commands for storing items and equipment
  10. I would suggest you get the following characters per account: Sniper as hitter Professor/High Priest as tank Soul Linker for the buffs and kaizel For tips kindly check this post There are also tons of posts to check out in Quest Guides Section for RDC and other instances
  11. Point made well 👍 The enchant thingy kind of reminds me of how it is done with Keris
  12. edited as per suggestion. P.S. Added the following: Choco Love Hat Valentine's Topper Event Rose Eyepatch (Violet) I also identified the tradeable and untradeable ones. I also identified which can be found in Retro NPC and which cannot be found.
  13. Good day everyone! This post is in line with my earlier post about cards and alternatives which can be found here: This time let’s check out some gears which could actually replace the use of cards. Please take note that this post will NOT cover premium/donate items. I will be relying mostly on legit/non-donor items which we could get in game either via quest, events or event/Retro NPC, and instances. Gear Effect Cards That Won't Be Needed With This Gear Obtained From Tradable or Not Tradable Sunflower Hairpin AGI +20, Critical Rate +20%, Increase damage with Critical attacks by 20%, Immunity to Stun Orc Hero Card RX Filler RDC Tradable Kitten Love Silence and Blind immune, 10% resistance to water property Marduk Card and Deviruchi Card Valentine Event Tradable Queen's Bells [2] Immunity to Stone Curse, Sleep, and Stun, Flee + 55 plus 2 more Flee per refine, Restores 50 Sp and 1000 HP per second, MDEF + 5, Increases all healing done on you by 20%, Indestructible (except upgrading) Medusa Card, Nightmare Card, Orc Hero Card Sewer Bug Queen Tradable Drooping Loli [2] Immunity to Silence, 5% chance to Curse enemy when hit Marduk Card Drooping Loli Quest Tradable Metaling Hat [2] Adds a chance to cast level 1 Strip Weapon when attacking, returns a small amount of damage back to the attacker, Unstrippable Metaling card Grand Metaling Tradable Rabbit Top Hat [1] Immunity to the Stone Curse status., Magic damage against Formless type monsters + 5%., Nullifies SP regeneration Medusa Card Easter Event (Available in Retro NPC) Not Tradable Tail Hat [1] Increase all Stats by 15., Immunity to Blind., Enables the use of Level 3 Kaahi. Deviruchi Card Easter Event 2019 Not Tradable Bunny Hoodie (Black)/(White) [1] Immunity to Stone Curse Medusa Card Easter Event Tradable Flying Sheep Grants immunity to silent and blind status, +5% max HP and SP. Marduk Card and Deviruchi Card Christmas Event Tradable Kirkena's Hat [2] Increases skill level of Soul Drain depending on the amount of alive party members you have (Max 5 Levels), Nullifies gemstone / ninja stone requirement, Every refine over the safe limit, increases magic damage against Demi-Humans by 3% Mistress Card, Orcish Spirit Card Halloween Event (Baby Boo Sack, Jack o'Lantern Sack) Not Tradable Sloth Hat [2] Grants immunity to Sleep, Adds a small chance to inflict Sleep on your opponent when attacking Nightmare Card Event Retro NPC Not Tradable Red Downey Hat [2] All Stats + 10., Chance to Transmogrophy monsters when attacking., Adds a 5x5 splash damage when attacking. Baphomet Card and Heirozoist Card Event Retro NPC Unknown Red Creed Helm [2] DEX+2, Immunity to Silence., +5% chance to Poison the enemy when physically attacked., When refined to 8 or higher:+5% chance to Silence the enemy when physically attacked. Marduk Card Ice Crown Not Tradable Valentine's Topper Inceases all stats by 1/25th of their base value, Grants the use of Level 2 Teleportation, Grants the use of Fortune's Kiss (Level 5), Has a chance to autocast Wink of Charm on your enemy when being attacked. Creamy Card Valentine Event 2015 (Not Available in Retro NPC) Not Tradable Choco Love Hat [2] Increase all stats by 1/25th their base value., Grants the use of Teleport Level 2., Has a chance to autocast Wink of Charm on your enemy when being attacked. Creamy Card Valentine Event 2015 (Not Available in Retro NPC) Not Tradable Event Rose Eyepatch (Violet) [1] Increase physical and magical damage to Demi-Human by 3% per Refine., Increase Base ATK and MATK by 1% per 2 Refine., If Base STR/DEX is 250 or higher: Immunity to Silence., If Base INT/AGI is 250 or higher: Immunity to Stun. Marduk Card and Orc Hero Card Valentine Event 2019 (Not Available in Retro NPC) Not Tradable Large Blue Angelwing [1] MAtk +10%, Ignores 10% of enemies' MDef, Nullify the Gemstone and Ninja Stone requirement of certain spells Mistress Card, Orcish Spirit Card Cedi MVP Tradable* Vengeance Feather [1] MAtk +5%, After-cast Delay -10%, Immunity to Silence, Int +10 Marduk Card Cedi MVP Tradable* Vexed Feathers [1] Atk +5%, Hit +10%, Immunity to Blind, Dex +10 Deviruchi Card Cedi MVP Tradable* Vindicated Feathers [1] Atk +5%, MAtk +5%, Resistance to Dark, Ghost and Undead increased by 10%, Immunity to Curse, Luk +10 Evil Snake Lord Card Cedi MVP Tradable* Great Old Hauberk Perfect Dodge + 10, Max HP and Max SP + 20%, After Cast Delay - 10%, MDEF + 10, ATK and MATK+ 5%, Critical + 10, Hit + 10, Ignores 10% of Enemy's MDEF, Provides protection against Freezing, Resistance to Water and Neutral +10%, Unbreakable. Unstrippable. Marc Card, Grand Marin Card, Gioia Card Cedi MVP Tradable* Poring Sword [1] This weapon is a One Handed Sword, Maxes out ASPD, Shadow Property, Increases damage when attacking with Shadow property attacks, Reduces damage from Holy attacks by 10%., Ignores the Defense of non-boss type mobs., Has a chance to leech the damage dealt with an attack and recover it as HP Baphie Card Poring GM Tradable Perun Axe [3] Wind Elemental, Attacks will affect a 5x5 radius when attacking. (Does not stack with other splash-adding effects), After-cast delay is decreased by 3%. Baphomet Card Nightmare Minorous Tradable Luin Celtchair [2] DEF + 5, Has a chance to inflict you or your opponent with Burning, and reduces damage from all races by 10%. Skoll Card Aenbharr Tradable Hermes Sandals Increases Movement Speed, Increases ASPD by 25%, Enable effect of Endure Skill, AGI + 10 Eddga Card Hermes Holiday RDC Tradable Darkened Boots [1] AGI + 3., Max SP + 10 per refine., Reduces damage from the Shadow element by 15%., Increases damage from the Holy element by 10%., Grants level 3 Hiding Smokie Card Melanis Tradable Also please take note that the effects listed here are mostly taken from wiki and @ii and @id commands. If in case the player cannot do the instance, missed the event, or have trouble acquiring these things, the player can either buy the equipment from other players; or in the case of items from past events just buy EPCs or join the events which usually (take note usually as this may vary depending on changes in server) occur at 3:00 PM or 5:00 PM server time. *Items from Cedi MVP System can be traded EXCEPT when it is worn already. Items dropped by monsters can also be traded from player to player regardless whether worn already or not. As for the other items, when using @ii and @id check the item restriction or check out at wiki. These are only some of the equipment that I am able to cover. I might add more in the future. Hope this helps. Have fun!
  14. Yes I will be working on this on a different thread post. I am gathering data at the moment too. I will be putting all gears that give almost the same effect as cards which will be helpful to those who wanted to make builds based on legit items.
  15. I know where you're coming from. However let's keep in mind that not everyone has the luxury to instantly get MVP room cards. For example a newbie starts playing today and he/she might be a non-donor. In some dungeons, fields, even gramps immunity to stun is needed. OH is the ideal of course and the best one out there. However, the player needs to either farm or hunt it and cards from the MVP room don't drop that easily unless lady luck is on their side and they won't die fast in MVP room without wearing any sort of resistance. Gemini is, as you say, also tough to get. Even in my case all my other accounts apart from my main account don't have an OH at my disposal per account so might as well find an alternative in the meantime and get the immunity card later on. The alternative might not be the best one out there but still serves some purpose in the meantime. And hey 20% is still 20% out of 100% and it still have its use. These may be junk for some other players but it may mean something for the resourceful ones. I think I could, I need to research on those a bit more so I can put them up. There are still so many other cards out there so it may take time.
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