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  1. Ohhhh yasssssssssss pls. No worries about it Mel. I don't even buy those gears from players wkwkwkwkwkwk so I am like one of those people who just run own and refine on own XD
  2. Hello lovely players~~~ This time I would like to talk about an underrated class in RevivalRO - baby class - particularly baby rogue. My husband and I love to farm using our baby rogues in Baby Dungeon or Toy Testing Center where MVPs like Jolie, Yuki, and Tino spawn. We also love farming there because it allows us to get the baby set (check out https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Baby_Set_Quest for more details). Baby Set Includes Baby Pacifier - https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Baby_Pacifier_(0) Baby Bonnet - https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Baby_Bonnet_(2) Baby Rattle - https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Baby_Rattle Our reasons for farming with baby rogue are not only those, it also allows us to farm MVP cards (Yuki, Tino, and Jolie) along with pieces of Hardened Steel. Farming with a baby rogue also gives us a decent amount of zeny by farming nerf arrow quivers. Those are just some of the reasons so it gives us a good reason to share this with everyone else. Let's get started. Stats STR - 255 AGI - enough for 196 aspd VIT - 30 INT - 1 DEX - 150 or higher (this will help increase the chance of snatcher skill proc) LUK - rest of the stat points Armors The good thing about building baby classes is that players can also use whatever gears they have on their 'regular' classes. For baby rogue this is mostly what we wear. Drooping Amistr - Best option out there for legitimate headgear. Although if the player can afford to splurge some creds, I would suggest to get an Amistr Beret. Other headgears from cash shop would work too either melee or 30 stat upper. Even the miner's hat from Mining Point would work. Just stuff in 4 kiki cards on them for added crit and extra bonus which can only be obtained by baby classes. Lower - black/orange tie, valentine balloon, red tie, or any lower from cash shop - I am not really particular with this one. In my case whatever I have, I use them. If I wanted high damage I will go for red tie, however, if I remember correctly right now I only have planet orbs so yeah I just use it. Mid - Large Red Wing or any donate (+30 stat mid, poring party, feline glasses or what have you) The most important one for the mid is that there is an Orc Hero card stuff in it! Great Old Hauberk - Anti-freeze and other bonuses is what we're after here. Why anti-freeze? So Yuki won't be able to freeze the player. Any other armor with antifreeze would work too, but we just really prefer this one. Do an experiment and tell us +9 Heroic Backpack or Great Demon Shroud with Anunaki/Flamel Emul - I just love how these 2 cards increase help in increasing crit and damage. Also, with flamel emul, I just love that FCP. Bronze greaves/Antique Shoes/Elvira boots with General Egnigem Cenia Card - I love the anti-knockback of these shoes. Also, I am not really the type of person who would go all-out on offense. I love GEC card's effect. Ahura Mazdah with Golden Thiefbug Card - reflect and less damage from magic attacks. I just love these combinations. Angra Manyu - the perfect weapon of choice for this dungeon as a player would want to kill mobs fast without losing HP. Just stuff in a combination among, Turtle General Card, Baphomet Card, and Abysmal Knight Card. Recondite Rings with Ifrit Card - those crit are nice and that earthquake will surely help in dealing damage to mobs. Other items needed: Infinite Flywing - any player would want this for teleport. Stat food - up to the player which stat food he/she would want to consume Treasureberry - hurray for this healing item Fortis protestas - Anyone would want this to increase their damage Ygg berries/ ygg seeds - healing item for this dungeon What should a baby rogue do inside Toy Testing Center? Even if the baby rogue is not yet maxed level, the player can go inside the Toy Testing Center and level up there. In order to enter the dungeon, the player must bring any kind of doll as a gate pass. By the way, the entrance to the dungeon is found in @go 7 or Lutie. Exchange the stuffed toy with Abbey and she will grant the player access to the Toy Testing Center. (Please excuse my use of my baby super novice. It is currently the one I am online with while I am writing this guide). Once inside the baby dungeon, the player may use infinite flying to teleport around the map - regardless whether he/she want to hunt the MVPs of farm nerf arrow quivers. In my case, I teleport around the dungeon not only to hunt MVPs but also to hunt Chicky. Chicky is the one that drops nerf arrow quiver at 100%. Imagine the snatcher skill proc with and the player will have 2x nerf arrow quiver. I also use the baby rogue to farm snack packs which contain stat food for baby classes. I also farm weapons from mobs and exchange them for snack packs with the Toy Box NPC (275, 185) inside the baby dungeon. (Excuse this one too please, as I just also asked my husband to show me at the moment where the Toy Box NPC is located) Hmmm.... yes we also use other characters inside Toy Testing Center but the main one we use for farming is baby rogue. We love that snatcher skill so much when we're farming that's why. Many of you might be wondering why I am not that very particular with the gears of my character. The reason - I just use whatever I have. If I can afford the gears, I will buy, if not I try to reach optimal damage with what I have. Remember, it is not how expensive the gears that make a character good, sometimes we just need to find the right ones that will suit our playing style. Don't be afraid to experiment or make your own build as there is no 1:1 perfect match of a build for everyone. Just discover and enjoy the endless possibilities that one can find in a game. Anyways, I hope everyone finds this guide quite helpful. Feel free to drop any comments and suggestions.
  3. I am also at a 50/50 stand on this matter. If I may suggest let's have it like: Cedi gears can be refined without being account bound - yes - but on two conditions: 1) If the blacksmith blessing is from daily eden reward, the selected cedi item to be refined will automatically turned into bound and 2) if the blacksmith blessing is from cedi or from cash shop or SRT box or Donor Box, then the selected cedi item to be refined will remain unbound and can be traded to another player. Aforementioned suggestion will not apply to cedi items that are already character bound, thus if it is bound IT IS BOUND. As for the pros and cons, there's not much I can say about it. However, if someone wants to monopolize the price and control it, that person can always find a way to do so whether it be cedi items or what have you. It is upon us player whether we go with that flow or try to go against it. I would love to hear more opinions on this matter as it will help all of us in the long run too.
  4. I just thought of another suggestion in regards to cedi. Personally as someone who runs cedi with dozen of runs in one go, I think that trading the wares one by one to the NPC is quite a struggle. Thus, here I would like to suggest that instead of dealing wares one by one to the NPC, why not make it like a scroll down menu in example: "Which tier would you like to enter? Tier D Tier C Tier B" - for tapes and for Watery Lair "Would you like to enter tier A? Yes No" and for Odin "Which tier for New Cedi would you like to enter? D-2 C-2 B-2" Wherein, if the player doesn't have the appropriate nectar or ambrosia, they would be denied entry. Although, if the player presents the appropriate nectar or ambrosia, the party leader will have 1 nectar/ambrosia removed from inventory in exchange for entering the tier. I just personally think this is a better one than having to deal nectars/ambrosia one by one. Although, I would still love to read some more ideas from other. Come and make comments and/or suggestions on how we can improve the game.
  5. Thanks for pointing it out Mel ❤️ I will work on editing it.
  6. Let this noob share some things she learned from friends in-game and through experience in Sealed Shrine
  7. Stalker is indeed one of the characters that is good when farming due to their ability to copy skills from other classes using “Plagiarism’. Maybe some people would ask, ‘why stalker for Sealed Shrine as hitter?' The rationale is that the stalker could also make use of Bow as weapon (I will further explain this one), plus their skill ‘Compulsion Discount (25%)’ Compulsion discount is important, especially when the special NPC pops out. We can buy whetstone, speeds, fonts, etc. This advantage from using a stalker class is what we’ll make use of when running Sealed Shrine. In this instance, my stalker plagiarized the skill Level 10 Triple Attack from my husband’s baby monk (Yes, my husband and I do Sealed Shrine just the two of us). This is important as we want to deal as much damage as we can to Baphomet. Please don’t be confused, we only used baby monk to plagiarize a skill. Normally we got 4 characters for sealed shrine - Professor, Sniper, Stalker, and Soul Linker. Stats The stats that I place here are the ones I would suggest, however, it is still the player’s discretion on how he/she would allocate the stats to suit his/her playing style. I highly encourage players to discover techniques and strategies as there is no 1:1 prescriptive technique and strategy that would work for everyone. Now here’s how I allocate stats on my stalker: STR - 100 (this is so the stalker could carry stuff) AGI - good enough to get the character into 196 aspd VIT - 30 INT - 1 DEX - 255 (we will be using bow so this one needs to be maxed) LUK - the remaining stat points left Gears Now for the gears, I would suggest the following but please take note that they are not prescriptive, it is still up to you whether you would use them or not. I will just place them down so there will be alternatives for players. Upper Headgear Chubby bunny - as the player uses holy arrows, this headgear adds an additional 50% damage to Baphomet and all the other mobs. It also has a slot where a player can add either a Duneyrr card or Dark Pinguicula. Please take note that this headgear is from an event which comes like once a year. Try checking the Retro NPC if there is one such as this, or a differently named headgear with the same effect. Drooping Amistr - it gives 50% damage against all races and the 25% HP recovery rate is really good as the player tries to kill mobs. I believe this headgear is a staple headgear good for all instances for players who want to be the hitter/killer type. This headgear can be done as a quest, check out: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Drooping_Amistr_Quest Novice Golden Valkyrie Helm - This freebie from the novice ground is something which a player shouldn’t ignore when it comes to dealing damage in legit areas such as Sealed Shrine. It has two slots, +15 to all stats, and 15% damage to all races. Middle headgear White Icicle Wing [2] - this icicle wing gives an additional 5 stats, 30% more damage to Shadow monsters, and 10% less damage from shadow monsters. It is also two slotted. Although take note that legit instances like Sealed Shrine only make use of the first slot, so I suggest it is better to use an Evil Snake Lord card to avoid getting cursed. To get this headgear, check our first the ice wing quest which is on https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Ice_Wing_Quest then follow it with the icicle wing quest https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/330-icicle-wings-guide/&tab=comments#comment-1375 for the full guide. Make sure you recolor first your ice wings before turning them into icicle wings. *I have an Orc Hero card on this one as I also use it to farm in MVP room. This wing is just too handy for me so it’s my all-rounder wing for my stalker/sniper when farming in those places/instances. Novice Yellow Oracle Wings - hurray for another freebie from the novice grounds ❤️ This is really helpful for those who do not have the finances to buy nor to those who do not have the time to farm or do quests. It has two slots and +15 to all stats. Fancy right? Yet again remember a player can only use 1st slot in legit instances so think carefully which card will be placed on it. Large Red Wing - This middle headgear can be obtained from doing cedi MVP. If the player is into crit-type then this is the right wing to be used as it amplifies critical attack. Vexed feathers - This is another wing from the cedi MVP that is more inclined to long-ranged hitters with its additional 5% attack, hit 10% and 10 dex. What’s more is that it allows the player to be immune to blindness. Golden Wing [1] - love questing for items? Here is one middle headgear that won’t disappoint. Check out golden wing from https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Golden_Wings_(Loki) and see how can this be obtained by doing quests as well as its description. Lower Headgear Valentine’s Balloon - an event item which you can also be bought from other players. It’s good for its additional 5% increase damage to non demi humans, which most mobs from Sealed Shrine are. Kitten Love - what’s good about this lower is that it has anti-silence and blind immune. This is good if the player doesn’t like being blinded by Bapho’s LOV. This is also from an event, but it can be bought from players. Froggy rucksack - this item can be obtained from doing MOTD. The goodness of this item is on its additional dex and long range damage which is what is needed by stalker for Sealed Shrine. Armors Alligator Leather Suit, Cloak, and Sandals - if the player so wishes to be on the crit-type then here’s the armor set that is suitable. This can be obtained by Tailoring or buying from other players. It is highly suggested to get +10 refine for its maximum effect. (Kindly click the link for full item description) https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Alligator_Leather_Suit https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Alligator_Leather_Cloak https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Alligator_Leather_Sandals Dragon Leather Suit, Cloak, and Sandals - I use this equipment set because it allows the stalker to have high hit and it also gives ignore def. I also love how this equipment set is unbreakable. https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Dragon_Leather_Suit https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Dragon_Leather_Cloak https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Dragon_Leather_Sandals +9 Heroic Backpack - This can be obtained by doing MOTD for heroic points and Daily Eden Quests for Pieces of Paradise which won’t cost you a zeny. However, should you wish to buy using credits, buy an unrefined one from Cash Shop worth 3c or buy a +9 from other players. The card I slotted on this cloak armor is Anunaki card. Check out this link for the full description of Anunaki card - https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Anunaki_Card Pragmatist Mail - This armor can be obtained from cedi MVP or buy it from other players. Why I suggest this armor? It increases the stalker’s hit plus it is slotted so the player can either stuff in a Byorgue card (http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=byorgue+card&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search) or Gloom Under Night http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=gloom+under+night&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search Check out https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Pragmatists_Mail for full Pragmatists Mail description. Great Old Hauberk - Another armor which can only be obtained from cedi MVP or through trading with other players. What else can I say about this but amazing! Atk and matk +5%, critical +10, hit +10, unbreakable and unstrippable. There’s more to it so check out https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Great_Old_Hauberk for the full item description. Luk/Dex 10 enchanted Lucius Fire Armor - it’s an armor dropped by ifrit enchanted with dex 10 or luk 10 through hidden enchantment (https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Hidden_Enchant). It is one slotted so a player can stuff in a Gloom Under Night card. What’s so good about this? If the player is in party with a professor, stand on the volcano and start hitting baphomet. See how much damage the stalker does! Accessories Enhancing Clip - this accessory really enhances any character’s stats. Get it from a quest and see how truly helpful this accessory is https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Enhancing_Clip +5 Ruby Rings - A ring crafted for crit-type damage dealer https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Ruby_Ring +5 Zircon Rings - A ring crafted for long-range hitter https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Zircon_Ring Recondite Ring - a player’s best bet when it comes to rings check out https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Recondite_Ring. This can be obtained from cedi MVP or buy from other players. Ring Des Nibelungen - what can you ask for a ring than an additional 5 to all stats, atk 5%, and matk 5%. See https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Ring_Des_Nibelungen and learn more on how to obtain this item through a quest. Weapons +10 Composite Bow - poor man’s starter bow. Not to be taken so lightly as it can also be helpful in instances. It may not be the best bow out there but it is 4 slotted so stuff it with Orc Sniper and Orc fighter combo together with either Abysmal Knight or Turtle General card. Make your own combination on these cards and experiment. +10 Coronis Wing - Stuff 3 Abysmal Knight Cards or 1 Randgris card and 2 Abysmal Knight cards to dispel Baphomet. Use it together with Black-fetched arrow and have a priest aspersio the stalker or use aspersio scrolls. Check out https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Coronis%27_Wing_(Loki) +10 Goblin Bow - In my opinion, this is the best bow for MVPing. Click on this link to find out why https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Goblin_Bow +10 Heartbow - it allows the stalker to double attack. Use this and it will be combined together with Triple Attack skill that was copied. Check out https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Heart_Bow on how to obtain this bow and for full item description. This is actually the main reason why I prefer the stalker to be bow type. The combination of double attack from the bow and triple attack from plagiarism is fantastic. Stalker as Hitter A question at this point maybe 'What does a stalker exactly do to kill Baphomet?' Once again for this guide please be reminded that I am in a party of four character Professor for tanking, Soul Linker, Sniper and Stalker. Let's just say that we're already at the point where Baphomet is summoned. Here's what needs to be done: As a stalker wait until the professor casts Volcano (this works best when the stalker is wearing fire armor with gloom card), then let the professor lure Baphomet in the middle where the seal is placed. Now, once Baphomet is in the middle of the seal, the stalker should stand on the volcano. Hit Baphomet as much as possible along with the sniper and/or soul linker. However, when the seals change, stop hitting Baphomet and wait once more until Baphomet is placed in the middle of the seal in either of the four seals (2, 4, 8, or 10 o'clock'). Once Baphomet is dead, there is a chance that a special NPC will pop-up. This is where stalker is crucial. With compulsion discount, buy items like whetstone, speed potions, etc. That’s all I can share when it comes to Stalker for Sealed Shrine. Comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.
  8. Thank you for this guide Mel ❤️ I can properly gear now my nab Gypsy and Bard.
  9. ohhhhh so waiii still no chaffeur. wkwkwkkw my cedi army and sealed shrine army were demn a pain in my butt to transfer XD I ended up parking my sealed shrine army and can't use them for fluffy yet so lazy to move all 6 sets of my army XD
  10. Greetings fellow players! Welcome to the world of Ragnarevival. This is indeed your usual Pre-Renewal RO private server, but what sets it apart from the rest of the other pre-renewal servers? Ragnarevival has 255 as the max base level and 120 as max job level. What’s more this server provides free starting equipment to new players! Come on and let’s get started playing here. To begin with, everyone starts as a novice and the starting map is in novice grounds which is @go 15. Right at the spawn point, there are two NPCs. On top is Shion and on the right is the Newbie Items NPC. I suggest talking to the Newbie Items NPC first before talking to Shion. Make sure that the character talks to the Newbie Items NPC in order to obtain free items which will serve as the starting gear of the character. The player can choose either novice pink Valkyrie or novice gold Valkyrie headgears. Afterwards, the player will now have the following items which will be on ‘rental’ as they are merely for helping a player to level up and farm for the items that he/she will later on use in-game. Check the photos to see the difference between the gold and pink Novice Valkyrie Headgears. Please take note that the only ones that will not expire are the headgears. They will be permanent items in the inventory unless the player wishes to dispose of them. Moving onwards, once the player has the novice starter pack items. Go to any town and save there. Then using the kafra services warp to the following dungeons as the level of the character being played rises: Warpra >>> Dungeons>>>> [Name of Dungeon] It is important to take note and consider when leveling the base level and job levels of the character. The base level helps the player to allocate stat points in different areas such as Str, Agi, Vit, Int, Dex, and Luk. Base Level Base Level 1 to Base Level 10 Anthell Level 1 - In this dungeon the player needs to hunt down the ant egg, deniro, pierre, andre, and even the familiar in order to level up. It’s one of the easiest ones. Another option could be Payon Dungeon 1. Base Level 11 to Base Level 70 (with Job Level 50) Les Forest (Moscovia Dungeon Level 1) - As for this dungeon, the player needs to hunt down Les and Wood Goblin. I would suggest to add more stat points on agi this time as it is needed to have as much as possible aspd close to 196 to be able to hit and kill mobs fast. Don’t worry about not getting much attack power as the angra gives an additional attack and it has ‘life steal’ which helps the character not to die fast, but rather regain HP with every single hit on the mob. Level 70 Base Level to Level 99 (with Job Level 50) Sphinx Level 4 - In this dungeon, the mob that gives the most exp point is the Anubis, followed by Pasana or if the character has high ASPD close to 196 go to Thanatos Tower 8. All of the mobs here give high exp, but be careful with Odium of Thanatos as it sometimes can’t be hit when its property is ghost. Job Level When a player reaches Job level 10, it’s time to job change. Go back to the town where the character is saved and look for the Job Master NPC. Choose the class which the player prefers (swordsman, thief, mage, acolyte, merchant, archer, taekwon kid, gunslinger, super novice, baby classes). The player will also approach this NPC whenever the character reaches job level 50. Just make sure that all the skill points are used up before talking to the NPC. Once the character is Base Level 99 with Job Level 50, it’s time to rebirth. Again, head to any town or the town where you are saved and look for the Job Master NPC. This NPC allows the player to change into a high novice. There you have it. I hope it helps. Feel free to add or correct any details by writing on this thread. Have a great day everyone.
  11. Hello again. This time around I wanted to discuss the NPC that would be of great help for players - Chaffeur. With the absence of guild towns in this server, this NPC is also non-existent. However, it would be great if there is a chaffeur NPC. If there would be a chaffeur NPC, I would like to suggest that it would be placed in Eden Group so that everyone can access it and warp to certain maps that take too long for us to walk towards to like: The Artistry and Crafting NPCs Cedi Tapes, Byalan 5 Watery Lair, Odin Beacon Sealed Shrine RDC Endless Tower and maybe toward HoA Cat Hand Agents I hope this one will be considered
  12. LOL, yes let's make it alive so everyone, especially those new into this server would find the forums really helpful and alive XD.
  13. I love this guide. Thanks Mel ❤️
  14. Greetings! I think this is already the third day I am posting here on general discussions. Today I want us to talk about how we can improve the daily Eden quests on Eden group. Many of us might have noticed that some of the tasks for the quest are just close to impossible to accomplish. What could be those tasks' objective? Some of them are: Kill <amount> [bio 4 MVP name] - extermination Kill <amount> [IBPC MVP] - extermination Bring <amount> [item (sometimes MVP drop)] - accumulation Bring <refine #> [item from crafting/tailoring/metalworking (which mats are difficult to get such as soft wool, hardened steel, andalusite, asteria)] - supply Fish <amount> [fish name] - Angling Those were just some of the quests that could be replaced with other more doable for all players. Some of the things I can suggest to improve them are: For extermination, since some tasks require MVP to be killed either ask the players to kill those from the MVP rooms or to kill certain MVPs from maps but make the number of times required compatible to the respawn time of the MVPs. For accumulation, especially when the item asked for is a drop from an MVP (i.e. skoll MVP item drop) they could ask like 3 pcs or up to 5 pcs since we players also have to time the spawn of the MVP or buy them from other players. Also, as for angling let's keep in mind that not all players are into fishing. More so, the amount of shekels we need to get the best rods are way too high and most fishes are only 1-2 shekels. Fishes are also only caught on certain areas that need certain levels and fishing takes so much time as well. Maybe we can talk about this in another post. Finally as for supply, maybe equips/weapons/items asked from the artistry and crafting system could still be asked for, however we need to take note that items of higher refine should not be asked as they are expensive and sometimes hard to make due to the random refine they came out as output. Perhaps for the rings asked the refine should be 0-3 and as for equipment or weapons, the refine should be 0-6 as it would be too much to ask perhaps of an Hardened steel breastplate +9 just for pieces of paradise. I hope that these concerns will be looked into very carefully and the solutions and suggestions be thoroughly considered. I would love to hear more from others their thoughts and opinions about this matter 😊 Let's make RevivalRO more fun and enjoyable for all ^.^
  15. If I remember it correctly, everyone can only put up autotrade of up to 5 different accounts. I personally think 5 accounts is too much as it only floods the server and makes it seem that there are so many players whereas they are only alt accounts. 1-2 accounts is already good to go since we even have #trade chat to use as well.
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