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    Suggestion Thread

    It would be good if there was a command for @gstorage that is similar to @storeall and @storeall 2
  2. Aka Gelato

    Suggestion Thread

    Please add these cards for Marvin if possible because i don't think these cards are included and were called by Marvin before. Some of these cards just pile up in storage coz barely anyone buys them or uses them. Butoijo Card Cendrawasih Card Comodo Card Little Fatum Card Parus Card Sedora Card Sropho Card Crystalis Golem Card Embers Card Green Damselfly Card Indicolite Card Jormungandr Card Leanen Sidhe Card Lycan Card Mossy Golem Card Onyx Card Opuntia Card Polistes Card Praying Mantis Card Puca Card Rhodochrosite Card Roseus Monstrum Card Sproutling Card Treant Card Una Fey Card Wild Warg Card
  3. Aka Gelato

    Amon Ra in MVP room spawns too much minions

    Ahh okay. thanks GM Sierra.
  4. Aka Gelato

    Suggestion Thread

    Would be good if the Artistry and Crafting systems (handicrafting, metalworking, and tailoring) NPCs won't require us to drag items 1 by 1. Instead I hope it would be like the cookbook method where you only need the materials and click from the choices which item should be crafted. With the outputs it's fine as it is but please make the artistry and crafting system less tedious and less time-consuming.
  5. I just noticed that Amon Ra in MVP room keeps summoning so much minions that sometimes it causes lag inside the MVP Room.
  6. This tradeable cursed ring item quest is what I noticed in the old server. A character that has finished the quest for ring des nibelungen may repeat it because the cursed ring is tradeable. Way back in the old server because my high priest which has finished the pre-requisite for cursed ring (A Glast from the Past) cannot kill mermaid, jormungand, and lycan/skoll baby, i tried dealing my cursed ring to my main account which uses a sinX. Because, the ring was tradeable my sinX on the main account could wear the cursed ring and kills for my high priest which is on the alt account. Moreover, since the sinX from main account has finished the quest already it only needed to kill 1 among mermaid, jormungand, lycan/skoll baby to make another ring des nibelungen. This was reported to the GM in the other server but i think this still persists on this new server.
  7. Aka Gelato

    Skipping steps in the GhP questline

    While doing the GhP questline on my sinx, particulary under The Sticky Situation, if a character doesn't talk to Heloise in the library for the completion of A Sticky Situation and continues to go to talk to Sporus on far_isld03 it automatically triggers the Shadow of the Raven quest and skips 6 steps of the quest. Thus, character can immediately go to bricks and fight Verdadyr for Shadow of the Raven quest.