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  1. Good day everyone. Today let's talk about VIP dungeon farmer - High Priest Magnus Build. This is the highly favored build for farming VIP tokens in VIP dungeon because of its high-aoe damage. As there are many combinations of gears for Magnus Priest (see https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/2684-high-priest-magnus-build-farmer/&tab=comments#comment-5442 for the list of gears), this post will cover the mid-tier gears only. I would like to call it mid-tier in the sense that the build will focus on items that are obtained with average difficulty through events, instances, crafting, and other features in game, affordable, and they are legit (no need to donate to obtain them). Also what makes them mid-tier is the damage that they yield altogether ranges approximately from 300-500k. Although the Magnus Exorcismus skill can reach up to 1.2M (or even higher) damage, the gears for that have to be discussed in a different post since they are top-tier and would require more effort and resources from a player. So without any further ado, let's check out the gears for our mid-tier Magnus build priest. Upper Headgear Chubby bunny with Vesper Card - Summer Carnival (alternative headgear to this one with same effect may be obtained through Retro NPC, namely Magic Rabbit Hat/Save the Queen) Middle Headgear Large Blue Wing with Vesper Card (I'm using Vesper Card against VIP mobs since they have a similar behavior with boss-mobs that cannot be affected with status inflicting weapons nor cards) Lower Headgear Bat Rucksack - from Heroic Shop (50 points obtained by doing Monster of the Day) Orange or Black Tie Armor +9/+10 Flax vest Great old Hauberk Garment +9/+10 Flax hood Great old cloak Shield Bible of Promise vol.2 with Celia Alde Card - shield dropped by Randel Lawrence in Biolabs F4, while card is dropped by Celia Alde in Biolabs F4 Weapon +9/+10 Barren Rod Shoes Ebony Greaves with Int 3 and Fallen Bishop Hibram Black death aura (the downside of this one is that it takes both lower headgear and shoes slot) Accessories Spiritual Ring Rosary/Clip with Stalwart Sentinel Card Another item that would be beneficial to this is the Infinite Flywing (this grants us teleport without affecting after cast delay (ACD) so this is pretty handy as Teleport by priests are normally affected by ACD from Magnus Exorcismus). Also, you guys may notice that status resist especially against stun is needed in VIP dungeon. I don’t wear Orc Hero or any anti stun because I just normally cast Magnus and Flywing right away to avoid getting hit by mobs. Another thing to remember is Alvilda will dispel more often than not. Which is why the trick is to cast Magnus and use Flywing. Here is a sample video: https://youtu.be/s6erUdmwxXQ These are the suggested gears for mid-tier VIP dungeon Magnus priest farmers. I would say that the only expensive pieces from this build would cost 45M at most (though this might be subject to changes later on as card prices are pretty much volatile). For players who have a higher budget allotted for gears and are willing to purchase gears using creds, they could go ahead and do so as this guide is more for those who are inclined to building a priest with cheaper gears that provide ample damage. Please keep in mind that different gear combinations have different stacking of effects, hence why the gears I posted might be different from how other players build their Magnus priests. The guide for top tier-gears will be posted soon. Stay tuned.
  2. "Card drops will now announce in red color. It will also announce the chance from which player got the drop." - I appreciate the adjustment that the GM Team made but please change the font color to a different one @Optimus Prime. Font red color is not reader friendly and not good for the eyes. Also, the situation of this is different from the reddish/pinkish color of HOA announcement because that one appears only during after woe. But this card drop tends to appear from time to time, hence card drop is more frequent (red font will also be frequent too). Can't we use like a different color for this one? maybe Orange or Purple or Light blue idk. Please have mercy on our eyes. Thanks.
  3. Hello everyone. This is a generic guide for those who want to complete RDC Tier 3’s Rescojin using a team composed of Assassin Cross, Sniper, Professor, High Priest, Whitesmith, and Biochemist. Some characters like Wizard, Gypsy, Clown, Soul Linker and, Paladin could also be included in the party. In this guide, we just opted for the first set of classes because those are the only characters my husband and I could bring in our 2-player party. I would say this is generic because some players might find better gears, better builds, better party composition and better strategy in completing Rescojin. Before I proceed to the main content of this post, I would like to thank and acknowledge the players who made the guides and shared them (sorry I can’t remember your usernames on YT since I think I watched like 4-5 videos some of which were from way back) such as Myu and Fraj; and to the two people who helped me figure out stuff - Tony and Mel (gcq). Okay going back to the main content of this guide, I will first share the gears and perhaps on the last part of this post is the steps to conquering Goblin Leader - the main antagonist of this quest. Monster Information and Character Build First and foremost we need to identify very well the details about the monster we are going to fight against. In this case we should get to know better Goblin Leader which is the one we need to defeat in order to free Bacsojin. Additional information regarding skills: Strip weapon (I am not sure whether it is goblin leader or the minions do it) Berserk Auto-guard Reflect Hiding (Goblin Leader uses this on players) Upon identifying the important details about Goblin Leader, now it’s time to decide on which gears players will use on their respective class being used for the instance. Below are some SUGGESTIONS for gearing characters, Sniper and SinX respectively. Please take note it varies from player to player as it depends on what items they have and how they want to use it inside the instance. Now let’s move on to the gears. At this point, I will only be sharing the SUGGESTED gears for Sniper and SinX. Upper Headgear (for both Class) - Drooping Amistr, Jirant Circlet Red [1] (id 50178), Candy Cane Hat (id 47021) Middle Headgear (for both Class) - Large Red Wing [1], Golden Wings [1], Present of Snow [1], Day Ring [1] Lower Headgear (for both Class) - Hip Ribbon, Black/Orange Tie [1], Green Scarf (Chaos immune), Pink Scarf I personally suggest to bring 1 Green Scarf to use while walking towards the warp point, then just switch to a different lower when attacking Goblin Leader and its minions. Must-have cards for Headgear Orc Hero Card Giearth Card Armor (for both Class) - Pragmatists Mail with Pasana (Sniper) or Great Old Hauberk Armor (for Sniper) - Lucius Fire Armor or Sniping Suit with Pasana Card Armor (for SinX) - Alligator Leather Breast, Orc Knight Plate, Pi Shell Garment (for both Classes) - Great Demon Shroud or Heroic Backpack Garment (for sinX) - Poised Cloak (if there is no Teddy Baal, at least some damage from reflect will get reduced and stuff it with a Demi5), Shoulder Bears Garment card (for Sniper) - Anunaki or Flamel Emul Garment card (for SinX) - Teddy Baal, Anunaki, Flamel Emul Shoes (for both Class) - +10 Elvira with Ascendant Orc/Purplering/Orc Knight Card Shoes (for Sniper) - Fey Boots with either of the cards mentioned above Shoes (for SinX) - Antique Shoes or Bronze Greaves with General Egnigem Cenia Card Why are the shoes categorized that way? Elvira - it has anti knockback at +10 which is good for sinX. A sniper may not need it but still, this is a good shoe for a sniper. As for the cards, again they are suggested cards. But take note, if a sinX were to have those cards stuffed in Elvira, the sinX may have higher damage but at the same time it wouldn’t be tanky enough to resist the reflected damage and the damage coming from mobs. Fey boots - this one doesn’t have anti knockback but the damage it provides is decent enough for a sniper. I wouldn’t suggest this to a sinX because once a sinX gets to be knocked back, it would place the party at a strenuous situation Antique Shoes/Bronze Greaves - these shoes provide additional HP and topping it up with the effect of GEC would give a sinX more HP and better chances to survive damage. Accessories (for both Class): Recondite Ring [1] Cards for Accessories For Sniper - Implosion Card For Sinx - Hardened Anvil Card or Ifrit Card Orbs for Accessories For Sniper - Dex3 and Random2 or Random5 For SinX - Str3 and Random2/5 or Double2/5 Weapon (for Sniper)- Coronis Wing [3] or Goblin Bow [2] or Giant Bow [2] Cards for Sniper Weapon- Abysmal Knight or Orc Sniper and Orc Fighter Combo Weapon (for SinX) Make sure that the character has weapons allotted for switching Katars: Bat Teeth Katar [3], Katar of Quaking [3], +9 or +10 Hardened Steel Katar (must be 9 or 10 for optimal damage and effect) Daggers: Sandstorm [4], Scalpel [3], Aztoe Nail [4], Scarlett Nail [4], Combat Knife, VVVSHS dagger Swords: Drake Saber [4], VVVSHS Sword, Sir Vincent Saber [3], Gramr [2] Axes: Orcish Axe [4], Perun Axe [3] Cards for SinX Weapon- Valkyrie Randgris, Abysmal Knight Cards, Orc Sniper card and Orc Fighter Card combo, Baphomet card, Aunoe Cards. Consumables Ygg Berries/Ygg Seeds Ygg Leaves Panacea/Royal Jelly Elemental Converter (Earth) Stone Arrows (for Sniper) Poison Bottles (for SinX) Reraise Potions Token of Siegfried Aloevera Box of Resentment Rune Strawberry Cake Arunafeltz Dessert Sandwich I may not be able to explain everything per gear and the combinations of the gears. However, I’d like for players to keep in mind that in the case of SinX, a little bit of resistance is needed as opposed to a Sniper that could go pure damage because their situation in the quest is different. Sure they are the damage dealers, but sinX has to keep up both dealing damage and a bit of tanking at the same time. Moreover, Sniper doesn’t need splash damage as opposed to sinX that would need splash damage. Thus, the way they are built depends entirely on how the player reads and analyzes the situation in the instance before taking action. Steps in Defeating Goblin Leader Walk to where one of the warp points is located. Get rid of the other mobs that attack the party. However, don’t get too close to Goblin Leader yet. Leave a decent space where the party won’t get attacked. Get an FCP from a Biochemist or use Chemical Protection Scrolls Get a Kaizel from either of the following: Soul linker, Reraise potion, or headgear that has Kaizel such as Kitty Rucksack (from Heroic Shop) Have a priest buff the killer and tanker (Increase Agility, Blessing, Assumptio (most important), Impositio Manus) For the SinX killer, change the element to Earth either via Prof’s skill Seismic Weapon or Elemental Converter Earth. Now let the Professor cast Volcano so the rest of the party could step there except for the Sinx. Let the Sniper step on the Volcano (make sure it has fire armor) and is equipped with Stone Arrows. Let the Biochemist (if it wears valentine’s topper) cast Fortune’s Kiss and the Whitesmith cast Weapon Perfection and Powerthrust. ALTERNATIVELY: if there is Gypsy and Clown on the party, let the gypsy cast first Fortune’s Kiss and then have both of them cast the ensemble skill Drum of the Battlefield. Afterwards let the sinX lure the Goblin Leader to a safe distance near his party so the Sniper could hit the minions and the Goblin Leader. Cast Enchant Deadly Poison and attack the Goblin Leader while using Ygg Berries from time to time to survive. The role of the sinX is to dispel and kill the Goblin Leader so expect switching weapons as the boss mob is being killed. Attack Goblin Leader until it dies. Alternatively, if there is no sinX in the party. The professor’s job is to tank and dispel Goblin Leader. While the professor is tanking, safety wall and wall of fog helps. It would be better also if the skill Sight is active to prevent Goblin Leader from hiding the tanker or the killers. Take note that professors could also be used to kill Goblin Leader (let’s save that for another guide) Please take note that as the party is trying to kill Goblin Leader, it would give players some challenges. Together with it’s minions, it would attack the first player who gets near it. If the player isn’t properly geared for it, the chances of getting wiped out is high. There’s also a time when Goblin Leader would cast reflect shield and auto-guard which is quite challenging for damagers especially melee characters. It would also cast Berserk and go into frenzy which even after being dispelled, damage would be 1. Spamming dispel is no good at this point. It would be better for the party to kill the minions after the Goblin Leader is dispelled. While the sinX is trying to kill the Goblin Leader, the sniper should kill the minions at the first time Goblin Leader is dispelled. Followed by hitting Goblin Leader.If the monster goes berserk again, stop hitting and wait for it to be dispelled again. Kill the minions, and hit the Goblin leader. Repeat this process until the Goblin Leader dies. As damage dealing goes on, it is the job of the High Priest to ensure no one dies. Thus, make sure everyone gets buffed and healed. Worse comes to worst, make sure the HP has holy water for Basilica. This is to protect the rest of the party members including itself from dying and failing the mission. Once the Goblin Leader dies, check whether Bacsojin is there. Take note that Kobold might show up and Bacsojin could be somewhere else. If Kobold shows up, repeat the process from the top. Do this until Bacsojin shows up and the party gets the notification “You have successfully completed the operation.” Additional suggestion: Don't be afraid to experiment on the character that is being geared-up. Some formulas for gearing up characters aren't absolute as they are subject to change over time and in various situations. I hope this guide helps in a player’s quest in completing the Rescojin quest. Have a great day.
  4. Good day! This section is dedicated to cards players can find and use in this server. Included in this post are custom cards which are obtainable here in RevivalRO as well as cards that have adjusted effects. Please take note that this post is still a work in progress and subject to revisions as it is still needed to survey and double-check the cards that are dropped by monsters, obtained from OCA, MCA, BCA, and those from instances. Damage Reduction The cards listed on this section provide damage reduction in various aspects and may be placed on shield mostly, but there are certain exceptions. Reduction based on Race Reduces 30% damage from the following race: Card Demi-human Thara Frog Brute Orc Warrior Demon Khalitzburg Undead Teddy Bear Angel Anubis Plant Alnoldi Dragon Sky Petite Fish Rafflesia Formless Penomena Insect Bigfoot The following cards also reduce damage based from monster race or source Card effect Compounded on Card Reduce damage from Demon monsters by 15%; Gain immunity to the Stone Curse status. Shield Medusa Changes armor to water property. Reduce damage taken from Fish type monsters by 10%. Armor Pot Dofle Increases resistance to the Earth element by 10% Reduces damage from all sources by 5%. If you are a Novice-based class : All effects are doubled. Immunity to Freeze. Armor Jimbo the Novice Reduction based on Monster Property Reduces 20% damage from the following monster property: Card Earth Draco/Tatacho Wind Luciola Vespa Water Aqua Elemental Holy Cornus Poison Centipede Card Reduction based on Elemental Property Attack Reduces 5% of damage from the following elemental property attacks: Card Earth Munak Neutral Parasite Reduction Based on Boss and Normal/Non-boss Property Card Effect Card Reduces damage from normal monsters by 30%; but increases damage from boss monsters by 10% Toaster Reduces damage from boss monsters by 40%; but increases damage from normal monsters by 40% Alice Reduction Based on Monster Size Card Effect Card Reduces damage from small, medium, and large size monsters by 15%; enables a chance of gaining Perfect Dodge +30 for 10 seconds when the wearer receives physical or magical damage. Hodremlin Reduces damage from small-sized monsters by 25% Mysteltainn Reduces damage from medium-sized monsters by 25% Ogretooth Reduces damage from large-sized monsters by 25% Executioner Other Damage Reductions Card Effect Card Reduces damage received from long range attacks by 35% Horn Reduces damage received from WoE guardians by 50% Mi Gao Resistance The cards listed on this section provide resistance in various aspects and may be placed on specific pieces of equipment. Headgear Elemental Resistance Percentage Card Earth 10% Dryad 15% Giearth Wind 10% Giant Hornet Water 10% Leaf Cat Fire 10% Leib Olmai Shadow 15% Permeter Undead 15% Armor Card Effect Card Def+5; Adds a 25% resistance to the Earth element Treant Increases resistance to the Earth element by 10% Reduces damage from all sources by 5%. If you are a Novice-based class : All effects are doubled. Immunity to Freeze. Jimbo the Novice Garment Elemental Resistance Element Percentage Card Earth 10% Sproutling 30% Hode Wind 30% Dustiness Water 30% Marse Fire 30% Jakk Ghost 30% Marionette Shadow 30% Isis Holy 30% Rudo Poison 30% Myst Neutral 10% Noxious 10% Polistes 10%; if garment refine is +9 = 15% Orc Baby 15% Harpy 20% Raydric 20% High Orc Lord 50% Deviling Undead 30% Orc Zombie Racial Resistance Card Effect Card Increases resistance against demon race by 20%; increase damage dealt to demon race by 5% Thomas Anstis Shoes The following cards provide resistance from elemental attacks and at the same time also have additional effects which will be discussed on a different category Element Percentage Card Earth 15% Sapling Wind 15% Purplering Water 15% Icering Fire 15% Greyring Ghost 10% Whispering Shadow 10% Nekoring Holy 10% Cowring Undead 10% Pandaling Shield Racial Resistance Card Effect Card Increases resistance against Demi-human monsters by 15% Mossy Golem Immunity and Resistance to Status Cards Resistance to Status Cards Card Effect Compounded on: Card Base Agility >= 90: Add a 30% resistance against Silence and Stun. Base Vitality >= 80: Add a 30% resistance against Stone Curse and Sleep. Headgear Gemini-S58 Add a 20% resistance against Stun. DEF+1. Headgear Stalactic Golem Increase resistance to Silence status by 20%. DEF+1. Headgear Stainer Reduce damage from Earth monsters by 5%. Increase resistance to Stone Curse status by 15%. DEF+1. Shield Munak Increase resistance to Stone Curse by 20%. Shield Argos Increase resistance to Stone Curse status by 30%. MDEF+10. Shield Seeker Increase resistance to the Freeze status by 20%. DEF+1. Shield Megalodon Add a 20% resistance against Confusion. DEF+1. Headgear Wootan Shooter Add a 20% resistance against External Bleeding. DEF+1. Headgear Wootan Fighter Increase resistance to Blind status by 20%. DEF+1. Headgear Martin Increases resistance to the Poison status by 20%. DEF+1. Headgear Ghoul Add a 30% resistance against Stun, Curse, Blind, Stone Curse. Add a chance of auto casting Stun, Curse, Blind, Stone Curse when the user receives Physical Damage. Shield Flame Skull Immunity to Status Cards Immunity against: Card Stun Orc Hero Silence Marduk Curse Evil Snake Lord Blind Evil Snake Lord Deviruchi Freeze Marc Grand Marin Gioia Henry Morgan Evil Druid Stone Curse Medusa Evil Druid Bleeding Ungoliant Sleep Nightmare Coma Golden Thief Bug Decrease Agility Golden Thief Bug Immunity to Status based on Certain Conditions Status Conditions need to meet to gain Immunity Card Freeze Must be equipped together with Orc Lord Card High Orc Lord If you are a Novice-based class Jimbo the Novice Cold If Base VIT >=110 and the Player wears Elemental Shield Peter Easton Burning If Base VIT >= 110 and the Player wears Elemental Shield Alvilda Damage Reflect Equipped on: Effect Card Armor Adds a chance to reflect single target Magic back at the caster by 2 times the refine rate chance. However, the chance to reflect increases only up to + 10 refine. If worn by mage class, adds 3 MDEF Frus Reflect 30% of all Physical Melee Damage back to the enemy which inflicted it. Orc Lord Garment Increases resistance against Neutral by 20%. When being long range attacked, you have a 5% chance of returning 30% of long range damage received for 10 seconds. High Orc Lord Shield Reflects 5% of every physical attack damage. Def +1 High Orc Reflect single target attack Magic back at the caster (Success Chance 50%). Maya Reflect single target attack Magic back at the caster (Success Chance 50%). 5% chance to evade magical attacks. Sealed Maya Reflects 15% of near-range melee damage. 15% chance to reflect single-target magic. Mazdah Mantis Shoes Reflect single target Magic back at the caster (Success Chance 5%). MDEF+3. Cat O’Nine Tails Reduces Damage Reflected by Target Card Effect Compounded on: Card Reduces damage from reflected melee attacks by 50%; Reduces attack by 5%. Garment Teddy Baal Reduces reflected magic damage by 50%; Aftercast Delay Increased by 10% Footgear Sewer Bug King Armor Enchantment Cards When compounding following cards, they enchant the armor with a particular element. Element Card Earth Sandman Wind Dokebi Water Swordfish Pot Dofle Fire Pasana Ghost Ghostring Grand Ghostring Shadow Bathory Holy Angeling Poison Argiope Undead Evil Druid That's all for now for this section.
  5. Hello dear fellow players. Have you ever thought of how to add a friend inside the game but the character is far away from you? Or Have you ever wanted to message someone privately but somehow the main chatbox gets flooded and you are having a hard time back reading from all those chat messages? Then this is the guide for you. Keep reading to see how to efficiently resolve these situations. Press Alt+H to open friend window It should show a window like this. Normally this window has lists of character names which are friends with your chosen character. Click Friend Setup It’s the magnifying glass icon beside the icon that looks like a trash bin (delete). Take note of the very last icon on the right which is used for locking and unlocking the Friend window. If the lock button is closed, you won’t be able to modify or access the other buttons. A new window should pop-up when you click friend set-up icon which looks like this one: Click on the very first option which enables you to see a new chat box when chatting to another player (not on your friend’s list) Click on the second option if you wish to see a new chat window when chatting with your friend. I believe this is very handy when you are chatting with multiple persons on a private message. This helps avoid sending wrong message to people as you can see clearly how the message flow is arranged. Send a Message to the Player This is only applicable if you know the IGN of the player. This chat box should appear once you send a private message to the player you wish to add or have a chat with privately. Add the Person by Clicking on the Character’s Name This window should pop-up. Then choose the option ‘Register as Friend.’ It would send a friend request to the other player such as in the image below. Once the player accepts the request, then his/her character name should show on your friends’ list. I hope that this makes it easier for all players to add friends or manage their chats.
  6. For the full description of monster of the day, check the following links: https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/388-maintenance-notesmajor-2018-04-19/&tab=comments#comment-1510 https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Monster_of_the_Day The aim of this guide is to walk through newbies in a series of steps that could help them obtain heroic points, cedi points, and pancakes. Procedures Step 1. Go to the Monster of the Day NPC [@go 0 (147,172) or @go 34 (31,31)] or PM NPC:Monster of the Day with any message. Step 2. Check which mob is the one to be hunted for the day. Step 3. Take note of the ID of the monster. Why is this so important? Some monsters have the same name but different IDs so it is important to take note of the monster ID. Step 4. Take note of the element of the monster This is to help players identify which element best works against the monster Step 5. Take note of how many mobs are needed to be killed. Although there is usually a counter for the number of kills done, it is still important to take note of it as it helps the player choose which character is best to do the hunt - is Lord Knight suitable? Or perhaps a High Wizard is suitable for the task? Step 6. Take note of the heroic points the task would give. Normally heroic points are just letting the player know how much they would be rewarded after completing the task. However, more often than not, the heroic points are indicators of whether that task would be easy (1 point), average (2 points), and difficult (3 points). Step 7. Accept the mission Make sure that the character that would accept the mission is the right one for the job. Since, the task is character bound, kills that come from that particular character are the only ones accepted Step 8. Use the command @whereis Type the command @whereis <space> monster name/monster ID. This is to let the player know where the monster spawns and how many are there in the particular map. This command is actually very handy so make sure to use it! Step 9. Go to the map where the particular mob is and start hunting them Upon completing the task, reward is automatically given to the player and it will be shown in the chat box. What to do with Heroic Points? Being a new player in the server, obtaining heroic points is one of the ways to get the character geared up. Heroic points can be used to purchase items from the heroic shop which is accessed by talking to the Monster of the Day NPC (take note the player has to go to the NPC manually as it cannot be messaged to check the heroic points). Collect heroic points and exchange them for various items. The list of items and how much they are worth are listed at: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Monster_of_the_Day#Heroic_Shop Happy hunting!
  7. Things to take note of from this guide: Builds vary from one player to another - that is my suggested build may or may not work for other players since they could have developed their own build that is more effective for them. Players should also consider that MVP rooms have mobs with different race, element, and size. Hence, each room could have its own specific gear that would work on it and not for the rest of the rooms. This guide merely recommends. Do experiment and discover things. Mix and match equipment, who knows there may be better equipment or build out there that this guide has not covered. Listed below are different ways to build a star gladiator: Build 1 This build is for Sprint+FSK or Whirlwind/Tornado Kick (or even the lazy kill like mine Point+Hit until dead) Stats Str: 255 Agi: enough to give 196 aspd to the character Vit: approximately 50 to 80 Int: 1 Dex: approximately 150 to 175 Luk: rest of the stat points Skills Here are the skills I personally use for this (take note players may opt for other skills they prefer) Leap Level 5 - Jump around the MVP rooms especially the big ones to close the gap and for faster search of the MVP, but leave around a small space for the use of Sprint (this is for Sprint+FSK combo). I also use this skill to evade certain attacks from an MVP. Sprint Level 10 - This skill is used together with FSK (Flying Side Kick) as it amplifies FSK together with breakfall/tumbling skill. Tumbling Level 1 - Just like Sprint, this amplifies FSK Flying Side Kick Level 7 - This is the player’s main damaging attack for MVP for this build. Tornado Stance Level 1 - This prepares the SG for for Tornado Kick Tornado Kick Level 7 - This can be used when Tornado Stance procs. I personally like this skill because it has a 5x5 cells area of coverage which is perfect for also hitting the mobs spawned by the MVP. Roundhouse Stance Level 1 - With this skill, an SG is prepared for Roundhouse Kick. Roundhouse Stance Level 7 - This skill is almost like Tornado Kick, however the difference lies in the area of coverage which is 3x3. Furthermore, despite the area coverage being 3x3 it compensates with more damage compared to Tornado Kick. Mild Wind Level 1 to 7 - Know the element of the monster being targeted first before using the appropriate level of Mild Wind for more damage inflicted against the monster. Take note that each level of this skill corresponds to a certain element. Solar, Lunar, and Stellar Opposition (Hatred) Level 1 to 3 - Each level of this skill corresponds to the size of the monster. Identify first the size of the monster before casting this skill on the target. Designating hatred on a specific monster enables more damage inflicted against it. Gears In this section I will go on with the gears as a set combined. Don’t feel restricted about it and feel free to experiment with them. Starter Gears from the NPC in @go 15 Novice Grounds Basic (for those who have very limited zeny budget) Upper: Drooping Amistr or +7 to +10 Alligator Leather Hat or Novice Gold Valkyrie Helm/ Hair Bow - from quest (maximize the effect with Hip Ribbon) Mid: Novice Gold Oracle Wings or Golden Wings [1] - from quest Lower: Polar Bear Rucksack (from Heroic Shop)/ Hip Ribbon - from quest Body: +7 to +10 Alligator Leather Breast Garment: +7 to +10 Alligator Leather Cloak Shoes:+7 to +10 Alligator Leather Shoes Accessories: +5 Ruby Rings or Enhancing Clip - from quest can be bought from other players too Weapon: Book: [3] or +7 to +10 Barren Book/Solid Book/Fine Book Shield: +7 to +10 Steel Shield or Valkyrja’s Shield [1] with Alice Card Cards Experimental Amistr Card Orc Sniper card Orc Fighter card Abysmal Knight card Orc Hero Card (this is a bit pricey but it’s a must have unless you just plan to farm in Alpha you won’t need this then) Marduk Card Marlon Card (effects may not be exactly the same as ESL but it is the cheaper version of ESL) Most of the equipment listed above can be crafted through Tailoring and Handicrafting which I believe is cheaper compared to buying from other players. Intermediate (for those who have average spending capacity or have been playing for quite some time enough to participate in some events) Kontei [2] Testament [3] Reset Girl’s Robe [1] - TAGRAS but players need to farm points from HoA for this Great Demon Shroud [1] - Sealed Shrine but can also be bought from other players Hardened Steel Spike Shield [1] - Murderous Mystery Mine or buy from other players Turtle General Shield - from RDC Coup de Turtle (account bound can be socket enchanted) Fey Boots [1] - Fluffy’s Return (account bound) Kitsune Hood [1] - from event but can also be bought from other players Large Red Angelwing [1] Vindicated Feathers [1] Day Ring [1] Present of Snow [1] - from event but can also be bought from other players Golden Wings [1] - from quest Valentine’s Balloon - from event Black Tie[1]/Orange Tie[1] - from event Pink Scarf - from event but can also be bought from other players Ring des Nibelungen [1] Recondite Ring [1] Poof Eye Ring [1] - Murderous Mystery Mine or buy from other players Leprecoin [1] - from event but can be bought from other players Ascendant Orc card (Yes it’s cheap but the footgear where you will slot this card is under intermediate) Gemini S-58 card Evil Snake Lord Card Mantis Card Hardened Anvil Card Ifrit Card Anunaki Card Please take note that the gears listed below are possibly add-ons to basic gears. They are classified as intermediate not merely because of their price but some items require players to be knowledgeable in doing events/quests/instances. Advanced (these items will not only exhaust zeny resources but also credits) +7 to +10 Heartbook Raok Runestone [1] - from RDC Tier 4 +10 Elvira Boots [1] - from event but can be bought from players +0 to +10 Vanna’s Dress [1] - from event but can be bought from players Red Tie [1]/Yoyo Rucksack [1] - from Mining Points Shop Miner’s Hat [4] - from Mining Points Shop Angra Manyu [4] Ahura Mazdah [1] Amistr Beret [4] - from limited sale Cyber Kitty Ears [1] - from donor box Feline Glasses [4] - from limited sale Poring Party [4] - Mid lucky box Sea Captain’s Beret [4] - from limited sale Sea Captain’s Bubble Aura [4] - from limited sale Sea Captain’s Penguin [1] - from limited sale +30 Stat Wings +15 Stat Lower +30 Stat Lucky Box for Upper Premium Megingjard Giant Whisper Card Flamel Emul Card Orc Knight Card Build 2 This build is for those who prefer to use Heat (Solar, Lunar, Stellar) and Union. I think what differentiates this from the first build is that players need SP and HP intact while damaging the mob. Stats could be the same as Build 1, but the gears of this build are a bit different and in my opinion and more costly. Gears Upper: Drooping Amistr or anything slotted upper that boosts damage [4] It has to be 4 slotted in my opinion so that the player could place damage cards for upper like Experimental Amistr card. Mid: Fable’s Silk [1] or any donate mid [4] Fable silk is for unlimited soul link that the player would use for Union. The only down side of this one that I perceive is that it is one slotted. Thus, the player has to choose which of the immunity cards he has to choose and sacrifice. Premium mid can give at least +25 stats and the 4 slots in it can give the player a chance to place immunity/resist cards on it. I believe the only down side on this one is that the player would need many Soul Link potions if he/she wants to use Union, since players cannot bring an alt soul linker inside the MVP room due to IP restrictions. Lower: preferably slotted lower [1] place a pharaoh card in here so that SP usage would be lessened. Body: Reset Girl’s Robe [1] TBH this is my personal preference. For the card in this armor, place anything that is prefered. IMO the card on this armor depends on which MVP room the player is going to enter. Personally I place the following cards: Alpha and Beta - Porcellio card (Atk +25) Theta, Epsilon, Sigma and Gamma - Gloom Under Night card Delta - Marc or Grand Marin or Gioia for that antifreeze (TBH in this room GOH for Armor would be okay too) Omega - Ktullanux card (I personally use this on Ifrit) Garment: Great Demon Shroud [1] or +9 Heroic Backpack [1] (normally players put Anunaki or Flamel, but for this build i think Giant Whisper Card is better) Shoes: Fey Boots [1] or Elvira Boots [1] with Apache Tear Card/GEC) or Ascendant Orc Card I personally prefer the Apache Tear Card and General Egnigem Cenia Card because I jump around the mvp rooms a lot (not just inside 1 room but across rooms too). I like this card because I don’t really need to bring with me yggs to help me recover HP and SP or even talk to the MVP room NPC just to heal. Accessories: Recondite Ring [1]/ Ring Des Nibelungen [1]/ or Leprecoin [1] (I personally prefer Mantis Card on this one) or Premium Megingjard Weapon: Angra Manyu [4] with AK cards and possibly combine 1 Dracula card Angra Manyu is the best weapon for this build because it helps regain HP as damage is being inflicted on the mob. Moreover, if this is combined with a Dracula card the SP being drained by Heat is being replenished immediately. Shield: Ahura Mazdah [1] with Golden Thiefbug card Normally this shield is already good enough without a card for the anti knockback effect. However, since some MVPs could dispel (and hell yeah it’s totally annoying when miracle mode is already in effect) it is better to block it with a GTB card. Not just dispel, even decrease agi can be blocked by a GTB card. That’s about it for star gladiator build.
  8. Cedi Orbs are items used to make certain cedi equipment (with the exception of Great Old Set and Wings) more powerful and appropriate to a character’s specific build. These items are slotted into gears and this guide will give a step-by-step procedure on how to slot these orbs into gears. Some orbs can be slotted into every single gear, others onto specific ones only. A player may find out where to slot the orbs by checking it with Prof. Willy through the option “Check Orb” or by checking wiki. Check the link to see where to get the orbs and onto which armor they can be slotted. Link can be found here: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Cedi/Orbs Now let us walk through the steps on Slotting Cedi Orbs Step 1. Go to Yuno Library (@go Yuno 338, 203) Step 2. Enter the warp to the left of the 2nd inner room. Step 3. Talk to Prof. Willy Make sure that the character is wearing the correct armor that will be slotted with the orb. The player cannot have 2 of the same gear in the inventory (i.e. Recondite Ring or Resplendent Ring). Step 4. Choose “Slot” Step 5. Select the equipment wished to be slotted with Orb. In this case my character would have the accessory slotted with an orb. Step 6. Give the appropriate orb to Prof. Willy In this example, my character used Dex 3 since the character that would be using the gear is a sniper. A window like the one above will show where in the player would give the orb to Prof. Willy. Step 7. Choose whether the refinement of the equipment would be kept or not - based on the equipment where the player will slot the orb. Keeping the Refinement In this case, I also tried it with Pragmatist’s mail to show what would happen if the player wishes to keep the refines. The conversation with Prof Willy would be something like as follows: Select the option “Yes keep my refines!” Indicate the desired number of refines wished to keep just like in the sample image above Pay the necessary amount of zeny required to keep the refines. Take note that this amount varies based on the number of refines. In my case it was only 2 million zeny for a +4 Pragmatist’s Mail. Prof. Willy would ask the player a confirmation for the slotting so make sure that the appropriate orb was given to him. Disregarding the Refinement (not keeping refines) In this situation, I applied it on my recondite ring. The conversation with Prof. Willy will be as follows: Select the option “I don’t care!” After selecting the 2nd option, a clarification window will appear reviewing the item and the orb. Once again, take note that the correct orb was given to Prof. Willy. Otherwise, the orb might go to waste. It can be replaced but NEVER refunded once it is already slotted to the equipment. Lastly, Prof. Willy will return the gear with a slotted orb back to the player. There you have it. I hope that this guide helps players to successfully slot cedi orbs in their gears.
  9. Good day dearest fellow players. Before we go the a Grand Cross Paladin build for leveling kindly read first the following post: https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/1638-leveling-a-novice-until-rebirth-high-novice/ The aforementioned post is the basic leveling guide for players until the get to High Novice - that is the character has already undergone rebirth. Once the character has undergone rebirth, that is how the leveling process differs from one class to another. Stats At this point players need to carefully allocate the stats so that no time and zeny would be wasted in resetting. Save the reset when the character is maxed. Str: Enough for carrying items (this is of secondary importance compared to Int, Dex, and Vit) Agi: approximately 100 to 120 at most (no need to get max aspd one will only need this for levels 1 to 110 until one can get enough stat points for instant cast) Vit: 30 to 80 (just enough to survive damage from mobs) Int: 255 (for maximum grand cross damage) Dex: 150 for instant cast Luk: 1 Skills Please take note that in this section, the main focus as of the moment is to get Grand Cross skill. These section’s primary focus is to help the player get the necessary skill to level up faster. The player may allocate the points he/she wants later on when the character is max as he/she may opt to use stat and skills reset. The image is from Skill Simulator in ratemyserver. I just used this to emphasize which skills are needed to get the Grand Cross Skill. Please take note of how many skill points should be used in order to get Level 10 Grand Cross. Also, remember to use all the skill points as a high swordsman. Otherwise, the character can’t change to Paladin. Gears Please take note that the gears I would suggest players use is the free novice gears from go 20 as the primary focus of this guide is to help new players max their character. An additional equipment for new players that I would suggest is the shield. Get either of the following: Valkyrja’s Shield [1] +7 to +10 Steel Shield Elemental Shield [1] Antiquated Shield [1] Use either of the following cards to place on the shield Hodremlin card Alice card Places to Level Level 1-10 Ant Hel 1 Level 11-50 Moscovia 1 (Les Forest) Level 50-99 Sphinx 4 or Ice Cave 1-3 Level 100-120 Thanatos Tower 7 or 8, Cursed Abbey 1-3 Level 121-255 Biolabs Basement If players wish to use Gramps (@go 39 Eden Group), players need to be level 103 to start with doing the quest for the very first tier. For levels 1 to 120 players would mostly click on the mob and hit it manually. This is why a decent Agi is needed. I’m not totally suggesting to get 196 aspd early on in the leveling process because at a later point, stat points are needed on Int to maximize grand cross damage. Remember for levels 121 and up, use grand cross skill. Players do not need to worry so much about recoil because Novice Angra is there to help restore HP. Do bring consumables like ygg berries/seeds and even blue potion because Paladins do not have the passive skill Restore SP to help them restore SP faster. Once again please remember this guide is for players who are new or those who have just started on the server. For those who have been playing for quite some time I will write a different post about Grand Cross Paladin.
  10. Hello everyone. I would like to share a specific star gladiator build for Melanis. Please take note that this build is only concentrated on fighting against Last Rites. This is NOT a generic build for all the other mobs in Melanis. Let’s get to know first the mob that we’re going to face. Last Rites Let’s get to know the enemy that we would be facing by using @mi Last Rites We can also check it on wiki: As for the skills used by this mob, so far I have only observed that it uses Heaven’s Drive, Wide Curse, and Wide Stone. Now that we now have an idea about the mob that we’re going to face. Let’s come up with a build that would work against Last Rites. Stats This is how I personally allocated the stats on my SG. To other players, they may opt to stat their character differently from this one. Str: 255 Agi:150 Vit: 80 Int: rest of the remaining stat points Dex: 175 (so we can match Last Rites’ flee) Luk: 1 Skills Solar, Lunar, and Stellar Opposition Lv3 (also known as Hatred) - this skill should be casted on Last Rites Solar, Lunar, and Stellar Perception Lv 3 (also known as Feeling) - this skill should be casted inside Melanis Map Mild Wind Level 4 (Fire) or Mild Wind Level 7 (Holy) - these skills enable the weapon to have either Fire or Holy property. I use this because it is very effective against Undead monsters. Tornado Stance Lv 1 - lets the Star Gladiator be in Tornado Stance Tornado Kick Lv 7 - allows the Star Gladiator 5*5 area damage while in Tornado Stance Stellar Heat Lv 3 - only usable when the map is aligned with stellar perception Stellar Protection Lv 3 - just like Stellar Heat, it’s only usable when the map is aligned with stellar perception Gears Upper: Amistr Beret [4] with 4x Giearth Cards Middle: Feline Glasses [4] with Orc Hero, Evil Snake Lord, Marduk, and Giearth Card Lower: Red Tie with Nightmare Card I’m really quite into resistance and immunity cards more so in this case because I’m not familiar with all the mobs in Melanis. I believe that it is better to be prepared against all sorts of mobs. Also, the reason why there’s so much Giearth Cards is I’m aiming for 100% earth resistance against Last Rites. Armor: Pragmatist Mail [1] with Treant Card and Unbreakable 5 (Hit from Pragmail is really needed) or with Pasana Card Garment: +9 Heroic Backpack [1] with Hode Card/Giant Whisper Card/Orc Zombie Card/Noxious Card/Raydric Card/Deviling (I chose cards like earth resist, neutral resist, undead resist, and increase in atk but it’s up to the player discretion what card to use) Shoes: Antique Shoes [1] or +10 Elvira Boots [1] with GEC or Apache tear card or Ascendant Orc Card Shield: Polished Shield [1] with Golden Thief Bug Card Accessory 1: Ring des Nibelungen [1] with Ifrit Card/ Hardened Anvil Card/Mantis Card Accessory 2: Vampiric Clip with Str3 and HpDrain2 or HpDrain5 Weapon: +10 Testament [3] with 2 Abysmal Knight Cards and Dracula Card Other gears that can be used are as follows: Armor: Lucius Fire Armor [1] Garment: Spell Manteau [1] Shoes: Fey Boots [1] Shield: Hardened Steel Spike Shield [1] with Golden Thief Bug Card or Medusa Accessory: Poof Eye Ring [1] with Ifrit Card/ Hardened Anvil Card/Mantis Card Please take note that this suggested build is still subject to change as it mostly depends on the player how he/she would deal with the situation while fighting against Last Rites. My playing style or approach might work for some or might not work for others. I hope this helps.
  11. noted on that one mel <3. ty ty. this one still needs to be revised since the rest of the gears need to be placed so I won't have to post twice for a topic that can be written in 1 post.
  12. PART 1 Things to take note in this first part of the guide: This build is catered for those who haven’t been playing for a long time (basically those who are new to the server) This build utilizes gears and equipment that I personally think the easiest ones to get in the early stages of the game (starter/basic) It’s for players who are non-donors, those whose zeny funds are very limited Stats Str: 113 Agi: approximately 120 (or enough to get 196 aspd while using improve concentration so that you can put some more stats on others like STR or LUK) Vit: 50 to 80 Int: 1 Dex: 255 Luk: 160 Skills Personally I just use the following skills: Improve Concentration Level 10 True Sight Level 10 Windwalk Level 10 Sharp Shooting Level 5 Other skills that could be used for farming are as follows (thanks to Mel for pointing this one out): Double Strafe Ankle Snare Remove Trap Gears Drooping Amistr - quest Novice Golden Valkyrie Helm [2] Novice Golden Oracle Wings [2] White Icicle Wings [2] - quest Golden Wing [1] - quest Froggy Rucksack - heroic shop Valentine’s Balloon - event item that can be bought from other players Green Bag - from RDC Hermes Holiday but can also be bought from other players +7 to +10 Alligator Leather Hat +7 to +10 Alligator Leather Breast +7 to +10 Alligator Leather Cloak +7 to +10 Alligator Leather Shoes Enhancing Clip - quest but can also be bought from other players +5 Ruby Rings +5 Zircon Rings +10 Composite Bow [4] with Orc Sniper and Orc Fighter Combo with 2 Abysmal Knight Cards +7 to +10 Barren Bow/ Solid Bow/ Fine Bow At this point, I think the cards that these players need to invest the most are: Orc Hero card, Marduk card, and Marlon Card (Evil Snake Lord better option if the player has some more spending power) for resists/immunity. Meanwhile, for additional damage, I would suggest investing in Dark Pinguicula card and/or Duneyrr card. Another thing to consider for relatively new players is investing in Handicrafting/Tailoring. It may consume time but it could lessen the cost of purchasing starter/basic gears and at the same time players could sell their crafted items. This concludes the starter/basic sniper build for newbie players. PART 2 Things to take note in this second part of the guide: The stats and skills are the same as that written above. The following gears that will be written down are deemed as obtainable by those who have been playing for quite some time and who have somehow an expanded knowledge of in-game mechanics. This part is for those who have an extensive zeny budget and donors or those who have obtained credits. Gears Weapons Coronis’ Wing [3] Goblin Bow [2] Spectral Bow [4] Giant Bow [2] Armors Reset Girl’s Robe [1] Sniping Suit [1] Pragmatist Mail [1] Vanna Dress [1] - from event or can be bought from other players +9 Heroic Backpack [1] - from heroic shop/ eden vending machine/ cash shop Ebony Greaves [1] Fey Boots [1] - from instance Fluffy’s Return Elvira Boots [1] - from event or can be bought from other players Recondite Ring [1] Ring des Nibelungen [1] Leprecoin [1] Headgears Black Tie [1]/ Orange Tie [1] - from event Pink Scarf - from event or can be bought from players Red Tie [1]/Yoyo Rucksack [1] - from mining point shop +15 Stat Lower Chubby Bunny [1] - event item Jirant Circle [1] - event item Magic Bunny Band [1] - event item Kitsune Hoodie [1] - event item or can be bought from other players Amistr Beret [4] Cyber Kitty Ears [4] Range Lucky Box (contains donate headgears for ranged classes) Large Red Angelwing [1] Vexed Feathers [1] Present of Snow [1] - from event but can also be bought from other players Vindicated Feathers [1] +30 Stat Mid Poring Party [4] Feline Glasses [4] Cards Implosion card Anunaki card Flamel Emul card Ascendant Orc Card Orc Knight Card
  13. High Wizard is one of the basic farming classes due to their AOE skill attacks. Some players love to farm using this class and I think putting up a guide for new players about a Wiz’ general farming build would help them. Please take note that this guide is NOT PRESCRIPTIVE. It’s merely a guide giving people an idea of what they can do with their wiz. I do not use a high wizard as my main character myself so some things might go a bit off. I would highly appreciate it if people can comment on what else could be done to improve high wizard farming build. Let’s get started Stats Str: approximately 100 to 150 (for carrying items) Agi: approximately 90 to 110 (just enough to move decently no need for 196 aspd) Vit: 50 Int: 255 Dex: 150 [instant cast] Luk: 1 Skills I’m not going to elaborate so much with the skills as I normally just use 3 AOE skills - Stormgust, Lord of Vermillion, and Heaven’s Drive - and 1 single-target skill - Jupitel Thunder. Gears Please take note that in this section I categorized the gears from basic to advance to help players have an idea of which gears are easy obtain from those that are more challenging to obtain (maybe due to zeny price, can be quested, can be farmed, can be obtained via event only, or need to pay with credits) Starter 30-day Madness Set from Novice Grounds NPC Pink/Yellow Novice Valkyrie Helm Pink/Yellow Novice Oracle Wings Novice Angra (7-day rental) Basic +7 to +10 Flax or Satin Hat +7 to +10 Flax or Satin Vest +7 to +10 Flax or Satin Hood +7 to +10 Flax or Satin Shoes +5 Sapphire Rings +7 to +10 Solid Rod +7 to +10 Fine Rod Rod [4] with Creakyboom cards Valkyrja's Shield [1] with Hodremlin Card (I personally like the 15% resistance to all monster sizes since this build is for general farming) Intermediate Great Old Hauberk Great Old Cloak Great Old Boots Great Old Ring Great Old Ring Resplendent Ring [1] Asomatous Ring [1] - from RDC Fallen Bishop Hibram Ring des Nibelungen [1] - from quest Antiquated Shield [1] +7 to +10 Tenebrous Boots Reset Girl's Robe [1] Staff of Piercing Lich's Bone Wand [2] Large Blue Angelwing [1] Vengeance Feathers [1] (this is a pretty good one since it has immune to silence) Night Ring [1] - from Heroic Shop Bat Rucksack - from Heroic Shop Black Tie [1] / Orange Tie [1] - from event Valentine’s Balloon - from event Miracle Blue Rose - from event Pink Scarf - from event Magical Feathers - from quest RDC Helm [4] - from RDC Bunny Balloon Hat [2] - from event Advanced +7 to +10 Heart Rod La’cryma Stick [2] Undead Rune Stick [3] Geffenia Water Tome [1] Magic Lucky Box +30 Stats Wings +15 Stats Lower Poring Party [4] Feline Glasses [4] Blue Tie [1] / Sheep Rucksack [1] Puff Card Centipede Larva Card Celia Alde Card Rsx 3.14 Card Mermaid Card Entweihen Crothen Card Nidhoggur Shadow Card High Wizard Card Poring Wizard Card So far these are the equipment and cards I remember for wiz. I personally don’t use high budget gears for farming but I listed them down just in case someone wants to go all-out. It would also be good for a farmer wiz to be using item dropping cards for that extra income. I personally use the following item dropping cards: Mimic Card - drops old blue box Plasma Card - drops elemental resist potions Myst Case Card - drops gift box (id 644) Pancake card - drops pancakes Places to Farm Beach Dungeon 2 Loots - Aloevera, Star Crumb Comodo Field 3 Loots - Anolian Skin, Royal Jelly, Oridecon Ein Dungeon 2 Loots - Oridecon Hammer, Topaz, Crystal Fragment Ice Cave 2-3 Loots - Glacial heart, Ice Cubic, Frozen Rose, White Herb, Blue Herb Geffen Field 9 Loots - Snail’s Shell (for Elemental Converter Creation) Geffenia All Levels Loots - Gold Ring, Diamond Ring, White Herb, Blue Potion, Royal Jelly, Mastela Fruit, Professional Cooking Kit, Oridecon, Rough Oridecon, Elunium, Rough Elunium, Red Gemstone, Blue Gemstone, Yellow Gemstone Glast Heim Culvert 4 Loots - Anolian Skin, Royal Jelly, Oridecon Glast Heim Underground Cave 2 Loots - Silver Ring, Rough Oridecon, Oridecon, White Herb, Star Crumb Juperos Core Loots - Steel, Oridecon, Crest Pieces, Cooking Kits, Weapons Magma Dungeon 1 Loots - Live Coal, White Herb, Mastela Fruit Magma Dungeon 2 Loots - Flame Heart, Rosary [1], Blue Potion, Blue Herb, White Herb, Scorpion Tail (for Elemental Converter Creation) Morroc Field 20 Loots - Scorpion Tail (for Elemental Converter Creation), Fine Grit Mjolnir 9 Loots - Horn (for Elemental Converter Creation) Mjolnir 10 Loots - Cobweb Mjolnir 6 Loots - Rainbow Shell (for Elemental Converter creation) Moscovia 3 Loots - Witherless Rose, Crystal Mirror, Blue Herb, Piece of Cake, Mastela Fruit Thanatos Tower 7 to 12 Loots - pick up everything Manuk Field and Splendide Field (Tatacho and Cornus) Loots - Mystic Horn, Fur, Peaked Hat (Exchange them to their respective NPCs to make them Stat Food) There are many other areas where high wizards could farm. It all depends on the player on where they would farm and how they would gear their high wizard. I hope this helps those who are playing high wizards for farming. Happy gaming!
  14. Here is a list of NPCs Newbies ought to know so that their gameplay might work a little bit conveniently. In this guide, I will only be listing down the basic NPCs. PVP related NPCs will be posted in a different guide. 1. Newbie Items NPC (@go 15 Novice Grounds) - Gives FREE ITEMS to starter players 2. Warpra NPC (located in all towns) - Warps players to towns & dungeons only /enables use of storage / allows players to save on towns 3. Healer NPC (located in all towns) - enables players to restore HP and SP 4. Job Master NPC (located in all towns) - allows a player to change their class at job level 10 and 50 without doing a the quest (as opposed to classic where quests need to be done) 5. Stylist NPC (located in all towns) - Want to look cute/pretty? Then this is the NPC to go. 6. Universal Rental NPC (Prontera 123, 199 and @go 16 Mall 93, 59) - Rents a Peco to Lord Knight/Paladin Classes, rents a cart to Merchants and other classes with Vendor’s Clip/Merchant’s Clip, and rents a Falcon to Snipers and other classes with Hunter’s Clip/Sniper’s Clip) 7. Monster of the Day NPC (Prontera 147, 172 and @go 39 Eden Group 31, 31) - allows a player to take a Monster Hunt every day for a reward of pancakes, heroic points, and cedi points. It also allows a player to exchange their heroic points for gears/items. 8. Gramps NPC (@go 39 Eden Group 19, 35) - This allows players of level 103 and up to take quests/monster hunts in exchange for experience points. 10. Daily Board (@go 39 Eden Group 2nd Floor) - This NPC gives a range of quests that could be done in exchange for Pieces of Paradise. 11. Daily Quest NPC (@go 39 Eden Group 2nd Floor) - This NPC which is beside the Daily Board gives an overview of eden daily quest. This NPC is also the one responsible for giving Pieces of Paradise to players who have finished Extermination Quests and Bounty Hunting Quests. 12. Stock Manager NPC (@go 39 Eden Group 2nd Floor) - This NPC can be found inside the portal found on the left side of the Daily Board NPC. It is responsible for accepting items required of Supply and Accumulation quests wherein upon submission will be rewarded with Pieces of Paradise. Pieces of Paradise can be used in a variety of things in Eden Group 2nd floor and the following NPCs accept Pieces of Paradise or even zeny (selected NPCs) for certain services. 13. Gumball NPC (@go 39 Eden Group 2nd Floor) - This NPC makes use of 2 pieces of paradise to reward players with random items - it may be junk, maybe useful, or who knows someone may get a BCA from it. 14. Vending Machine (@go 39 Eden Group 2nd Floor) - This NPC trades players’ Pieces of Paradise for costumes, equipment, and consumables. 15. Laid-back guy (@go 39 Eden Group 2nd Floor) - Using Pieces of Paradise, this NPC resets the timer of the following instances: Kraken’s Lair, Golden Hole, Fluffy’s Return, Endless Tower, Sealed Shrine, Nydhogg’s Nest, Bakonawa’s Lake, Bangungot Hospital, Buwaya Cave, and Wolfchev’s Laboratory. 16. Packing Master (@go 39 Eden Group 2nd Floor) - This NPC helps a player create and delete an equipment set with the use of chosen equipment, Pieces of Paradise and zeny. 17. Vote Point NPC (@go 16 Mall upper portion 100, 102) - This NPC exchanges vote points/community points for consumables, pets, and headgears. 18. Mining Point NPC (@go 16 Mall upper portion 107, 99) - Mining Points are exchanged for consumables and gears through this NPC. 19. Event Point NPC (@go 16 Mall upper portion 115, 100) - hard-earned Event Points are used to exchange for items and headgears through this NPC. 20. Retro EP Redemption NPC (@go 16 Mall upper portion 121, 98) - This NPC is different from the normal Event Point NPC because this one contains a selection of headgears that are obtainable from time-specific events. 21. Pet NPC (@go 16 Mall upper portion 128, 101) - Players can buy pet food, pet accessories, and pet taming items from this NPC. 22. Premium Pet NPC (@go 16 Mall upper portion 130, 100) - Players can buy premium pets and their food using premium points (credits obtained via donation) through this NPC 23. Reset Girl NPC (@go 0 Prontera 182, 214) - Resetting Skills and Stats can be done through this NPC at a cost of zeny. Players can also save/delete builds with this NPC. 24. Pancaline (@go 0 Prontera 187, 210) - Consumed pancakes or pancakes earned from MoTD will be exchanged for random items with this NPC. 25. Decarder/Wise Old Woman (@go 0 Prontera inside Blacksmith Building, enter left portal once inside) - With star crumb, yellow gemstone, and a certain amount of zeny, this NPC can remove cards from players’ equipment. That’s about it for the basic NPCs that new players must familiarize themselves with.
  15. Yeah but iirc when I computed the zeny return when selling to NPC the Lady Lutie's Pancake returns more zeny than smooth noodle. So it's like I'm hitting two birds with one stone (earning zeny+achievement).
  16. This guide is for those who wanted to reach the achievement related to cooking Step 1. Make the Chef Hat Look for this NPC in @go 7 (Lutie) and bring the requirements for Chef Hat: 450 pcs Dragon Scale 330 pcs Feather 120 pcs Piece of Cake 1 White Dyestuffs Step 2. Start with the cooking quest to obtain access to cooking kits and cookbooks Check the guide from wiki >>> https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Cooking_Quest Step 3. Get a Level 5 Cookbook and start making pancakes Lutie Lady Pancake 10 pcs Potato - Vegetable Gardener/Fruit Gardener NPC 3 pcs Carrot - Vegetable Gardener/Fruit Gardener NPC 1 Cooking Oil - Chef Assistant NPC 1 Bag of Grain - Chef Assistant NPC 2 Honey - Pet NPC in @go 16 (Mall) listed under Pet Food 1 Outdoor Cooking Kit - Chef Madeleine @go 16 (Mall) this is the NPC beside Tool Dealer This is by far the best Stat food to cook because all the materials can be bought through NPCs. Moreover, once it is made the player can sell it to the NPC and gain about 50% profit from it using overcharge skill. Happy cooking!
  17. Want a cute character that’s very flexible? Then opt for a baby super novice. Super Novice class is indeed flexible but I personally wanted a cute side of it so I opted for a Baby Super Novice. With this class, I usually farm a lot - as in A LOT. Baby Super Novice is easy to level up and the gears have a range of choices. However, for this guide I am opting for a ranged/bow type. So before I enumerate the gears let me share the stats for Baby Super Novice Stats Str: 190 (approximately) Agi: 90 (I personally use improve concentration with increase agi and blessing buffs) Vit: 50 Int: rest of the remaining stats Dex: 255 Luk: 101 (approximately because my baby super novice got much crit) Skills Aside from the basic skills of an archer class, I also got overcharge and discount, from priest class I got Teleport, Increase Agi, and Blessing, I also have increase HP recovery and increase SP recovery since I buff myself a lot and teleport from one place to another. Gears Please take note that the gears I am listing down are recommendations. They are NOT in any way prescriptive as players’ budget for gearing characters vary from one person to another. I’m just going to make an exhaustive list of possible gears (meaning from budget friendly to budget splurger). Starter/Basic Novice Golden Valkyrie Helm [2] Novice Golden Oracle Wings [2] +7 to +10 Alligator Leather Hat +7 to +10 Alligator Leather Breast +7 to +10 Alligator Leather Cloak +7 to +10 Alligator Leather Shoes +5 Ruby Rings or +5 Zircon Rings +8 to +10 Barren Bow / Solid Bow / Fine Bow Intermediate Drooping Amistr - quest Chubby Bunny [1] - event Hylozoist Hat [1] - event Magic Bunny Band [1] - event RDC Helm [4] (Dex and Luk inclined) - from RDC Froggy Rucksack - from Heroic Shop Day Ring [1] - from Heroic Shop Green Bag - from RDC Hermes Holiday Pragmatist Mail [1] - from cedi Great Old Hauberk - from cedi Reset Girl’s Robe [1] - from TAGRAS NPC Hall of Abyss +9 HBP - from heroic shop / vending machine in eden group 2nd floor / cash shop (need to refine up to +9 for optimal effect) with Anunaki Card Great Demon Shroud [1] with Anunaki Card - from Sealed Shrine or buy from other players +10 Super Bow [4] with Abysmal Knight Cards or in combination with Turtle General Card +10 Goblin Bow [2] with Abysmal Knight Cards or in combination with Turtle General Card Recondite Ring [1] with either Pokey Card or Implosion Card Ring Des Nibelungen [1] with either Pokey Card or Implosion Card Enhancing Clip Ebony Greaves [1] with Ascendant Orc Card Fey Boots [1] with Ascendant Orc Card Cards Orc Hero Card Marduk Card Evil Snake Lord Kiki Card Gemini S-58 Card Dark Pinguicula Card Duneyrr Card Gloom Orc Sniper Card Orc Fighter Card Advanced Range Lucky Box headgears +30 Stats Mid +15 Stats Lower (Basically gears from Cash Shop that could increase damage with Range or Increase Atk) Miner Hat [4] - from Mining Point Red Tie [1] / Yoyo Rucksack [1] - from Mining Point +8 to +10 Heart Bow +10 Elvira Boots [1] (need to be +10 for optimal effect) Flamel Emul Card Orc Knight Card Places to Farm with Baby Super Novice Beach Dungeon 2 Loots - Aloevera, Star Crumb Cursed Abbey 1 and 2 Loots - White Herb, Rough Oridecon, Wool Scarf, Tidal Shoes Ein Dungeon 2 Loots - Crystal Fragment, Topaz, Oridecon Hammer Geffen Dungeon 2 and 3 Loots - Oridecon, Blue Potion, Rough Oridecon, Opal, Marionette Doll, Blue Herb, White Herb, Fabric Geffenia All Levels Loots - preferably pick everything up Glast Heim Churchyard and St. Abbey Loots - White Herb, Fabric, Opal, Yggdrasil Leaf, Bible [2] Glast Heim Underground Cave 2 Loots - Oridecon, White Herb, Silver Ring, Rough Oridecon, Star Crumb Glast Heim Underground Prison 2 Loots - White Herb, Rough Oridecon, Oridecon, Rose Quartz Juperos Core Loots - Steel, Oridecon, Cooking Kits, Crest Pieces, Weapons (yeah the weapons in here cost a lot of zeny) Niffleheim Town and Fields Loots - Ectoplasm, Spool, Fabric, Needle Packet Moscovia Dungeon 3 Loots - Blue herbs, Witherless rose, Crystal mirror, Piece of cake, Mastela fruit Odin Shrine 3 Loots - Odin’s Blessing, Rune of Darkness, Rouge, Valkyrja’s Shield, Valhalla’s Flower, Rouge, Silk Robe [1] Thanatos Tower 7 to 12 Loots - pick up everything MVP Room Beta, Theta, Epsilon Loots - refer to this other guide I created for MVP Room farming https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/870-mvp-room-farming-and-loot-ids-guide/ Manuk Field and Splendide Field (Tatacho and Cornus) Loots - Mystic Horn, Fur, Peaked Hat (Exchange them to their respective NPCs to make them Stat Food) Geffen Field 2p Loots - Crystal Mirror, Blue Potion, Blue Herb, Mystic Horn, Coronis’ Wing, Luin Celtchair, Dark Piece Thulean Plateau Loots - Ruby, Sardonyx, Elunium, Oridecon, Enriched Elunium, Mastela Fruit, 2carat diamond, 3carat diamond Nightmare Pyramids (Glast Heim Past - Faroe Island) Loots - Perun Axe, White Herb, Oridecon, Rough Oridecon, Damned Scroll Faroe Island Loots - Star Crumb, Needle Dagger, White Herb, Gust Bow [1], Polished Shield [1] There’s actually many more places out there to farm for a Baby Super Novice class, but I just wrote the common ones. Roam around and discover many other places with a Baby Super Novice. Have fun playing!
  18. Good day everyone. Some players may have wondered what else a high priest can do aside from doing full support tasks. Just like any other class out there a priest can be used as well to farm using 2 skills - Holy Light and Magnus Exorcismus. In this guide, I'll be concentrating on Magnus Build High Priest. Stats Str: Place the rest of the stat points here Agi: 130 Vit: 50 Int: 255 Dex: 150 Luk: 1 Why those stat allotments? For strength you need this in order for you to be able to carry more items as you farm. Meanwhile, you need agility to move at a decent speed. 196 ASPD is not needed since priests would be using skills that require MATK. Vitality is at 50 as this gives enough decent health points to the character. Intelligence is at maxed because this is where the priest will get all the magic damage when casting Magnus Exorcismus. Dexterity is at 150 because this enables the character to have instant cast. Gears In this section, I will divide the gears into starter, basic, intermediate, and advanced categories so that players would have an idea which gears could be used whether they just started playing or they are already playing the game for a long time. These gears are listed to give a wide range of options for players. Players can mix and match these gears given that they have them on their storages. It’s not a must that a player buy all these gears. Starter Gousset of Madness Cloak of Madness Boots of Madness Clip of Madness Ring of Madness Novice Pink Valkyrie Helm Novice Pink Oracle Wings Novice Angra The gears listed above are the ones any player could get at the beginning of the game from the NPC in the novice grounds. The Madness Set is a 30-day freebie equipment so it’s not that bad, whereas the Novice Pink Valkyrie Helm and Novice Pink Oracle Wings are permanent equipment. I personally prefer the Pink set since it gives an additional skill Level 5 Firebolt, fitting for a magic class. For weapon Novice Angra would work too with Magnus Exorcismus. However, take note that this Angra is a 7-day rental only. This shouldn’t be confused with the Permanent Angra from Cash shop since the latter only gives physical damage as opposed to Novice Angra. Since this is just a starter gear. Players with this set of equipment need to make use of blue gemstones which can be bought from Magical Item seller NPC in @go 9 (Yuno). Blue gemstone is a must for Magnus build priest. Do not fret though. A player can get away with buying blue gemstones however, he or she must consider checking the next category of gears. Basic +7 to +10 Flax Hat or +7 to +10 Satin Hat +7 to +10 Flax Vest or +7 to +10 Satin Vest +7 to +10 Flax Hood or +7 to +10 Satin Hood +7 to +10 Flax Shoes or +7 to +10 Satin Shoes Valkyrja' Shield [1] Antiquated Shield [1] Spiritual Ring Rosary [1] or Clip [1] Large Blue Wing [1] with Marduk Card Rod [4] with 4x Ancient Tree Cards Divine Cross Mistress Card (to be placed on Middle headgear if there is no LBW) Pets Baby desert wolf Deviruchi Dokebi Munak Poison Spore At this point, perhaps the player has already made some decent amount of zeny to purchase equipment in game. The player could buy the following items listed above from other players or make their own flax set or satin set from tailoring @go 4 (Alberta). I listed these gears and labeled them as basic since these equipment can be bought from other players and the player could also opt to craft the armor set from tailoring. Moreover, in the case of Large Blue Wing and Antiquated Shield from Cedi, the player could join a party running Cedi and ask for a Large Blue Wing. I think at this point Cedi runners won't mind giving away such middle headgear and shield, but they would definitely mind the other ones so I will list them down on intermediate. Intermediate The gears on this section, I will list them down as intermediate because I believe that these gears need more purchasing power - that is you need to spend more in order to get them. Plus, most likely one would need to be playing for a long time as some gears are obtained via events and or one should be doing more instances/quests. Great Old Hauberk Great Old Cloak Great Old Boots +7 to +10 Tenebrous Boots with Int3 Orb Exorcism Bible Holy Stick [1] - from Endless Tower or can be bought from players Reset Girl’s Robe [1] - TAGRAS NPC Hall of Abyss Upper Headgears Chubby Bunny [1] - event item Hylozoist Hat [1] (it's good but not as powerful as Chubby Bunny) - event item Magic Rabbit Hat - event item and obtainable via Retro NPC Bunny Ribbon Band - event item RDC Helm [4] (with Int stats preferably) with Rata Cards Jirant Circlet [1] - event item Middle Headgears Night Ring [1] - heroic shop Jack o'Castle Bat [1] - event item Mini Angelwings [1] - event item White Icicle Wing [2]- quest Golden Wings [1] - quest Vengeance Feathers [1] - cedi Lower Headgears Orange/Black Tie [1] - event item Kitty Rucksack - heroic shop Miracle Blue Rose - event item Blue Messenger Bag - RDC Hermes Holiday Pink Scarf - event item Valentine’s Balloon Stalwart Sentinel Card (can be placed on clip or rosary) Pets Pandaling Pet - event pet Santa Poring Pet - event pet Advanced Now these gears that I will be writing down below are considered advanced because these gears not only cost players zeny, but credits (100 point coin) which are mostly obtainable via donation (real money). It means that these gears do not only cost ten millions of zeny but hundreds. Furthermore, some of the gears are dropped by high valued MVPs or they could be from instances that really need the skill of a long-time experienced player. Weapons +10 Testament - from Last Rites (Melanis) +10 Fable’s Rod - dropped by Fable +10 Raok Runestone - from RDC Demon Busters Shield Bible of Promise Vol. 2 - dropped by Randel Lawrence (Bio4) Cards Entweihen Crothen Card - dropped by Entweihen Crothen or from MCA (Mystical Card Album) Celia Alde Card - dropped by Celia Alde (Bio4) Naght Sieger Card - dropped by Naght Sieger (Endless Tower) or from BCA (Bloody Card Album) Nidhoggur Shadow Card - dropped by Nidhogg’s Shadow or from BCA Headgears +30 Stat Middle Headgear [4] - cash shop Magic Upper Headgear [4] (Magic PVP Lucky Box) - cash shop Poring Party [4] - cash shop (limited time) / sale / mid lucky box (need to be very lucky to get this one) Feline Glasses [4] - cash shop (limited) / sale +15 Stat Lower Headgear - cash shop Sheep rucksack [1] or Blue Tie [1] - mining points shop (100 points) Pets Tamadora - premium pet Lilith - premium pet Sarah - premium pet Topalith - premium pet Whether the player has been playing for a long time or not, these gears are just recommended ones. I wanted to give an option to all the players out there so I made this list. It’s up to the player how he or she will gear up his/her character and make a magnus build priest. Places to Farm In these places, the loot dropped by the mobs are either sold to NPC or sold to other players for the purpose of quest items or for equipment. Geffenia All Levels (Deviruchi, Mini Demon, Khalitzburg, Succubus, Incubus) Loots - Gold ring, Diamond ring, Oridecon, Rough oridecon, Elunium, Rough Elunium, Blue Potion, Mastela Fruit, White Herb Geffen Dungeon 2 and 3 (Zombie, Ghoul, Nightmare, Deviruchi, Marionette, Whisper) Loots - Oridecon, Blue Potion, Rough Oridecon, Opal, Marionette Doll, Blue Herb, White Herb, Fabric Cursed Abbey 1 and 2 (All mobs) Loots - White Herb, Rough Oridecon, Wool Scarf, Tidal Shoes Glast Heim Churchyard and St. Abbey (Wraith, Ghoul, Zombie, Evil Druid) Loots - White Herb, Fabric, Opal, Yggdrasil Leaf, Bible [2] Pyramids Basement 1 (Verit, Mummy) Loots - White herb, Armlet of Obedience, Rough Oridecon Niffleheim Town and Fields (Hylozoist, Lude, Quve) Loots - Ectoplasm, Spool, Fabric, Needle Packet I only included the basic farming spots since placing other areas like MVP Room and custom dungeons might need a more elaborate guide. That’s all for the Magnus Priest Build. Please take note that this guide is also subject to revision as I might have forgotten some equips or other people might suggest some more things to write down. Hope this guide helps.
  19. Good day everyone! Perhaps some of you are trying to find other activities that could be done in-game aside from the typical MVPing and farming for good. Then let’s get fishing! Fishing is one of the features in this server that people tend to neglect. Why? The reason I could think of is that it takes so much time. Indeed, it takes so much time but the reward for it is worth it. What could it be that’s worth spending so much time fishing? Here it is! Mermaid Bubbles Costume There is a correction on this one though. This costume is a middle costume and not an upper one. Aside from Mermaid Bubbles Costume, some fish that players could catch are actually helpful in farming, PvP, and WoE as they give certain stats and status effects. So come and join me and let’s go fishing! (Warning: If you’re not the patient type, I suggest you need to bring lots of patience with you) Step 1: Getting the Fishing Gears and Baits Go to Al de Baran (@go 6) and go top part of the map (147, 228) and talk to the Fishing Tutor NPC so he can give you the starter items for Fishing (Old Rod and 50 Smelly Sock Baits) Step 2: Equipping the Gears Equip the Old Rod like any other weapon. Then, equip the Smelly Sock Bait as your ammunition (just like how you would equip an arrow on your archer class character) Upon equipping the gears, go to your skill tree (alt+S on window) [sorry android players I haven’t done this on android q.q) and check on the Etc. tab This should show up under the etc. tab. Fish level 1 Skill. Place the skill on your hotkeys so you can enable yourself to fish. Step 3: Start to Fish At this point, go to the nearest body of water in Al de Baran and cast Level 1 Fish. It should show you an option just like in the picture I would recommend for starters to choose Surface. Why? Because the fish on the surface are easier to catch for beginners compared to the fish on Middle, Deep, and Dark (these fishes require higher level of fishing skill and level) Also, please take note that if the choices posted [O] it means you can fish on that particular option whereas [X] means the option is not available. Please be guided that in this activity you either get a fish or none at all. Fishing results are actually random. It’s either you get a fish just like below It could also be that you won’t get any fish at all. Do not be discouraged, it is just normal. Keep on fishing till you can collect tons of fish. Also there would be times that you will be told “The fish sense something amiss…” When you see this line, the only thing you need to do is move to a different spot so you can continue fishing. I would recommend that you move about 5-6 cells away from your fishing spot so you can continue fishing. Step 4: Level up your Fishing Every character starts with fishing level 1. In order to be able to get the Mermaid Bubbles Costume, the character should have level 50 in fishing. Fishes vary in level that is why the character needs to increase his/her Fishing level. Certain fishes can only be caught on a certain level, thus you need to fish more and more! Thanks to the guide posted on the forums of the old stolen server, leveling in fishing has become easier. Please take note that most of the details in here are not my own. The credit goes to the players kind enough to share the information. Here are the places where players can level up in fishing Level 1 - 20 - Al de Baran Level 21 - 30 - Hugel Level 30 - 35 - Veins field 7 (one map down of Veins) Level 35 - 50 - Geffen field 12 (go 2 maps left of geffen and go 1 map down) The spots mentioned above are the ones suggested by the player who made the guide on the other server. This was suggested because these are places that help boost fishing level the most. Moreover, from level 35 onwards players can start getting more shekels from the fish they catch. Wait, what do I do with the fish I get and what is shekel? The fish that players caught can be traded into shekels. Shekel is the currency characters made by trading the fish they catch with Fish Merchant NPC Just like in the picture, choose the option trade to exchange all the fish you caught so they could be turned into shekels (which come in the form of points). These shekel points can be then used to buy Rods that give higher Fishing skill level or baits. Once you have traded your fish for shekels, you can check your shekel point balance by talking to the Supplier NPC. Click on the ‘Buy Supplies’ option to see what the NPC has to offer. It should show a box like this where you can check your points and the items you can choose from to purchase. I would highly recommend to stay away from buying baits in your early levels of fishing. Unless you have reached level 50, don’t buy baits yet since the amount of shekels you would be earning from fishing are not break-even with the price of baits from the NPC. At this point you may be wondering…. HOW DO I GET BAITS THEN? There are other ways to get baits aside from buying from the NPC (these were from the guide on the other server’s forums) 1st - make a new character (no need to level it) and just go to the Fishing Tutor NPC and claim the old rod and 50 smelly sock baits. Store them in your storage. Log out. Delete char. Repeat process. Do this as NECESSARY. The baits are FREE for every new character in your account. 2nd - Farm smelly sock baits from Orc Warrior. Not as easy as the first method, but if you’re skeptical about the first method suggested then you can do this one instead. 3rd - Do cooking. Level 5 to Level 9 cookbooks allow players to make baits too. These baits are of higher quality than smelly sock baits, thus they are more efficient when catching higher level fishes. (I might as well put the steps on a different guide). Step 5: Fishing for Mermaid Bubbles Costume Once you have achieved level 50, this enables you to catch all kinds of fish of various levels. Also, it will allow you to get a costume which is - Mermaid Bubbles Costume. At this point in time, I would suggest that the player should get the Bamboo Rod (Level 4). Why? I believe it is more efficient than the Old Rod (Level 1). Another thing to take note is that you can choose whichever bait you would prefer as ammunition to get the costume. It is NOT necessary that you use the best bait. Even an ordinary smelly sock bait can help you get the costume. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO……… WHERE DO I FISH THAT COSTUME? In Alberta (@go 4). Fish in any body of water where Fishing skill is possible. Make sure you choose [O] Middle. It might take a lot of time but hang in there. You will definitely get the costume. There you have it everyone. Happy fishing and may all the good luck be on your side as you fish for the costume. Before I forget, thank you to all of those players who shared their knowledge about fishing. Let’s make RevivalRO a happy fishing place! Have a great day ahead.
  20. Enriched elunium/oridecon has higher chances of refining successfully compared to normal elunium/oridecon, which is why it is better to use them together with blacksmith blessings.
  21. Good day everyone! Here is a guide on how to obtain the powerful Antique Gears after finishing Breaking the Seals quest. Step 1. Go to Lighthalzen Police which is located at 233, 275 of Lighthalzen Step 2. Talk to the Chief Constable NPC as shown in the images Step 4. Choose your bribe option be it in the form of zeny or premium points. If the player chooses Zeny, the player has to place 500,000,000 or 500m zeny for a piece (1) of antique gear. Check the image below. If the player chooses points, then the player needs to input 500, which is equivalent to 5c (take note 1C = 100 point) for a piece (1) of antique gear. Hence if the player wishes to buy all 5 pieces then the input for the points has to be 2500. Check the image below. Step 5. After bribing the Chief Constable, go to Laurence in Rekenber Headquarters and talk to him to obtain the desired Antique Gear(s). Those are the steps in obtaining Antique Gears. Hope this helps.
  22. I am not sure about the existence of the list of refinable headgears, but if there is a specific headgear which you want to check out then maybe at this point only Revivalro wiki can help you identify it.
  23. Q.Q it's way past Christmas and almost New Year and still no change in cash shop. Santa must be gloomy. Anyways, with the wing scarf it isn't that bad with the drop rate of the Christmas box. Somehow it is really like 0.10% and bubblegum helps quite a bit. Maybe just try to relog every 30 minutes just like what myu advices people when the drop isn't that good. You could also change farming sites like for example if it gets too crowded in culvert, go to a different map which has less number of people farming, but with mobs that instantly respawn.
  24. The drop rate could also be at 0.10% which is the same as that of Diamond Heart. It's kind of sad especially for those who bought the premium ones of the latent effect. People are buying it because of the effect but somehow it is not satisfying, I dunno perhaps when it was nerfed from the stolen server it got carried over here. But anyways, it would really be good if its drop rate is the same as that of cards. PS: *waits for the change in cash shop*
  25. I will just write down the observations I have so far regarding the spawn of the Antonios in pront maps versus hunting Cookie in Toy Factory 1 (regardless of the number of farmers there). Pros: > It allows a player to have an alternative mob to hunt for the well-baked cookie > There are 9 maps to which players can hunt them without much contest. Cons: >Its teleport skill is making it more difficult to hunt than cookie >It has more HP than cookie and takes longer time to kill Since Antonio is a bit more challenging to kill than cookie, perhaps it would be better if it drops the Christmas gift 2018 even at a very very very low chance. That way it would be worth it to hunt. As of the moment, cookie in toy factory 1 is more worth it to hunt than the Antonio. Or another thing could be to reduce the HP of Antonio, so that even if it only drops well-baked cookie it would be the same level of challenge with cookie.
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