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  1. Didn't you see my reply post above your post. Yes we do check this post.
  2. LArc

    WoE stuff

    Yes it will be, please wait for our announcement! We are working on alot of changes for WOE.
  3. Only donates will make the list. These are not in the databse sadly. There is a potential exploit with this item, not adding it to the list for the time being. Only donates will make the list.
  4. Got it. Only donate gears will be added this round of black friday sales Third is already in No max stat ticket, premium cards will be added as well, Only donate gears will be added this round of black friday sales. Last day before we close! Last 10 items before we close!
  5. Cannot find in the databse, what is the item ID ? Only donate gears will be added this round of black friday sales Only donate gears will be added this round of black friday sales There wont be discounts from any NPC in game. Again, no event point gears will be added in Black Friday Sale.
  6. Christmas bell ribbon[4] Snowman balloon[1] Galaxy wings Anshitker stuff is not in the database.
  7. Due to the overwhelming responses, the list will stop at 100 ITEMS !
  8. Sorry no Event point gears are going to be added. Sorry no mining point gears are going to be added. Unable to find this in the database, whats the ID ?
  9. Will report this to the dev. Pls pm me your account username in discord thanks. Hope it gets fixed for you.
  10. Will look into point 2 Paypal is coming soon. Yeah we will want to implement censors for vulgarities. Will look into it. Don't think this will happen because there are too many custom gears to put into the database of the calculator. It is alot of work.
  11. We can only add stuff thats already in our database. New stuff definitely will not be in.
  12. Sorry mate, costumes ain't going into black friday.
  13. Donate upper mid and lower are already a big reason to seperate you and the normal crowd isnt it? Plus donators buy credits to get hard to get items in game from sellers (which is the most important aspect for donators) so that they dont have to farm for it. Yes i understand your concerns but you have to understand ours too, by making the gameplay donators centered the server will eventually end up how it was previously. We are in no way in favour of that. Donators should have an Edge, not Domination over the game.
  14. Good day everyone, So there are concerns from some players that brought some issues to my attention. I will try to elaborate here on why are these things done. The new MVP NPCs: With the new set of world MVPs in the farming room, some players raised the concern regarding the issue of the MVP cards will drop in price and it will make a bad economy. Think about it, these MVPs were offered in BCA before this and how did it went? The price of them still declined anyway. However thats not the main point why this was implemented. The reason this was introduced is because of one purpose and that purpose only. To make these MVP cards more available to the normal player in RRO Why? Lets take the example of Ifrit card. A normal player that joins and do not donate will just have 2 choices to get them in the game. Farm them according to their maps and respective cooldown timers. (Very hard/low chance) Buy them off players who own them with zeny/credits (Moderate, alot of farming effort for non donors) A donator that joins and donate for credits will have these options to acquire it by Farm them according to their maps and respective cooldown timers. (Very hard/low chance) Buy them off players who own them with zeny/credits (Easy and not much effort required, buy credits and buy cards) Buy BCA and gamble to get the cards they want (Moderate, luck involved in gambling BCA) Getting it from Donor Boxes after they donated (Moderate, luck involved in opening Donor Boxes) We want to cater to the majority and grow the RRO community by lowering the Power Gap between a Normal player & a Donate Player, therefore we choose to make the MVP cards more accessible for normal players to acquire them, which was the MVP room. *The only exception in including MVP cards availability was "Custom quest MVPs cards shall NOT be easily available" because it will make the custom quests rewards further redundant and unecessary. To bring it to perspective MVP cards have different level Tiers of power in their functionality: Low tier MVP cards are like osiris, bapho, Pharoah, TG, Pheeroni. These cards some are staples, and some are just thrash that no one uses because there are better things out there in their replacement. Mid tier MVP cards are like Ifrit, Teddy Baal, RSX pi, General Egnigem Cenia, Gloom. Most of them are usefull, and are necessary for general builds. High tier MVP cards are like HWC, LKC, PWC, PKC, OKC. You know the HOLYWTFBBQ type of cards you get if you open it through BCA or get it by farming them. The must have cards in the game that everyone seeks. Our intention is to make Low & Mid tier mvp cards more accessible to the general player base (normal players) so that they are able to gear and get the cards necessary for their build. Have a sense of progression after getting their basic gears starting off with the game. We have no intention to make High tier MVP cards easily available to anyone. They are ultra rare and suppose to stay that way because they are powerful cards that can turn the tide on battles. These are the 'end game cards' that players strive to get, you need to put in alot of effort or be very rich to own these type of cards. But but but..... how about the economy of MVP cards? Value for the new MVPs that are included in the MVP room will definitely drop and level out to a standard pricing, this means good news for the general player and bad news for the market manipulators, which is intended. Market manipulators would just have to find for a new value item catergory to do their buy & sell for huge profits. This is just how it is going to be moving forward, we are not adopting the old RRO ways with an economy based on the availability of BCA mvp cards, period. The Crazy Giveaway Events Rewards: Some players are complaining about having +10 end game equipement given out easily at such an early time of the game. Our reason for these reward events was: As an additional compensation on top of refunds, for equipment losses before the server got stolen and player data got wiped. Was meant to give players a kickstart on their gearing ventures since we are starting from scratch. We have no intention to give out said rewards after 2 weeks as stated in our announcement This means there will be a finite number of +10 items being awarded. It definitely will not spoil the market prices for these items in the mid and long term through time. On an additional note, we are reviewing the requirements of the quests/pre-quest to get these said gears, most likely we will lower the requirements needed to enter places like Hall of Abyss, lower quest requirement to unlock Biolab4 and so on. Everything is still under the stage of review and will be announced after decisions are made. All for the reason to make every content in RRO more accesible to the normal player. Balance & Fixes GM LArc
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