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  1. Didn't you see my reply post above your post. Yes we do check this post.
  2. LArc

    WoE stuff

    Yes it will be, please wait for our announcement! We are working on alot of changes for WOE.
  3. Only donates will make the list. These are not in the databse sadly. There is a potential exploit with this item, not adding it to the list for the time being. Only donates will make the list.
  4. Got it. Only donate gears will be added this round of black friday sales Third is already in No max stat ticket, premium cards will be added as well, Only donate gears will be added this round of black friday sales. Last day before we close! Last 10 items before we close!
  5. Cannot find in the databse, what is the item ID ? Only donate gears will be added this round of black friday sales Only donate gears will be added this round of black friday sales There wont be discounts from any NPC in game. Again, no event point gears will be added in Black Friday Sale.
  6. Christmas bell ribbon[4] Snowman balloon[1] Galaxy wings Anshitker stuff is not in the database.
  7. Due to the overwhelming responses, the list will stop at 100 ITEMS !
  8. Sorry no Event point gears are going to be added. Sorry no mining point gears are going to be added. Unable to find this in the database, whats the ID ?
  9. Will report this to the dev. Pls pm me your account username in discord thanks. Hope it gets fixed for you.
  10. Will look into point 2 Paypal is coming soon. Yeah we will want to implement censors for vulgarities. Will look into it. Don't think this will happen because there are too many custom gears to put into the database of the calculator. It is alot of work.
  11. We can only add stuff thats already in our database. New stuff definitely will not be in.
  12. Sorry mate, costumes ain't going into black friday.
  13. Donate upper mid and lower are already a big reason to seperate you and the normal crowd isnt it? Plus donators buy credits to get hard to get items in game from sellers (which is the most important aspect for donators) so that they dont have to farm for it. Yes i understand your concerns but you have to understand ours too, by making the gameplay donators centered the server will eventually end up how it was previously. We are in no way in favour of that. Donators should have an Edge, not Domination over the game.
  14. Good day everyone, So there are concerns from some players that brought some issues to my attention. I will try to elaborate here on why are these things done. The new MVP NPCs: With the new set of world MVPs in the farming room, some players raised the concern regarding the issue of the MVP cards will drop in price and it will make a bad economy. Think about it, these MVPs were offered in BCA before this and how did it went? The price of them still declined anyway. However thats not the main point why this was implemented. The reason this was introduced is because of one purpose and that purpose only. To make these MVP cards more available to the normal player in RRO Why? Lets take the example of Ifrit card. A normal player that joins and do not donate will just have 2 choices to get them in the game. Farm them according to their maps and respective cooldown timers. (Very hard/low chance) Buy them off players who own them with zeny/credits (Moderate, alot of farming effort for non donors) A donator that joins and donate for credits will have these options to acquire it by Farm them according to their maps and respective cooldown timers. (Very hard/low chance) Buy them off players who own them with zeny/credits (Easy and not much effort required, buy credits and buy cards) Buy BCA and gamble to get the cards they want (Moderate, luck involved in gambling BCA) Getting it from Donor Boxes after they donated (Moderate, luck involved in opening Donor Boxes) We want to cater to the majority and grow the RRO community by lowering the Power Gap between a Normal player & a Donate Player, therefore we choose to make the MVP cards more accessible for normal players to acquire them, which was the MVP room. *The only exception in including MVP cards availability was "Custom quest MVPs cards shall NOT be easily available" because it will make the custom quests rewards further redundant and unecessary. To bring it to perspective MVP cards have different level Tiers of power in their functionality: Low tier MVP cards are like osiris, bapho, Pharoah, TG, Pheeroni. These cards some are staples, and some are just thrash that no one uses because there are better things out there in their replacement. Mid tier MVP cards are like Ifrit, Teddy Baal, RSX pi, General Egnigem Cenia, Gloom. Most of them are usefull, and are necessary for general builds. High tier MVP cards are like HWC, LKC, PWC, PKC, OKC. You know the HOLYWTFBBQ type of cards you get if you open it through BCA or get it by farming them. The must have cards in the game that everyone seeks. Our intention is to make Low & Mid tier mvp cards more accessible to the general player base (normal players) so that they are able to gear and get the cards necessary for their build. Have a sense of progression after getting their basic gears starting off with the game. We have no intention to make High tier MVP cards easily available to anyone. They are ultra rare and suppose to stay that way because they are powerful cards that can turn the tide on battles. These are the 'end game cards' that players strive to get, you need to put in alot of effort or be very rich to own these type of cards. But but but..... how about the economy of MVP cards? Value for the new MVPs that are included in the MVP room will definitely drop and level out to a standard pricing, this means good news for the general player and bad news for the market manipulators, which is intended. Market manipulators would just have to find for a new value item catergory to do their buy & sell for huge profits. This is just how it is going to be moving forward, we are not adopting the old RRO ways with an economy based on the availability of BCA mvp cards, period. The Crazy Giveaway Events Rewards: Some players are complaining about having +10 end game equipement given out easily at such an early time of the game. Our reason for these reward events was: As an additional compensation on top of refunds, for equipment losses before the server got stolen and player data got wiped. Was meant to give players a kickstart on their gearing ventures since we are starting from scratch. We have no intention to give out said rewards after 2 weeks as stated in our announcement This means there will be a finite number of +10 items being awarded. It definitely will not spoil the market prices for these items in the mid and long term through time. On an additional note, we are reviewing the requirements of the quests/pre-quest to get these said gears, most likely we will lower the requirements needed to enter places like Hall of Abyss, lower quest requirement to unlock Biolab4 and so on. Everything is still under the stage of review and will be announced after decisions are made. All for the reason to make every content in RRO more accesible to the normal player. Balance & Fixes GM LArc
  15. Isn't that Amistr's Beret ? It's already in the list.
  16. i think these are too new, will check database
  17. Hi RRO players, This is the post where you can suggest what items would you like to see available on our upcoming Black Friday Sale. You will be able to purchase the items via Premium Points or Limited Premium Points Please input your suggestions in replies to this post below! (Note: Please be specific on the item name and slots) List is closed. Thank you for your suggestions. Black Friday Sale List: Woodland Topper [4] Avian Farmers [4] Trident [4] Fabled Sword [4] Amistr's Beret [4] Frozen Wings [4] Cold Blade Wings (2014) [4] Gentle Snow Wings (2014) [4] Falling Snow [4] Sparkly Winter Scarf (2014) [1] Bunny Scarf (2014) [1] Snow Owl (2014) [4] Poring Party [4] Heaven's Glow [4] Heavenly Ribbon [4] Vagabond Scarf [1] Ice Wing Ears [3] Rose Ring [4] Rose Crown [4] Falling Rose Petals [4] Metallic Wing [4] Spectre Cape [1] Spectre Helm [4] Witch's Hat [4] Witch's Broom [1] Fluttering Bats [4] Murder of Crows [4] Bandage Scarf [1] Undertaker Hat [4] Zombie Hands [4] Black Butterfly Hairbow [4] Falling Feathers [4] Valhalla's Glory [4] Panda Racksack [1] Penguin Rucksack [1] Fox Scarf [1] Spell Bound [4] White Flower Ribbon [4] Angra [4] Ahura [1] Meginjard(p) Brisingamen(p) Petal Dance [4] Red Curtain Scarf [1] Lazy Bunny [4] Wyvern Wings [4] Rabbit Knithat [4] Snowflake Ring [4] Poring Pipe [1] Strongman Hair (Red) [4] Strongman Hair (White) [4] Strongman Hair (Black) [4] Dark Magician's Hat [4] Floppy Bunny [4] Stuffed Panda [4] Pink Pochi Hat [3] Snow Valk [3] Raccoon Hat [4] Fox Ears [4] Dragon Rider [4] Hermes Beret [4] Dyna-Hat U [4] Dyna-Hat M [4] Dyna-Hat L [1] Dyna Third [1] Magic Third [1] Magic Baby [1] Evil Angel Helm [4] Red Demon Wings [3] Black Dragon Scarf [1] Divinity Helm [4] Divinity Wing [4] White Garuda Wings [4] Black Garuda Wings [4] Guardian PoRings [4] Blue Ears [4] Cute Blue Ribbons [3] Fall Leaves [4] Fallen Wings [4] Fisher Glasses [4] Fisher Hat [4] Flying Reaper [1] Elegant Wings [4] Planet Orbs [1] Big Bad Pirate [4] Deviruchi Balloon 2.0 [1] Melting Heart Icecream (2015) [4] Lynx Ears [4] Judgement Wings [4] Spring Bonnet [4] Flower Ring [4] Sunflower Ring [4] Soft Sheep Hat [4] Teddy Bear Hat [4] Scarlet Angel Ear [1] Star Power [4] Chinese Knot [4] Bunny Backpack [4] Dainty Wings [4] Fluttering Blossoms [4] *This suggestion post will be running until 31st January 2018
  18. Greetings RevivalRO Players, The time is very near to our server’s Re-launch day, I want to take this opportunity to prepare you guys about the progress of the recovery of player accounts and the major changes that we made to the gameplay so far. A lot of changes are still in que and will be slowly release weekly after the server is launched. Due to the crazy short timeframe to relaunch, we are unable to get all the changes in unfortunately. Ok so the BAD NEWS first. The results are in from the Devs, it is of heartfelt regret that player accounts are not recovered successfully. The Devs tried their best with what they had on their hand. Damage was done by our previous system administrator and it was well planned so that they were irrecoverable. Regardless of that, the devs still did take the opportunity and tried their best, so kudos to them on their efforts. What does this mean? Yes all characters are gone, item owner ships are wiped. This is the worst that can happen but the devs did what they could. However “Account’s Donor Levels” can be restored, if you are experiencing issues with your donor level please contact KittyBoy in discord or forum, he will assist you in your donor level restoration. We cannot change the fact of this situation we are in, but all we can do is make amends and provide a better server, better donor offerings, better gameplay for the players. Donation Refund Plan: (Read Carefully) It’s very Important to us to ensure that players who invested real-money to be satisfied and so, because of this we’re refunding back all your invested money from 2017-09-13 till 2017-12-13 to your accounts as credit balance (Premium Points). If you had donated and your account is inaccessible or doesn’t exists or lose donor levels kindly drop KittyBoy a forum private message with the way you donated, your previous account email and the email you used for the donation. He will assist you in your account recovery and your refunded donations. And the GOOD NEWS! *Remember to Check out the CRAZY giveaway events & XP/Drop Event on the last part of this announcement! Don't miss it! For the past few weeks we have been working, testing and identifying the RRO gameplay on what were the good and bad of things and tried to come up with a more balance and fun experience for the players. So what changed? · Rare MVP card functionality and method of acquirement · New MVPs in the MVP room · Bloody Card Album and any mvp card albums · Custom Quests that have a MVP, their MVP cards will be worth revisiting to farm. · Battlegrounds rewards reworked to be attractive for the average player. · WOE reworked drastically and made rewards very attractive to encourage participation. MVP Cards: There will be a lot of changes to cards functionalities in the near future, especially hard to get MVP cards. I personally am looking into all the custom MVP cards and revamping their functionality to reflect the value and rarity. It should be worthwhile farming for them when We’re done hopefully. Bloody Card Albums (BCA): The destroyer of all RO economies is getting revamped. We have reviewed the MVP cards with the staff and we collectively think that RO is better played with a less “gambling factor” for an item that’s purchasable with credits/money. This will greatly reduce the power gap between top players and normal players in general. At the same time we are giving more accessibility for normal players to get these good and usable MVP cards. Which brings me to my next point. New MVPs in the MVP room: There will be four new NPCs in the MVP room. Each room will have the MVPs listed below. NPC 5 – Delta MVPs: Stormy Knight Garm Golden Thief Bug Amon Ra Ktullanux NPC 6 – Sigma MVPs: Evil Snake Lord Vesper Fallen Bishop Hibram General Egnigem Cenia White Lady NPC 7 – Gamma MVPs: Valkryrie Randgris Tao Gunka Detale RSX 0806 Thanatos NPC 8 – Omega MVPs: Gloom Under Night Ifrit Atroce Berzebub By now you should notice that the more useful MVP cards (staples MVP cards for gearing) from BCA is available in the MVP room now for players to farm instead of a dependant to gamble it via BCA. More accessibility for players to gear up. Ragnarok should be played like how it should be played, by farming NOT by gambling. These are the MVP cards that are removed from the BCA list: (meaning you cannot get them from BCA anymore) Poring Island MVPs Biolab MVPs Big Dumb Card <- will not be available for players & removed The above MVP cards are categorized as Ultra rare and should only be obtainable only through farming. Some of the card functionalities which are lackluster are being looked into, they will be reworked. All these MVP cards should be impactful yet balanced on its functionality due to how rare they are. The below MVP cards are also being looked into to reflect their rarity value: Hall of Abyss MVP cards Custom quest MVP cards Notoriety MVP cards Sealed MVP Cards The recent introduction of new & old albums by the previous management will be removed from the gameplay as it does more harm than good. Those items include: Poring Card Albums Wicked Card Albums Donor box versions of BCA PVE Quest: (Kraken’s Lair, Golden Hole, Fluffy, Endless Tower, Poring Island etc) We are making all PVE quest with a Boss MVP at the end worth your while to revisit or repeat with their instance cooldown basis. All custom MVP cards are being reviewed and their functionality reworked to reflect their rarity and value. There are also plans to include some costumes that will drop from these bosses. We are doing this to shift the PVE focus from only just doing CEDI, fluffy and RDC nowadays mostly. We do not want custom quests that's been created with effort to be put to waste. Please look forward to these changes in the very near future after the server is launched. Battlegrounds Changes: If you haven’t noticed, battleground queues are set to 3v3 players to start now, meaning you need minimum 6 players to start compared to 12 players previously, making ques faster with less waiting time. BG Rewards reworked: (These changes will come in a few weeks after server launch) There will be three sets of gears introduced in Battlegrounds which has NEAR “Donate gear” level of attributes and they also each have unique set bonuses! These set of gears will be categorized into three types: 1. Melee Set 2. Range Set 3. Magic Set (Note* If you have any item ideas / set ideas do pm GM Larc in discord for him to review) Other Battleground enhancements that are in the works are already on-going and will be announced together with the rewards when they are ready in a few weeks. Huge changes to battlegrounds will come to encourage player participation to contribute to their gearing journey in RRO. WOE Reworked: WOE will get its fair share of reworked. We are looking into introducing a never been seen reward system that has items & gameplay that's worth your while in participation. · WOE Activity will be more focused, instead of spreading players to too many castles · Rewards will be powerful, even more powerful than donates, only way to get in game · Castle Dungeon access and Hall of abyss access will be revamp as well All these happening after 1 month into our re-launch date. Here are the official WOE times: +8 GMT is Singapore/Malaysia WoE 1 Sat 10:00AM - 12:00pm Sun 10:00AM - 12:00pm WoE 2 Sat 8:00pm - 10:00pm Sun 8:00pm - 10:00pm CRAZY GIVEAWAY Events: Event Date: 17th Jan 2018 Duration: 2 weeks (Daily) Because players lost their items in this huge unfortunate process, we feel really bad and we want to compensate in whatever way we can. So we came up with the idea of giving players to choose their own reward from a list that we have prepared. You can mostly find your classes most used weapons and armors in there basically, plus other good stuff. The only requirement to get said rewards is to Win the events 17th Jan 2018 so please be online to participate and don't miss out the chance for freebies!hold by the admins! Events should be ongoing for 2 weeks starting from Did i mentioned that you can get ANY REFINEMENT on the gears you choose? (up to +10 and must be a legit item to be refine at the refiner) Refer to this list for the rewards: Gear & Armor XP/Drop Rate Events: Because we know that starting over will not be easy and you guys all need to gear up and make new characters, we will launch XP and Drop Rate Events during the next month. Events Schedule: · 2018-01-15 ~ 2018-02-01 Quardable XP and Double Drop rates server wide · 2018-02-01 ~ 2018-02-08 Triple XP rates server wide · 2018-02-08 ~ 2018-02-15 Double XP rate server wide If you have any suggestions, hate or praise please do send me a message via discord or forum. Your opinions are highly valued and thoroughly considered. We want to make it "A Players’s Server For The Players". Without you guys, there won't even be RRO today. Thank you for your patience and have fun in our new launch! See you in Loki ! GM LArc
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